Happy ending at Pescarolo auction

Happy ending at Pescarolo auction
By Eurosport

20/10/2010 at 19:31Updated 20/10/2010 at 20:35

Friends of Henri Pescarolo have bought the team he founded as it was auctioned off in order to gift it back to him.

A year after the last victory of a Pescarolo LMP1 prototype, and the beginning of a spiral of despair for the legendary driver due to court action and administrative problems, things are looking up for Henri again.

On Friday the assets of Pescarolo Sport, the team he founded in 2000, were broken down and sold to the highest bidder.

"I had the horrible impression I was attending my own funeral," he said. "All the members of my team who were with me were horrified as they saw everything we had built and won together sold to buyers from across Europe."

However the hammer fell with the highest bid of €400,000 having been made by his friend Maitre Poulain along with buddies Jacques Nicolet (OAK Racing) and Joel Riviere (Prestige Racing).

There was thunderous applause when the trio handed over the keys to Henri.

Pescarolo Sport will now be known as Pescarolo Team. Their assets are two LMP1 prototypes, a few toolboxes and a handful of passionate helpers.

Henri and his colleagues must now put together an endurance programme for 2011 as they seek to revive the celebrated blue and green colours.

It is a welcome return for the great Henri, who made for a sad spectacle while writing his daily feature in the press office during last June's Le Mans 24 hours - his true place being in the garages below with his team.

A brief spin in an Inaltera during the LeMansClassic was not enough to bring a smile back to his face – but now he has that smile again.