Legends give Murray 'real shot' at glory

Legends give Murray 'real shot' at glory
By Eurosport

07/07/2012 at 20:02Updated 07/07/2012 at 21:45

Tennis legends make Roger Federer favourite for Wimbledon glory but they all think Andy Murray has a chance of causing an upset.

We have rounded-up the opinions of some of the game's biggest names ahead of Sunday's mouth-watering final :

Pete Sampras – Seven-time Wimbledon champion (AP)

"Roger's always the favourite at Wimbledon, for me. He always will be. Just because of his game and his calm nerve. That's something you need in the Wimbledon final. You need to keep it simple and go out and play your tennis. It's a big match. It's our Super Bowl. Andy has a shot. But he's dealing with the hopes and dreams of a nation. Roger's the favourite, but anything can happen out there if Andy serves well, if he plays aggressive and goes for his shots. If he gets passive against Roger, I think Roger will win. Andy's going to have to take his chances. He can't just hang back against Roger and hope he misses."

Tim Henman – Four-time Wimbledon semi-finalist, Ex-Great Britain Davis Cup player (BBC blog)

"It's another big, big task for Murray. He's obviously lost to Federer in Grand Slam finals before, at the US Open in 2008 and the Australian Open in 2010, and he's lost all three he's played in total without winning a set. So it's crucial Murray gets off to a good start. But Andy will like the match-up with Roger and if he can get to Federer's backhand, of course he has a chance."

Greg Rusedski – Former US Open finalist, Great Britain Davis Cup player (Guardian blog)

"Murray has a real shot. All the hard work is done now and I don't see him being overawed by the occasion or the opponent he's facing. Yes, he was beaten by Roger Federer in two of his three previous Grand Slam finals but that's where his coach, Ivan Lendl, comes into play in getting Murray prepared. Lendl is tactically brilliant, plus he's so calm and composed. He holds eight Grand Slam titles and, having lost his first four major finals, he has also been through the same emotional heartaches as Murray. For Lendl victory would be doubly sweet because he never managed to win Wimbledon. We haven't seen him jump up and down in the players' box yet, but I'm sure that will happen if Murray becomes champion on Sunday."

Boris Becker – Three-time Wimbledon champion (Daily Telegraph blog)

"Roger is probably the greatest player of all time on grass, and it’s hard to describe just how difficult it can be to go up against somebody with so many options, so much talent. Roger has the whole arsenal: the half-volley, the second serve, the slice backhand and the drop shot. He brings it to you from the off, and on grass it’s so hard to compete with that weaponry because it’s the hardest surface to defend on. For me, Roger is the favourite by 55 per cent to 45. He has already been in too many this position not to know what he wants to do. He will have a good idea exactly how he wants to play this final, and I expect him to come out ultra-aggressive, trying to blitz Murray in the same way that Jo-Wilfried Tsonga did for much of the third and fourth sets."

John McEnroe – Three-time Wimbledon champion (on the BBC)

(Murray's previous Grand Slam final record) is clearly why he hired Ivan Lendl as he was in a similar situation as Murray at a similar stage of his career where he went 0-4 in Grand Slam finals and Murray is currently 0-3. Murray wanted to get that belief; someone he could look in the eye; someone with credibility that has been there and who went on to win eight Grand Slams. Murray is in the prime of his career this is the absolute best we have ever seen him play. Yes Roger Federer is close to what he was in his prime but you would think this is the opportunity where Murray can learn from his mistakes.

Pat Cash – 1987 Wimbledon champion (on the BBC)

We know that Murray can beat the top guys at least once. When Nadal went out we said that Murray doesn't have to win against top players twice. That was a huge moment, now he has to produce one really great match to win Wimbledon. He has played really well, but now he has to play one great match. Does Andy have that in him? Yes he does but will he do it? We will have to wait and see.

And from the men themselves

Andy Murray: "It's a massive challenge to win against Roger, in the final of a Slam. He's obviously one of the greatest players ever to have played. He's very, very tough to beat here. It's a great challenge, one where I'm probably not expected to win the match, but one that, if I play well, I'm capable of winning. I just need to try and make sure I play a perfect match on Sunday."

Roger Federer: "There's a lot on the line for me. I'm not denying that. I've worked extremely hard since I lost that matchpoint against Novak last year at the US Open. Now I have a chance at world No. 1, at the title again all at once. So it's a big match for me and I hope I can keep my nerves. I'm sure I can."

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