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US Open women • 2nd Round

Ons Jabeur - CoCo Vandeweghe
US Open women - 1 September 2017

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Jabeur (6)6-7 2-6 Vandeweghe

A good low slice from Jabeur forces Vandeweghe to dump a forehand, but Vandeweghe sticks with it, her forehand too strong in the game, and she soon has two match points. And one is all she needs, a succession of forehands sending Jabeur back and forth along the baseline before she nets one of her own. Decent win for Vandeweghe, who plays Radwanska next; she'll need to play much better to win that one. Anyway, we done - join me next door for Nadal-Daniel.


Jabeur (6)6-7 2-5 Vandeweghe

Jabeur's forehand is working pretty well and helps her to 30-0, but Vandeweghe fights back and eventually we reach deuce. Vandeweghe should make advantage too; running to the net, she has so many options with Jabeur inside the tramlines only to hit at her and be passed. Yet it doesn't matter! Vandeweghe saves game point, wins the next two, and celebrates like someone who knows they've won, with added aggression. In 90 seconds she'll be out to serve for it.


Jabeur (6)6-7 2-4 Vandeweghe

Jabeur is running out of chances to do something and her mood won't be improved by Vandeweghe larruping a winner off the frame. Then at 30-0 she hits a backhand long and boots the ball in vex - it's actually a lovely connection with the laces and a lovely controlled dig. Vandeweghe holds to 15.


Jabeur (6)6-7 2-3 Vandeweghe

We're back to Jabeur in crisis at 15-40 down. She saves the first break point with an ace and a colossal forehand creates the opportunity to saves the second, which she duly does. And again, she cleans up; Vandeweghe really ought to be home and hosed by now; will that rankle?

An absolute danger.


Jabeur (6)6-7 1-3 Vandeweghe

A rubbish backhand from Vandeweghe suggests a momentum shift, giving Jabeur 15-30. And at 30-40 she rockets a cross-court return that the umpire calls out ... and on challenge we see the umpire saw correctly. Vandeweghe then celebrates with an ace and a beautiful wrong-footing backhand slice at the end of a rare engaging rally.


Jabeur (6)6-7 1-2 Vandeweghe

Jabeur is tormented, probably by those two set points she missed. She just can't find her rhythm and now has to defend deuce on her serve; if she can't, she's toast. And Vandeweghe knows it too, suggesting a forehand down the line before sending a forehand cross-court ... but a botched return then takes us back to deuce. Jabeur, though, soon finds herself forced to save another break point - she does, really well, stepping into the net to whack a backhand pass - and quickly cleans up thereafter. Elsewhere, Madison keys is into the next round.


Jabeur (6)6-7 0-2 Vandeweghe

At least for the now, Jabeur has gone. she might return, but by the time she does it'll probably be too late. A love consolidation.


Jabeur (6)6-7 0-1 Vandeweghe

Vandweghe senses weakness here so tries to force home her advantage. She gets to 40-30 and then Jabeur drops into the net, unable to decide which shit to play. A double fault then hands Vandeweghe a break point, but a marginally long return brings us back to deuce; it doesn't matter. Some decent net-play and Jabeur losing her way soon gives us the first break of the night! Meanwhile an attention-seeker in the crowd parades his zane, and really.


Jabeur (6)6-7 Vandeweghe

Jabeur nets a backhand and Vandeweghe leaps in celebration. Perhaps that will give her the confidence to return better.


Jabeur 6-6 (6-6) Vandeweghe

Botheratiion. My last updatesd has vanished, but Jabeur was presented with two set points and missed both; Vandeweghe then incites the crowd to get behind her.


Jabeur 6-6 (3-3) Vandeweghe

Vandeweghe gets the first mini-break and now I want a Kit-Kat except I don't have any Kit-Kats - or should that be Kits-Kat. Either way. Meantime, Vandeweghe loses her break via double, and we get to change of ends when Jabeur leaps into a forehand still without clue who's going to win this.


Jabeur 6-6 Vandeweghe

Errors from Jabeur, and suddenly Vandeweghe is two points away from the opening set. She then pounds back a second serve to take control of the next rally, Jabeur quickly goes long with the forehand, and that's three set points! The first is saved by way of beautifully disguised drop from the baseline, the second evaporates via overhit return, and the third vanishes when Jabeur pounces on a short ball. That was really well done, and a tiebreak is shall be.


Jabeur 5-6 Vandeweghe

I can't lie, this is an absolutely rotten match. Neither player is exerting any pressure on return, so not only are we getting no breaking opportunities but we're getting precious few decent rallies. Jabeur will now serve to force a breaker.


Jabeur 5-5 Vandeweghe

Jabeur volleys weakly, and Vandeweghe steams a backhand cross-court pass into the corner; can she make something of it? Well, it's soon 15-all but a forehand into the next presents a half-chance. Vandeweghe can't return a drop-shot though and then gets to the net with every chance to punish a short ball but can't decide what to do, tipping back a tame one before botching her volley. Seconds later, the game is lost.


Jabeur 4-5 Vandeweghe

There's a yiddish word, shvach; this match is shvach, as per:


weak, pathetic, (a place or gathering that is) lacking in activity


"I don't know who to hire--all of the applicants are pretty shvach."

"My dad did the grocery shopping for once this week, and when my mom saw the celery he picked out she said 'This is the most shvach celery I've ever seen!'".

"We took a walk through town on Christmas morning but it was a bit shvach out."


Jabeur 4-4 Vandeweghe

A big forehand from Vandeweghe, gobbling up a short ball, gives her the advantage in the game but she wastes it via unforced error; 15-all. Jabeur then wins three points in a row, and we're headed for a breaker.


Jabeur 3-4 Vandeweghe

Neither player is making any sort of impression on the other's serve - Jabeur has ceded just three points so far and Vandeweghe five. But we now know that the winner of the match will play Agnieszka Radwanska next.


Jabeur 3-3 Vandeweghe

There seems to be consensus among those who know that Vandewghe is a top 10 player, if she works harder and gets her head right. Perhaps, but I don't see a Slam winner in her, and I should know, I've won several. Another easy hold.


Jabeur 2-3 Vandeweghe

Vandeweghe is hitting the cover off it now with what Jo Durie terms her "swimmer's shoulders" - her mum was an Olympic swimmer and, would you adam and eve, an Olympic volleyballer. She serves out a love game of her own.


Jabeur 2-2 Vandeweghe

Jabeur looks confident, serving through a love game which finishes with a serve on the line followed by a forehand on the line. This match hasn't yet caught fire.


Jabeur 1-2 Vandeweghe

Vandeweghe looks confident, even smiling when a kick takes the ball away from her. At 30-15 she even comes to the net to stick away a volley, and though she loses the next point cinches the game with an ace.


Jabeur 1-1 Vandeweghe

Vandeweghe gets to 15-all with a banging return - she's going to climb right into Jabeur's serve. But Jabeur has shots, as she illustrated with a forehand down the line, taking thw game to 30.


Jabeur 0-1 Vandeweghe

Vandeweghe starts with the ball on her racket, and quickly learns what kind of night she's in for, Jabeur stealing into the net to get 15-all. But that's about all the happens; neither players is into things and it's straightforward hold.


Ashe is a quarter full, yet sold out. People, eh.


Vandeweghe is a really talented player and improving under Pat Cash, but she fell apart at Wimbledon against Rybarikova and has the pressure of being the home favourite tonight. We shall see.


Evening all; Jabeur and Vandeweghe are out warming up, so let's have some.