15/01/19 - Margaret Court Arena
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Australian Open women • 1st Round

Simona Halep - Kaia Kanepi
Australian Open women - 15 January 2019

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HALEP IS THROUGH! 7-6 (2), 6-4, 6-2. The world number one survives a scare in the first round to beat Kanepi, who looked like she was on her way at a point in the secon set. In the end, injury may have been a factor, but Halep deserves credit for the way she turned the match around.


*Halep 5-2 Kanepi (6-7, 6-4): The number one seed moves to within one game of the second round and you just get the feeling that Kanepi may have run out of steam. The injury to her hand may have been a factor.


Medical time out! Kanepi, who has had her injury struggles in recent months, has called the trainer and seems to be getting some treatment on her hand.


Halep 4-2 KANEPI* (6-7, 6-4): A break! And that could be a crucial moment in this match. Halep grinds down Halep with some excellent defence and eventually gets the big break that puts her within two games of the win.


*HALEP 3-2 Kanepi (6-7, 6-4): The world number one edges ahead once again in this third set, but Halep was lucky to get away with a couple of poor approach shots as he went to the net. Kanepi managed to pass her once.


Halep 2-2 KANEPI* (6-7, 6-4): Just feels that we are building up to a climax in this third and final set. Kanepi holds comfortably just as Halep did before her. Still on serve for the time being.


*HALEP 2-1 Kanepi (6-7, 6-4): Halep was comfortable in that service game, but it looked like she might have put her forehand on game point 40-0 long. No challnge from Kanepi, though.


Halep 1-1 KANEPI* (7-6, 6-4): Great tennis! Sensational hitting from Kanepi and fantastic retrieving from Halep around the back of the court. On serve in this third and final set.


*HALEP 1-0 Kanepi (6-7, 6-4): The number one seed gets off to a good start in the third and final set. Strong serving from the Romanian. Who will last the distance in this one?


HALEP WINS THE SECOND SET! 6-7, 6-4! We are going the distance in this first roun match. Kanepi was a bit loose with a couple of forehands there and that gifts Halep the break and the second set.


*HALEP 5-4 Kanepi (6-7): Kanepi will have to serve to stay in this second set. The big hitting game has worked for the Estonian so far, but this time she winds it up a bit too move and sends a backhand long of the baseline on game point.


Halep 4-4 KANEPI* (6-7): The 33-year-old sticks with the number one seed and we are still on serve in this second set, which you feel might determine the outcome of this match.


*HALEP 4-3 Kanepi (6-7): A massive hold for Halep! She needed that and she was in a bit of trouble at 15-30! But an incredible forehand winner on the run helps her serve out and remain on serve.


Halep 3-3 KANEPI* (7-6): Impressive from Kanepi, who manages to stem the flow of unforced errors that we saw in the past few games to hold serve and keep the scoreboard ticking over.


*HALEP 3-2 Kanepi (6-7): It feels like Kanepi has lost her way in the past couple games. Some unforced errors are starting to creep in and Halep is doing well to make the most of that.


Halep 2-2 KANEPI* (6-7): Signs of life from the number one seed? Halep has broken back immediately against Kanepi. She needs the Estonian's level to drop because this is strong stuff.


*HALEP 1-2 Kanepi (6-7): A break for the Estonian and the number one seed is in real trouble! Kanepi's ground strokes are just too deep and on break point she hits Halep off the court. Yikes!


Halep 1-1 KANEPI* (6-7): What can Halep do to turn this match around? At the moment, Kanepi is just hitting through the number one seed and she doesn't have the power to reply!


*HALEP 1-0 Kanepi (6-7): A solid start to the second half from the world number, who needs to gather herself and make sure that she doesn't suffer a drop off after the tension of the tie breaker.


FIRST SET TO KANEPI! The Estonian takes her third chance to clinch the tie break and the world number one has fallen behind in this first round match! Great variety and hitting from Kanepi. What a set from her.

Simona Halep of Romania plays a backhand in her first round match against Kaia Kanepi of Estonia during day two of the 2019 Australian Open at Melbourne Park on January 15, 2019 in Melbourne, Australia.

*HALEP 6-6 Kanepi: Halep fights to take the first set to a tie break! She had to save two break points, with Kanepi really finding some great pace. This is turning into a real tussle between these two.


Halep 5-6 KANEPI*: This is turning into a real battle on Margaret Court Arena. Some of the shot selection from Halep has been a little questionable in this first set. She'll serve to stay in it.


*HALEP 5-5 Kanepi: Good response from Halep. She has been a bit loose at times in this first set, but the number one seed tightened up her game and aced to hold her serve.


Halep 4-5 KANEPI*: Wow! That was some big time tennis from Kapeni. She is going for it. Some big serves and a forehand into the net from Halep and the Estonian edges ahead again.


*HALEP 4-4 Kanepi: The Estonian had a chance to make an inroad into that Halep service game. She went for it with a big, wound up forehand from the mid court, but puts it long on game point.


Halep 3-4 KANEPI*: The world number one seed needs to watch the unforced error count, which is starting to creep up. Kanepi is playing with a freedom. She's just pleased to be back on a tennis court!


*HALEP 3-3 Kanepi: On serve in this first set. Strong hold from Halep, who is relieved to see a forehand from Kanepi go beyond the baseline on game point. Both players still settling into their games.


Halep 2-3 KANEPI*: It's been a topsy turvy first set in this match on Margaret Court Arena, but that was a routine hold from the Estonian. She edges ahead in this first set.


*HALEP 2-2 Kanepi: Wow! What a response from the Estonian, who breaks to love to get this first set back on serve. A lovely inside out forehand from Kanepi to clinch the break.


Halep 2-1 KANEPI*: The first break of this match and Halep grabs it on her third break point. Unfortunately, Kanepi threw in a double fault on the third break point and the pressure tells in the end.


*HALEP 1-1 Kanepi: Strong opening service game from the number one seed. Good serving from Halep and the Romanian holds to love. No trouble for her there.


Halep 0-1 KANEPI*: Halep brought up a break point in the first game of the match, but Kanepi finds some big serving at just the right time to make sure she starts on the right foot.


We are under way! It's Kanepi to serve first in this first round match against Halep.


Okay, Halep and Kanepi are expected to take to the court at Margaret Court Arena in the next few minutes.


Williams is through and so Halep and Kanepi will be out on court very shortly!


Williams is just one game away from winning her first round match against Buzarnescu, so we might not be far away from Halep and Kanepi getting their match under way.


We're still waiting for the evening session to begin on Margaret Court Arena, with Venus Williams and Mihaela Buzarnescu still in the final set of the final match of the day session.


We're still waiting for the evening session to begin on Margaret Court Arena, with Venus Williams and Mihaela Buzarnescu still in the final set of the final match of the day session.


Good morning! Rise and shine! Welcome to Eurosport's LIVE coverage of Day Two of the Australian Open. We'll be focusing on the first round match between Simona Halep and Kaia Kanepi on Margaret Court Arena.