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Australian Open men • Quarter-final

Tomáš Berdych - Roger Federer
Australian Open men - 24 January 2018

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So there we go. Federer will play Chung on Friday night, Friday morning GMT and CET. We'll have that, and plenty in between. Thanks for your company and enjoy your days.


He hasn't seen much of Chung as he doesn't play much, but he's similar to Djokovic in the way he can slide, turning the hard court into a clay court - and now he's gone.


He wishes Nadal well - he messaged him last night - and mentions what a great win it was for Cilic.


"They asked me if I like this colour ... that's maybe why some of the guys are playing in pink." Barf, bleurrgh, etcetera.


Jim Courier encourages us to look at Federer's trainers - Nike won't mind that - and we see he has the number five, how many times he's won in Melbourne, along with a picture of the train station because he wasn't allowed the trophy - "it was on there once upon a time".


He says he's in much better physical shape this year without the five-setters, though "pain is good sometimes ... you take those matches with you for a lifetime."


"Hung around, got a bit lucky, a bit angry, a bit frustrated with the umpire ... I actually thought the call was good, he was probably right," says Federer of the first set. "It was probably the key to the match ... I'm extremely happy." I don't think I can conceive of how happy he must be, all the bloody time.


Berdych (1)6-7 3-6 4-6 Federer

Berdych gets himself into the first rally but goes long with a forehand, then Federer punches a serve out wide; an unreturnable serve out wide. Next comes another, followed by a volley larupped onto the line, then a serve down the middle which is netted. So there it is! Federer is 10/10 on Australian Open quarter-finals and will play Chung next! He is an absolute joke, a ludicrous, revolting, phenomenal joke.


Berdych (1)6-7 3-6 4-5 Federer

Lovely shot from Federer, a high backhand guided cross-court, with spin to take it away from Berdych's lunge; the crowd applaud the futility of his endeavour, a metaphor for life really, and they end up at 30-all; then, at 40-30, Berdych has to run another ball down and this time flips a pick-up across the face of the net for a winner. Federer will have to serve for it.


Berdych (1)6-7 3-6 3-5 Federer

Berdych does brilliantly to chase down a backhand, spiriting a winner down the line; payback is immediate and in kind. And - oh dear. Berdych does everything to get 30-15, guiding a volley into the corner, but when the lob comes he mistimes his jump and nets. There follows a service out wide and clean-up, followed by a service winner.


Berdych (1)6-7 3-6 3-4 Federer

Berdych isn't going away (apart from the fact that he is). A love game, cemented with an ace.


Berdych (1)6-7 3-6 2-4 Federer

Here he comes. A serve and a clean-up, an ace, and seconds later, 4-2. As in every match this tournament, Federer hasn't been consistent tonight, but he's been plenty consistent enough.


Berdych (1)6-7 3-6 2-3 Federer

Classic Federer, easing to 0-30. But then, with Big Berdych at the net he hoists a lob, dismissively put away. They end up at 30-40, and Federer constructs a lovely point dominating from the forehand corner with his backhand before putting away a pass. The ability to do this stuff - breaking after you've been broken back - makes it look like he's somehow cheating


Berdych (1)6-7 3-6 2-2 Federer

Oh aye? Berdych gets to 0-30, but when Federer plays a nothing shot which drops short and all he has to do is get the ball over the net, he contacts the tape! But Federer, who seems to have switched off, makes a mess of a backhand - that's the problem with Federer, so damn complacent - and then Berdych shmices a forehand return to the tootsies! Well in him!


Berdych (1)6-7 3-6 1-2 Federer

Berdych is serving fine, but who knows where he's getting a break from, or where Federer isn't getting a break from? And suddenly, from 40-15, an error and a clever top-spin forehand, on the stretch and onto the line, sees us at deuce. Berdych then goes long - by a fibre, says Hawkeye when consulted, overturning the humans - and whaddaya know? Berdych runs around a forehand, clumps it long, and is not long for this match or competition.


Berdych (1)6-7 3-6 1-1 Federer

Federer thunders down an ace to reach 30-0, and then just as Berdych reckons he's in the rally, guides a forehand corss-court with mortifying nonchalance, then another - an even better shot, made to look even more easy. he was on the stretch, out wide, and the ball was high, yet somehow he flicked it back from whence it came.


Berdych (1)6-7 3-6 1-0 Federer

Berdych doesn't look in too bad nick, holding to 15.


We're back...


In the meantime...


Berdych has called the trainer on and the pair disappear together.


Berdych (1)6-7 3-6 Federer

Great return from Berdych, backhand cross-court as Federer comes in, getting him 15-all; Federer nods his approval. But then he comes in off a second serve and handles things, before running around the backhand; Berdych goes long; and seconds later, via big serve and long return, the set is did. Federer isn't quite purring, but his tail's up.


Berdych (1)6-7 3-5 Federer

Is this is? At 0-15 they exchange backhand slices, corner to corner, until Federer lines one up down the line and coaxes a winner. Berdych, though, does well to experiment, serving big, coming, in, putting away the volley; Mats reckons he needs to shout a bit more, let out some emotion even if he's faking it to wind up the crowd, himself, and let Federer know that this time he's different. He doesn't, loses the next point, and then a nothing pick-up drops short so Federer marches in and swipes it away on the backhand. He'll now serve for 2-0.


Berdych (1)6-7 3-4 Federer

At 15-all, Berdych delivers a lovely backhand down the line to the corner, enough for 15-30. By the standard, this is a chance, all the more so when Federer nets his first serve ... but a backhand pass ends the next rally sharpish. Seconds later, the game is over, sealed with an ace.


Berdych (1)6-7 3-3 Federer

Berdych is serving pretty well himself, and at 30-0 pings a backhand winner past Federer as he moves in. That's very nice, and an ace follows.


Berdych (1)6-7 2-3 Federer

Federer is serving really well now, and thumps down some bazzers, holding to 15. Berdych may as well attack everything now, Wawrinka-style, because he's not going to out-craft, out-think or out-play him.


Berdych (1)6-7 2-2 Federer

My computer crashed, so all I can report is that Berdych holds following deuce. Please forgive me.


Berdych (1)6-7 1-2 Federer

Berdych gets himself to 15-30, but when, in a long rally, he guides a backhand slice cross-court, Federer dances around it and strokes a forehand winner down the line ... which he follows with a winner pasted backhand cross-court. He's quite good. But we get to deuce, Berdych gets to advantage, Federer gets to a backhand down the line, nominally his worst shot. Er, ok then. Two points later, he synchs the hold.


Berdych (1)6-7 1-1 Federer

Berdych needed that, that being a hold to 15. He doesn't look happy but, as though he's now waiting to lose.


Berdych (1)6-7 0-1 Federer

Federer accelerates imperceptibly to hold to 15. He's just played as bad a set as he's likely to tonight, and he still won it. Gulp.


Berdych (1)6-7 Federer

This is beautiful from the goat's goat. He just looks so smooth now, especially compared to Berdych who is getting desperate. He cruises through the breaker, and you sense he might just win from here.


Berdych 6-6 (0-3) Federer

What a shot from Federer to get things moving, a pick-up half-volley almost from behind him as he stood mid-court. And he quickly consolidates the mini-break; of course he does.


Berdych 6-6 Federer

Well. Federer is back to Federer at the start of the match, and goes long with a backhand to give Berdych 30-all, then serves a double! Set-point number two! Serve into the net ...and Berdych returns well, then later in the rally forces a squash shot response simply because that was all Federer had available. But Berdych then goes long on the forehand and ace follows it ... only for Federer to net for no reason whatsoever! Deuce! Ace! Serve out wide, clean up overhead! A breaker it is!


Berdych 6-5 Federer

Berdych needed that, holding easily - Federer barely made him play, which was surprising given how well he's played these last few games.


Berdych 5-5 Federer

Time's up Tomas. Hope you had fun. See ya. So long. Ta-ra. Cheerio. An easy hold for Federer, who is purring now, sealing the game with a backhand drop disguised so well I'm still not quite sure what it was.


Berdych 5-4 Federer

Berdych is a little slow moving out to a backhand and Federer has 0-15, then Berdych has second serve called out then in; Federer challenges and the overrule was correct. Berdych then bangs a succession of forehands for 15-all, before putting a wrong-footer long despite constructing the point nicely. Pressure. And Berdych blinks, whacking a backhand down the line wide by plenty! Pressure! Two break-back points for the goat, the first saved via kerfuffle; a Berdych shot it called in, Federer challenges, and Hawkeye says its in but can't supply a picture. Federer is thus upset and approaches the umpire to gently remonstrate, telling him it's his call and he's "already been screwed over once". Poor little him. Anyway, Berdych then serves out wide and Federer nets on the backhand, so we're at deuce ... and Berdych goes wide with a backhand volley, but a net cord helps out a drop-shot! In fairness, that was a clever and brave option, so well done him, and next he delivers an ace to raise his first set point ... one which Federer saves with a blazing backhand return down the line! And then when Berdych drops one short on his forehand, back it comes with interest! Break point number three! And this time, though Berdych finds a decent first serve out wide, Federer hustles his way into the rally and seizes it with a backhand wipe.


Berdych 5-3 Federer

What's especially interesting about this is that to reach this point, Berdych has only had to be solid; he hasn't had to be brilliant, which is to say that he can improve. So can Federer, obviously, and at 0-15, he absolutely rips a backhand winner cross-court, the first of those, and follows up with an ace. Then another, then he clinches the game, and Berdych will have to serve for it.


Berdych 5-2 Federer

Federer doesn't look happy as he goes long with a forehand to give Berdych 15-0, and very quickly, it's 5-2; one more hold, and Berdych is a set up!


Berdych 4-2 Federer

I'm sorry Tomas, but it's been decided by the committee that on account of your backwards baseball hat, you are summarily disqualified from this year's Australian Open. In the meantime, Federer holds to 15; basically, he's almost on autopilot, just trying to reach the next break-back opportunity.


Berdych 4-1 Federer

Berdych goes long with a backhand to give Federer the advantage, and though Berdych closes, a deep forehand facilitates a backhand winner. Next point, Berdych sends down a decent second serve and Federer tries to slow the point down with slice, but to no avail, then a deep forehand to the corner allows him to the net ... but he's too casual with his volley, which goes wide! Berdych celebrates with an ace, and Federer does not look pleased - he knows that was a chance.


Berdych 3-1 Federer

Federer is warm, whooshing through a hold to 15. His serve looks grooved now, but can he break?


Berdych 3-0 Federer

Much as this is an opportunity for Federer, this is also an opportunity for Berdych, and he'll know that; he'll also know that he's probably never getting a better one. He holds to 15, and is looking good; Federer hasn't got going yet.


Berdych 2-0 Federer

Berdych bases a forehand return past Federer for 0-15 and when Federer nets a backhand he has 15-30. They end up at deuce, and Berdych has decided to be aggressive, attacking whenever possible, the second serve in particular, and earning himself two break points. Federer saves the first, but off the second a backhand return bunted down the line puts him in trouble, and shortly afterwards a backhand cross-court sails wide!


Berdych 1-0 Federer

Mats gives Berdych a 20% chance of winning this, one in five, but if you've ever played the game you know that this is generous. On 30-0, they engage in their first protracted rally, and Berdych goes wide on the inside-out forehand. "He always hits the ball in the middle of the racket," says Mats. "He doesn't look like he has any racket speed, he just lays his racket on the ball." Berdych holds to 30, finishing with an ace out wide.


And play...


Right then, we're about ready.


Berdych wins the toss and will serve...


And elsewhere...


Here they come! Berdych looks nervous, focused and miserable all mixed.




I can only imagine Federer's mirth at seeing what befell Nadal yesterday. Beat Berdych, then Edmund or Cilic for yet another Slam? Er, alright then!


The boys are backstage. Federer is wearing a different outfit to the others; I don't get why you'd accept the same top everyone's in.


On the other hand, Berdych beat Del Potro in three, has beaten Federer on Centre Court and at the Olympics, as well as Nadal and Djokovic at majors, so if he has a good day - if he serves well - you never know.


The chaps will be on in half an hour...


G'day one and all, and welcome to Federer-Berdych. Let's be real: it's impossible to see anything other than another virtuoso performance from the virtuoso. A few years ago it looked like he'd never win a Grand Slam; now it looks like he could easily win three of them this year. I just don't even know anymore.