23/01/18 - Melbourne Park
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4:00 PM
Australian Open men • Quarter-final

Rafael Nadal - Marin Cilic
Australian Open men - 23 January 2018

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That's all from us today from this match - thanks for joining us and we hope you're suitably excited by the semi-final line-up.


Nadal 6-3, 3-6, 7-6, 2-6, 0-2 Cilic: The injury curse of the top four continues, and Rafa is out of the tournament. Props to Cilic who played a strong game. He will now face GB's Kyle Edmund in the semi-finals.


Nadal 6-3, 3-6, 7-6, 2-6, 0-2 Cilic: Oh no! It's all over for Rafa as he just can't hang on any longer. The world no.1 looked to be really struggling their, and he's withdrawn injured.


Nadal 6-3, 3-6, 7-6, 2-6 CIlic: Yikes, it's gone horribly wrong for the world no.1 and he does look a little troubled by whatever the cause of his medical timeout was. We're at 2-5 in the Croatian's favour and Rafa hits the ball wide to give Cilic the fourth set.


Nadal 6-3, 3-6, 7-6, 2-4 Cilic: This is a worrying time for Nadal, Cilic initially goes 40-0 up before Rafa can get a break. He claws it back quickly, though, levelling with an audacious shot up at the net that makes it look so easy and comes back to hold.


Nadal 6-3, 3-6, 7-6 1-4 Cilic: That's a little medical timeout for Rafa, as Cilic starts to get a real hold on this match. The timeout seems to be slightly controversial, but he's breaking no rules here.


Nadal 6-3, 3-6, 7-6, 1-3 Cilic: There's a fist pump from Cilic as he sends a forehand juuuuust wide of Nadal at the service line. He's broken - tremendous effort.


Nadal 6-3, 3-6, 7-6, 1-1 Cilic: This is exceptionally tight. Cilic holds his first serve with no problem at all, and makes a strong challenge to break Nadal in the second game of the fourth set going 30-0 up at one point, with Rafa levelling after that pesky net gets in the way. Rafa holds.


Here's a look at how he did it...


Nadal 6-3, 3-6, 7-6 Cilic: Rafa is PUMPED as he just edges the third set after a hard-fought tie-break 7-5 in his favour. Huge roar from the crowd.


Nadal 6-3, 3-6, 6-5 Cilic: Flipping heck, it certainly looks like we might be in for a long morning/evening depending on your time zone. We are in a tie-break situation over in Melbourne.


Nadal 6-3, 3-6, 4-4 Cilic: To use words never used outside of sports journalism - have we got a "five-set-thriller" on our hands? Cilic lands another ace and holds.


Nadal 6-3, 3-6, 4-3 Cilic: Nadal defends two break points to hold but it's starting to look a bit more laboured.


A little look at how Cilic took the second set from our social media chums...


Nadal 6-3, 3-6, 3-3 Cilic: And Cilic holds... this could go either way. If Cilic were to win today, it would only be the second time he'd beaten Nadal in seven meetings.


Nadal 6-3, 3-6, 3-2 CIlic: Cilic is starting to look a little inconsistent, aces interspersed with double faults, Nadal holds to love.


Nadal 6-3, 3-6 Cilic: Unbelievable, from absolutely nowhere - or from nearly being somewhere, perhaps - Marin Cilic has completely turned this match on it's head. A comfortable hold by the Croatian and Nadal has taken his foot off the gas. Cilic breaks again and holds, signing off the set with an ace. Lovely stuff.


Nadal 6-3, 3-3 Cilic: Cilic has advantage and a real opportunity to stop the rot before it goes too far, but he nets the ball. He gets a second break point as Rafa hits it long, and that's it - he's done it and he's back in the game as the ball whistles past Rafa, just out of reach.


Nadal 6-3, 3-2 Cilic: Nadal has broken here in the second set in Melbourne and Cilic is NOT happy about it, as he gets called out for a time violation. Rafa is looking very good indeed here, and looking set to consolidate that lead.


Nadal 6-3, 1-2 Cilic: An opportunity here for the Croatian to break, but Rafa is not going to give up without a fight.


Nadal 6-3 Cilic: Nadal is serving for the set but Cilic is not giving him an easy time of it - it's the third set point before Nadal seals the deal.


Nadal 5-3 Cilic: Whoomph there it is... And just like that, Nadal with the break.


Nadal 4-3 CIlic: It's ok - Nadal has it covered. We're still on serve but these games are getting longer...


Nadal 3-3 Cilic: Has Nadal's confidence been knocked a bit by the last epic game? Cilic seems to be troubling him now and there's a string of errors by the Spaniard. Cilic has advantage but Rafa closes it down with an ace and turns his frown upside down but there's a cheeky shot up at the net by the Croatian and we're back at deuce again.


Nadal 3-3 Cilic: Frustrating for Nadal who again has the advantage and again hits the net and it's a third break point squandered on an error as the world no.1 goes long. It's FIVE break points before Cilic finishes the game.


Nadal 3-2 Cilic: Nadal's forehand down the line is a thing of beauty and he nabs the first point, but CIlic has a decent return until he misfires and lands wide. Nadal takes Cilic twice to a deuce, gaining advantage only to hit the net - but he's testing him now.


Nadal 3-2 Cilic: Cilic is returning well, but he can't get the better of the world no.1 just yet. We're still waiting for the break...


Nadal 2-2 Cilic: Cilic serves out the fifth game with an ace.


Nadal 2-1 CIlic: Right back at the Spaniard from Cilic who holds to love, but manages to nab a point in the next game. Level-pegging here at the moment.


Nadal 1-0 Cilic: And we're up Nadal serves first and that was no bother whatsoever - 40-0


Here's a little reminder of how Kyle Edmund got there, while we wait for Rafa and Maran Cilic to warm up.


And if you've just woken up, the rumours are indeed true - Great Britain's Kyle Edmund is through the semi-finals in Melbourne after beating third seed Grigor Dimitrov, so the winner of this match will play him.


Good morning! And welcome to the live coverage of the Australian Open quarter finals. First up, Rafa Nadal versus Marin Cilic.