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Australian Open men • Quarter-final

Grigor Dimitrov - Kyle Edmund
Australian Open men - 23 January 2018

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So there we go! Kyle Edmund has boyed off Grigor Dimitrov, and will play Cilic or Nadal in his first Grand Slam semi. He played really well today, hot when he needed to be hot and solid when he cooled; can he take it up another level? We'll find out the day after tomorrow, and I'll see youse tomorrow. Thanks for your company - enjoy the rest of your days.


He says his new coach has helped him with his aggressive game, trying to make sure he doesn't lose close games like he had been doing. He says he'll now go and recover, trying to get ready for Thursday, and tomorrow they'll sort out a gameplan.


"I know what it feels like to be Andy Murray for the last eight years," he says in response to a question about pressure. "You take it in your stride and try and embrace it as much as possible ... I guess it's a good problem to have."


"It's obviously very pleasing," he deadpans, "but obviously I want to keep going."


Edmund says he had a bit of a dip in the second set and the start of the fourth, but held his nerve at the end and prayed that last ball was out.


"Amazing feeling, very happy ... these things you're so emotionally engaged you don't really ... I just tried to enjoy it."


So Edmund will play Nadal or Cilic in the semi; Fredrik Rosengren, his coach is wiping away tears.


Dimitrov 4-6 6-3 3-6 4-6 Edmund

Every time he's been challenged, Dimitrov has responded in some way, but not always at the level required - and here he gets 0-15, then goes way long with a forehand. Edmund, though, slides in a double ... this is the biggest game of his life, can he rise to it? Well he doesn't need to, Dimitrov going long with a backhand, and two more points will do it. There's one, an ace down the middle! That's 13 today! And then a serve out wide, a barrage of monumental forehands, and Dimitrov is called long! He challenges ... BUT THE BALL IS LONG, AND KYLE EDMUND HAS ELIMINATED THE NUMBER 3 SEED! HE IS IN THE SEMI-FINALS OF THE AUSTRALIAN OPEN, AND WHAT A PHENOMENAL ACHIEVEMENT THAT IS! HE WAS CALM, COMPOSED, AND BLOODY GOOD WHILE HE WAS IT! OH YES!


Dimitrov 4-6 6-3 3-6 4-5 Edmund


Dimitrov 4-6 6-3 3-6 4-5 Edmund

So they are! A forehand down the line gets Edmund 0-15 ... but a forehand of his own sees Dimitrov peg it back. Edmund is going for it though, and another punishing forehand has him two points away ... he's well in the next point too, and then Dimitrov pastes an inside-out backhand down the line ... Edmund challenges ... we see a picture ... it looks fractionally out but says in ... NOW IT SAYS OUT! AND AFTER SAVING THE FIRST BREAK POINT, DIMITROV TIGHTENS, NETS A BACKHAND, AND EDMUND WILL NOW SERVE FOR THE MATCH.


Dimitrov 4-6 6-3 3-6 4-4 Edmund

Ace followed by double, and I'm not quite sure I agree with Greg, below; Dimitrov can do much better than this, exciting though the match is. We find ourselves at 30-all and then Dimitrov goes long before a giant second serve, at 174km'h is too much. Things are getting tight, so they are.


Dimitrov 4-6 6-3 3-6 4-3 Edmund

A crunching backhand and a terrifying forehand send Edmund to 15-30, and even though Dimitrov closes, a big forehand return elicits an error; break point. Just when he needs it, though, Dimitrov finds a first serve - not a belter by any stretch, but Edmund can't get it back into play, and advantage then game swiftly follow.


Dimitrov 4-6 6-3 3-6 3-3 Edmund

Dimitrov is absolute Arsenal, graceful, dainty, and ultimately insubstantial. But he starts hitting with his forehand and it gives him 0-15, then 0-30 ... and what a point follows, a booming forehand down the line looking good only for Dimitrov to dive and get it back; Edmund then hits straight to him, but his lob goes long. No matter: Edmund goes wide with a forehand, and must now save two break-back points ... or not ... NOT! Forehand to slice, forehand to slice, Dimitrov refusing to give it away, until Edmund botches one! Well played Griggsy!


Dimitrov 4-6 6-3 3-6 2-3 Edmund

Oh yes! A nothing backhand down the middle from Dimitrov is panelled back inside-out by Edmund for a clean winner ... but a forehand and an ace soon make it 30-15. Dimitrov, though, doesn't look comfortable and a forehand down the line goes wide as Edmund's coach points to his temple ... this is a half-chance, and when a defensive backhand return goes low over the net, Dimitrov nets! Break point Edmund, and he has a second serve to attack ... and a wild forehand from Dimitrov is wide! Three holds and Edmund is in the semis! ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!


Dimitrov 4-6 6-3 3-6 2-2 Edmund

Edmund hasn't wavered at all in this match. Obviously he's not played his best for all of it, that being impossible, but he's never stopped taking aggressive options, even in defence, and at 30-15 that wins him a key point, chasing a ball into the corner, and zetzing it hard enough to force an error. A service winner then follows, and that's 2-2.


Dimitrov 4-6 6-3 3-6 2-1 Edmund

Both players are serving well now, just as they were in the last set before they weren't. Love hold for Dimitrov.


Dimitrov 4-6 6-3 3-6 1-1 Edmund

Edmund powers to 40-0 before netting a forehand, so makes amends by thrashing one down the line. He's been solid as you like this last 15 minutes or so.


Dimitrov 4-6 6-3 3-6 1-0 Edmund

Looking at the stats from that set, there's one essential difference: 39% first serves in versus 68% first serves in. Dimitrov gave Edmund a chance early on in the set with three doubles in a game, then handed him a break with a double; you don't see the serious types do stuff like that. Anyway, if he's to win here it'll take five sets just as it did against McDonald; 'm not sure Edmund is playing as well as McDonald did, but he's starting from higher base and has very defined weapons. Anyway, Dimitrov rebounds well to hold, and broke Edmund in the second game of the second set...


Dimitrov 4-6 6-3 3-6 Edmund

Dimitrov hauls himself back into things, winning the first point of the game, before going long with a return. And then a strong forehand, from corner to corner, gives him 15-30 ... but a colossal forehand from Edmund levels the game again. What a shot that forehand is! Another begets another, into the corner then putting one away off the net cord ... and when Dimitrov's backhand return goes long, KYLE EDMUND IS ONE SET AWAY FROM THE SEMI-FINALS!


Dimitrov 4-6 6-3 3-5 Edmund

Or does it? Good work from Edmund gets him to 0-15, and a good return sets up a backhand to the tootsies. Dimitrov, though, pounces on a tentative return ... only to go long with a forehand for no reason whatsoever! Two break points to Edmund! The first disappears via netted forehand return, but when Dimitrov nets a serve, he has a chance ... and Dimitrov nets another serve right in the same place, cord down the middle! Edmund will now serve for the third set! That was pathetic, I'm afraid.


Dimitrov 4-6 6-3 3-4 Edmund

Edmund gets to 30-0 so Dimitrov uncorks a humungous forehand and advances to the net. But Edmund defends brilliantly, forcing him to play a difficult volley, which he nets, and seconds later it's another love hold. SUddenly this set looks likely to need a breaker.


Dimitrov 4-6 6-3 3-3 Edmund

Now Dimitrov finds his form - and his first serves, holding to love.


Dimitrov 4-6 6-3 2-3 Edmund

Edmund is in the ascendancy now, serving out to 15 and finishing the game with his tenth ace.


Dimitrov 4-6 6-3 2-2 Edmund

Here comes Edmund again. He's gone quiet of late, but attacks Dimitrov with his forehand to get 0-15, only for Dimitrov to respond with some forehands of his own for 15-all. Edmund isn't going away though, a forehand into the backhand corner setting him up for a deft volley at the net, ruined with a forehand off the frame; 30-all. But then a blazing forehand return, cross-court, raises the first break point of the set ... and that's brilliant from Dimitrov! Edmund attacks his second serve and pounds away with his forehand, except he can't find a winner because of some brilliant defence, and then one attacking forehand switches the momentum, earning Dimitrov deuce. Two points later, he has the hold.


Dimitrov 4-6 6-3 1-2 Edmund

A fine sliced backhand forced Edmund to net as he comes in, but a strong service then a forehand into the backhand corner get him 30-15. And what a point comes next, a net cord allowing Edmund into the point only for Dimitrov to race in, stretch, and guide an oblique winner cross-court. They wind up at deuce, but Edmund then delivers two strong points to keep in front in the set.


Dimitrov 4-6 6-3 1-1 Edmund

Do Dimitrov's mates call him Griggsy? If he was in Grange Hill they would, He gives Edmund some chances in this game, but thanks to a further flow of unforced errors, wins it to 15.


Dimitrov 4-6 6-3 0-1 Edmund

So, this is a huge game for your Kyle Edmunds and he starts well, racing to 30-0, before a pair of errors put him under pressure. He responds well, with a big serve out wide, but misses with his clean-up forehand ... then responds well with a service winner. And two more big serves sort a fine hold - if he can eliminate just some of the unforced errors, he can do some damage here.


Dimitrov 4-6 6-3 Edmund

At 30-0, Edmund puts a bit more on a return and Dimitrov goes wide, then a fantastic rally, dominated by Edmund's forehand, is sealed with his backhand. But then, following another fine backhand, he sticks a forehand into the top of the net and a serve down the middle, the one that Dimitrov always seems to deliver when under pressure, is good enough to cement the set!


Dimitrov 4-6 5-3 Edmund

Edmund plays a fine and definitive service game to hold to 15 and place the pressure on Dimitrov, who must now serve for the set.


Dimitrov 4-6 5-2 Edmund

Dimitrov opens with a double but follows it with his second ace. I must say, it's hard to see him winning a Slam with Nadal and Federer playing as they are, and another double puts him under pressure, at 15-30 then another fault ... only for Edmund to miss a return! That was a chance. But we end up at deuce, whereupon a third double of the game gives Edmund another shy ... he doesn't pick the safe serve, sent down the middle and can't get his return in. This is really an oversight, Dimitrov has played a terrible game here, but seconds later he's shouting in triumph because he's away with it,.


Dimitrov 4-6 4-2 Edmund

Edmund is struggling to play good points consecutively, but gets to 30-15 with a forehand chop-volley and 40-15 with a service winner ...before one off the frame makes things close again only for Dimitrov to net. So Edmund stays in touch in the set; meanwhile, just in case you were feeling warm and fuzzy...


Dimitrov 4-6 4-1 Edmund

Edmund gets to 30-all with a backhand cross-court return, low over the net, which forced Dimitrov to net ... big point coming up ... and Edmund goes wide with a forehand down the line to make it 21 unforced errors to Dimitrov's 11. And another, off the backhand, sends them back to their seats.


Dimitrov 4-6 3-1 Edmund

Mats reckons Dimitrov is naturally a bit nice, and quoting Chris Bradman, says "maybe someone needs to break his nose once". He's on a streak now, though, responding to a big forehand with a backhand ushered down the line; it gives him 0-30. Edmund fights back to 30-all, though, only to be diddled by a forehand from out wide ... he saves break point with an overhead. But Dimitrov soon has another, floating across the court to punch home a volley ... again, Edmund saves it, but can't then take a game point of his own. Earlier in the match the games were disappearing pretty quickly, but this is now a physical battle, and Edmund hangs tough to get on the board in this set.


Dimitrov 4-6 3-0 Edmund

Edmund isn't going away. Quickly he's at 30-0, thanks to a monstrous backhand, and then a skiddy return sees Dimitrov balloon one; three break-back points! The first disappears via netted forehand, the second via wide forehand, and the third via second-service winner. How crucial that is, in ends and means! And seconds later, Dimitrov consolidates. He's coming...


Dimitrov 4-6 2-0 Edmund

Immediate pressure from Dimitrov, forcing Edmund to go for a backhand winner down the line; he's long, but a service winner redresses the balance. Dimitrov then does well to stay in the next rally and Edmund should come in, but instead goes long with a forehand; an ace redresses the balance, and he's at 71% on his first go. However: a forehand down the line is in fact outside the line, and though he dominates the next exchange, Dimitrov suddenly pins him inside the backhand corner and a forehand goes wide. Break to Dimitrov!


Dimitrov 4-6 1-0 Edmund

Dimitrov races through a love hold, sealing it with an ace. I think that's his first of the match; he could use some more.


Dimitrov 4-6 Edmund

Good start from Dimitrov, who digs out a backhand which Edmund totally misses at the net for reasons unknown. He's quickly at 15-all though, when a forehand forces a long response, only to glide a backhand slice just wide; gigantic points en route. And the first goes to Dimitrov, who opens his shoulders on the forehand side to seize two break-back points ... Edmund saves the first with a service winner out wide ... and the second when Dimitrov slices a return long! Deuce! So Dimitrov steps it up, leaping into the rally and sending Edmund scrambling to hither and yon, but another service winner, sliced down the middle, neutralises it. Next, a second serve into the body tucks up Dimitrov, who nets, and Edmund has set point! But he goes long with a backhand, prompted so to do by Dimitrov's speed along the baseline. No matter: two fine volleys nudge him ahead again and this time he finds a first serve, out to the backhand and Dimitrov nets! Edmund takes a thrilling first set!


Dimitrov 4-5 Edmund

Edmund's backhand is now a serious proposition - it's been as effective as his forehand so far today - and earns him 15-all, the pressure enough to elicit a double from Dimitrov. And when a monstrous forehand to the forehand corner is too good, he has two break points; even if doesn't take them, this is a good comeback from him. And he earns himself the chance to try a forehand, straying just long ... he reviews to make sure ... but now has a chance on a second serve, and this time runs around his backhand and fairly annihilates a forehand into the near corner! In 90 seconds' time, Kyle Edmund will serve for this first set!


Dimitrov 4-4 Edmund

Two sizeable serves, then a monstrous forehand spun onto the sideline, set up Edmund for a reassuring hold, but then Dimitrov twinkles around his backhand to slam a winner down the line. It doesn't matter though, Edmund smashing his way to the next point and 4-4.


Dimitrov 4-3 Edmund

Edmund closes to 15-all with a strong forehand, but he's now missing balls he should make and hits the net when a passing opportunity arises next point. Seconds later, he trails for the first time.


Dimitrov 3-3 Edmund

Edmund's second ace of the afternoon(!) gives him 15-0, but Dimitrov responds with a booming forehand. Then, responding to a menacing slice, Edmund hits a forehand into the net ... first bit of pressure for him ... and how he rides it! A backhand from corner to corner, Dimitrov crying out with the stretch it imposes, delivers the clean-up forehand, and game point comes courtesy of a backhand volley. But a double fault then brings deuce, and forehand from corner to corner drops wide ... break point! And after setting up the rally nicely, Edmund goes long with a forehand, his third unforced error in a row, and we're back on serve!


Dimitrov 2-3 Edmund

Dimitrov rushes through a love game, but Edmund is three holds away from taking this first set.


Dimitrov 1-3 Edmund

Edmund's forehand is a joy to behold, and quickly, along with some solid net play, takes him to 40-0. But then he over-murders one and looks in trouble when Dimitrov sends a fine return cross-court ... but there's that forehand again, coaxed down and around the line!


Dimitrov 1-2 Edmund

At 15-0 another double from Dimitrov, the second serve pasted wide and plenty. But he eases past it, a big forehand giving him two game points and a supersonic backhand cross-court eliciting a call of "Shot!" from Edmund as it whooshes past him. Settle in; both these lads have.


Dimitrov 0-2 Edmund

Edmund is quickly up 30-0, thanks to a long forehand and an ace, and seconds later has the love hold. This is a great start, and he looks so comfortable with his game.


Dimitrov 0-1 Edmund

Dimitrov goes long on the forehand, but then Edmund goes long with a lob; I don't think either player will die wondering. And there it is, Edmund's huge forehand, cross-court on the second serve, enough for 15-30, but a service winner then pegs it back. They then exchange backhands cross-court, and when Dimitrov clips the top of the bet, Edmund adjusts his feet to spank a pass down the line; break point! He is right into this, but goes long with a forehand before another dig forehand looks certain to give him a further breaking opportunity, only for Dimitrov to deliver a brilliant squash shot which forces an error. Gosh, this is some start, and Dimitrov then slips in a double-fault - Edmund attacking his second serve right from the off is forcing him to go after it more than he'd like - and then two well-constructed rallies, finished with backhands, synch the break!


Ready ... play. Dimitrov will serve.


So it's been a funny old competition for Dimitrov, the number 3 seed, who almost lost to the wildcard, Mackenzie McDonald, in round 3, before sorting Nick Kyrgios in a belter. Edmund, meanwhile, has just been magnificent, dispatching Kevin Anderson in round 1 and bashing his way through the number 20 seed's path. His forehand is one of the greatest shots in tennis, but Dimitrov is one of the greatest movers. This is going to be excellent.


Morning/afternoon all, and let's have a load of this! Out come Edmund and Dimitrov!