Wilson claims US Open title

Wilson claims US Open title
By Eurosport

06/08/2012 at 09:55Updated 06/08/2012 at 18:08

Australia's Julian Wilson won the 2012 US Open surfing over Brazilian Miguel Pupo at Huntingon Beach, California.

In a dramatic finale in front of a large audience, the 23-year-old Wilson took the victory over Pupo in the final after racking up some of the event's highest scores against Hawaiian prodigy John John Florence and another Brazilian in Gabriel Medina.

“I’m over the moon,” Wilson said.

“I got a really good start and my hat goes off to Miguel (Pupo), he’s deadly. I knew he was going to be hunting those lefts the whole heat and I just tried to apply a bit of pressure on him.

"He got that 8.93 and was right back in the heat with plenty of time left. There weren’t that many opportunities out there but it came down to the last minute and I had to just pray there wasn’t one behind it.”

The title is the third ASP win of the Aussie's young career.

“I felt like I was just building house the whole event,” Wilson added.

“I really had to fight for it every heat in the dying minutes and those heats always feel good. I wouldn’t say I peaked in the final but I got a good start and got two good waves.”

American Lakey Peterson, 17, beat Carissa Moore of Hawaii to win the final of the women's event.



1 17.53 Julian Wilson AUS

2 14.76 Miguel Pupo BRA


1 16.33 Miguel Pupo BRA

2 13.33 Kelly Slater USA


1 14.70 Julian Wilson AUS

2 14.37 Gabriel Medina BRA


1 14.57 Miguel Pupo BRA

2 8.83 Filipe Toledo BRA


1 15.00 Kelly Slater USA

2 9.84 Dane Reynolds USA


1 19.20 Gabriel Medina BRA

2 16.13 Adriano De Souza BRA


1 8.44 Julian Wilson AUS

2 8.17 John John Florence HAW