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England - Fiji
Test Match - 10 November 2012

Test Match – Follow the Rugby match between England and Fiji live with Eurosport. The match starts at 22:30 on 10 November 2012. Our live coverage lets you follow all the key moments as they happen.

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There's the final whistle and it will go down as a solid win for England to kick off their campaign, albeit one they will need to improve on for when they take on Australia next week, also at Twickenham


CONVERSION! 54-12! Great work from Fiji as Kalou adds the conversion with what will pretty much be the last kick of the game.


TRY FIJI! 54-10! Fiji break through with Goneva and Talebula. They get the penalty when England fail to roll away from the tackle and they go for the try. In the end it is Josh Matavesi who dives over the top and touches down for Fiji!


CONVERSION! 54-5! An easy conversion for Farrell, who has taken over the kicking duties. It adds another two points to England's tally but more importantly for Farrell makes up for missing the conversion on Tuilagi's first score a few minutes ago


TRY ENGLAND! 52-5! Tuilagi now does get his second try, receiving the ball from Owen Farrell, bouncing off Matawalu and then forces his way over the line without too much trouble


Tuilagi again causing trouble as he picks up from Tom Wood and nearly gets over the line. He can't get the ball down but Mike Brown comes over the top to touch the ball down. The decision goes to the TMO though as referee Jackson is unsure about the grounding, and the replay goes the way of Fiji as Brown is shown to have lost the ball forward


England cannot add the conversion again and will have to be satisfied for now with just the five extra points


TRY ENGLAND! 47-5! Tuilagi gets in on the action as the England backs continue to wreak havoc on the Fiji defence. England spread the ball wide out to the left wing where Tuilagi is waiting to dive over the line unchallenged


Ben Youngs finds Sharples on the outside of him ... Sharples looks for his hat-trick as he races towards the tryline but his is pushed into touch. He keeps the ball alive but Youngs loses the ball as he goes over the line. The decision will go to the TMO but there is absolutely no celebration from Youngs and the replay confirms he knocked on


Waldroum just loses the ball forward as he is brought down in a heavy tackle and it gives Fiji a chance to clear their line


England still on the attack through Brad Barritt and Ben Youngs, they get the ball up to the 22m line but the ball goes loose and Fiji clear, albeit not out of danger


Ben Youngs comes on to join his older brother Tom Youngs on the pitch. Mike Brown and Owen Farrell also come on while Ugo Monye and Danny Care go off


CONVERSION! 42-5! Another couple of points to the name of Flood as he adds the conversion without too much trouble, again curling the ball around in between the posts


TRY ENGLAND! 40-5! Sharples gets his second try of the day. It all started from England lineout and then a brilliant pick up from Tom Youngs and England work the ball across the field to Sharples, who receives the ball, steps inside his man and crosses of the line to touch down


Fiji can't add the conversion but they have clearly rattled England slightly as Flood's restart is a shocking kick that is fairly unacceptable given that they have already lost five points in the last few minutes


TRY FIJI! 35-5! What an amazing try from Matawalu. The Fijian charges down the line from his own half leaving Monye and also Tuilagi for dead as he pulls away after them both in chase of his kick upfield


England make another replacement. It's another 21-year-old debutant as Joe Launchbury comes on


CONVERSION! 35-0! A great kick from Flood as he curls the ball around from the right touchline and inside the right upright.


TRY ENGLAND! 33-0! Tom Johnson grabs his first try in an England jersey after Robshaw finds him on the outside, and it's an easy run in for Johnson as he just dinks across the line for England's fourth of the afternoon


England are playing advantage as Fiji put a boot in to the break down. Tuilagi ... Vunipola ... Care ... Flood ... Goode ... Robshaw ...


Marler comes off for Mako Vunipola, the 19 stone 21-year-old, making his debut. And he'll be straight in to an attacking scrum for England on the five metre line


Johnson ... Waldroum ... Flood ... Parling, with the drive ... Care ... Barritt ... Palmer ... Barritt ... Robshaw and Care ... Care again. Big space for Care ... Robshaw ... Marler ... Care ... Flood ... Waldroum ... Cole, drives for the line ... COLE IS HELD UP OVER THE LINE


PENALTY ENGLAND! 28-0! Easy for Flood from right in the centre of the park and that's another three points to the Engalnd tally


England resume almost exactly where they left off at the end of the first half as Fiji are penalised for collapsing the scrum....


England get the second half underway through the boot of Toby Flood




Flood can't add the extra couple of points with his kick from the sidelines but England have looked firmly in control for the last 20 minutes and Fiji are staring at a tough second half


TRY ENGLAND! 25-0! England have the penalty and Goode has spotted that Fiji have nothing out on the left wing. Engalnd are prevented from taking the quick tap as Fiji get people across to cover but they don't have the strength to do anything about it as Goode finds Monye, who can jog over for the score


NO TRY! The TMO decides that the ball landed on the line after hitting the corner flag and for that matter the replays suggest that Sharples didn't actually have control of the ball as tried to dive on top of it


Sharples kicks up the touchline before setting off in chase. He ducks out into touch and back into play as the ball hits the corner flag on the way through. Sharples dives on the lose ball but did he get it down or was he already in touch?


England break yet again, this time through Care. It's scrappy passing from England but first from Goode and then all the way across the field. But Fiji don't take any of their chances to stop the move and it ends up with Sharples on the right wing


CONVERSION! 20-0! A very easy kick this time for Flood as he was right in front of hte posts


PENALTY TRY ENGLAND! 18-0! Waldroum is controlling the play from the base of the scrum as they push their way towards the tryline. But it breaks up, as Veikoso stands up, and Jackson decides enough is enough and awards the penalty try


Johnson with the interception pass, Robshaw manages to take the ball over the line but he is held up and it'll be another five metre scrum for England


Good line from Robshaw on the left of centre field ... Care to Flood ... Goode ... Parling to Marler ... but the pass is a poor one and not only is it not collected but it goes forward as well. Fiji escape again


Monye looks to break on the left wing but he doesn't have too much support and has to come infield ... he finds Care, who looks to take things on quickly but he loses the ball. A little scrappy from England but they are still firmly in control


Fiji somehow manage to steal the ball in the scrum and look to break but Sharples nearly grabs the interception after a wayward pass from Koniferedi. England have possession back.


Deacon Manu is sent to the bin. That was bound to happen with Fiji frequently being caught offside. England will have the attacking scrum and Fiji could be in real trouble now


Flood finds Waldroum ... Cole ... Care. Care knocks on but England were playing advantage once again as Fiji were offside. We might be looking at another yellow card here ...


PENALTY ENGLAND! 13-0! Sharples loses the ball forward but England were playing advantage and Flood opts to go for the points to keep the scoreboard ticking over in England's favour


England are all over Fiji now as first Monye breaks, looking to get in on the action for pretty much the first time. Then Goode gets involved ... Flood ... Johnson ... Parling ... Sharples ...


CONVERSION! 10-0! Flood again sends the ball right between the posts with no trouble whatsoever to maximise the lead


TRY ENGLAND! 8-0! Tuilagi makes the half break before finding Goode, Goode in turn takes it on another few metres before finding Sharples on the outside of him. And Sharples dives under the tackle and over the line for the first try


Care comes back on and immediately breaks ... England on the attack now ...


England have advantage after there is a mix-up between the Fijians to collect the high ball and then play it offside


PENALTY ENGLAND! 3-0! England decide to go for the points with 20 minute approaching on the clock and no points yet on the board. And his kick is a great one, right through the middle of the posts. England have the lead


Parling ... Palmer ... Johnson ... Flood ... the ball is stolen but they were playing advantage and they will come back for the penalty.


Much better from England now as first Sharples then Youngs take the ball on. England are just five metres from the tryline now


Fiji again get the chance to kick for points when England are penalised at the breakdown. Talebula's kick doesn't have the legs, although it is at least on target this time. No real momentum in this match yet as the clock ticks towards the quarter mark


England get a little lucky when they lose the ball in the scum only for referee Jackson to decide it was illegally done by Fiji as they are penliased for handling in the scum


Qera and Naikatani team up to make good grounds on the break as England look to re-set during Care's absense. The ball is lost forward and England will have the put in to the scrum but they are on their own 5 metre line. Fiji looking dangerous here


After a long conference between Jackson and his line judge, Danny Care has been sent to the sin bin for a spear tackle near the touch line just before the penalty was given against Fiji. It did not look malicious but nonetheless, Care did put him down head first and he's off for 10 minutes


Fiji are penalised for not releasing the ball and England are quick on the break. Care takes the tap and go very quickly. He finds Flood, who is away but England are called back


A solid line out from England, from Youngs, but not on the tap down as Cole taps it down to the feet of his supporting players and England knock-on


Talebula ... to Manu ... Matawalu juggles with the ball a little as he tries to keep it under control ... Talebula ... Matawalu kicks upfield and they hand possession back over to England. That was a poor choice by Fiji, who were looking threatening


Fiji have the early chance to score points as Talebula steps up for a kick at the posts ... he pulls it wide of the right upright though and England look to break on the counter


Talebula is nearly away with the interception as Parling's incredibly flat pass goes astray. Talebula can't quite make the break but that is a dangerous sign for England early on and also a sign of the kind of grandstand rugby Fiji are going to try and play today


Fiji get the clash underway but immediately knock on as they chase down the start


Today's referee today is Glen Jackson, the former Saracen's player, who won his last professional game as a player at Twickenham just two years ago


The Fijian's have done their version of the haka - called the Cibi in Fiji, I believe. And we are just about ready to go ...


Both the sides are out on the pitch. There will be a moment of silence for Remembrance weekend before the anthems and the kick-off


Twickenham is completely sold out for today's match with 82,000 people expected to pack out the stadium. Just FYI, the whole population of Fiji is only 810,000. So the number of spectators in the stadium today represents the equivalent of over 10 per cent of the Fijian population


Fiji haven't beaten a top northern hemisphere team since they beat Wales 38-34 in the 2007 World Cup


England have won all four previous Tests against Fiji although they have not played each other since the 1999 Rugby World Cup quarter-final, which England won 45-24


Fiji, meanwhile, line up like this: 15-Simeli Koniferedi, 14-Samu Wara, 13-Vereniki Goneva, 12-Sireli Naqelevuki, 11-Watisoni Votu, 10-Metuisela Talebula, 9-Nicola Matawalu; 1-Ratu Makutu, 2-Viliame Veikoso, 3-Deacon Manu, 4-Leone Nakawara, 5-Apisolame Ratuniyarawa, 6-Api Naikatani, 7-Malaki Ravulo, 8-Akapusi Qera. Replacements: 16-Seremaia Naureure, 17-Setafano Samoca, 18-Manasa Saulo


England look like this today: 15-Alex Goode, 14-Charlie Sharples, 13-Manu Tuilagi, 12-Brad Barritt, 11-Ugo Monye, 10-Toby Flood, 9-Danny Care; 8-Thomas Waldron, 7-Chris Robshaw (captain), 6-Tom Johnson, 5-Tom Palmer, 4-Geoff Parling, 3-Dan Cole, 2-Tom Youngs, 1-Joe Marler. Replacements: 16-David Paice, 17-Dave Wilson, 18-Mako Vunipola, 19-Joe Launchbury, 20-Tom Wood, 21-Ben Youngs, 22-Owen Farrell, 23-Mike Brown


Hello and welcome to LIVE coverage from England's first QBE autumn international. They are at Twickenham this afternoon and the opponents are Fiji