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Bulls players 'starved of information'

Bulls players 'starved of information'
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03/07/2012 at 06:39Updated 03/07/2012 at 07:53

Bradford players have accused the club of keeping them in the dark over their financial plight.

The players have been told to report to the club's training ground on Tuesday for a 10am meeting with the administrator but do not know if Sunday's game against London Broncos will go ahead.

Head coach Mick Potter and the rest of his backroom staff were among a host of people made redundant on Monday, along with chief executive Ryan Duckett and football and media manager Stuart Duffy. They were victims of cost-cutting by administrator Brendan Guilfoyle, who says he is facing a wage bill this month of more than £200,000.

Potter says he felt as if he had been "stabbed in the front" by the club and the Bulls players have issued a statement expressing their dissatisfaction through the Super League players' association, 1eague3.

They said: "We, the players, are deeply sympathetic towards the staff and coaches who have paid the ultimate price in these terrible circumstances.

"We are forever thankful for the help and guidance we have all received from each and every one of them and would like to wish nothing but the best for their future endeavours.

"The players have been kept in the dark about the current situation for some considerable period of time. We received precious little information from the club prior to administration and we were only told that the club had entered administration on the day it happened.

"It appears to us that the same was true of other members of staff. It was not explained to us what the consequences of administration were and without the help of 1eague3 we would still be in the dark now.

"Special credit should go to Ryan Duckett and Stuart Duffy, who were often sent to face the entire playing group despite being provided with little or no information.

"We would like to thank them both for their courage in doing so. We must also thank the rest of the staff and fans who have worked tirelessly throughout to help the club and it is so sad for them to see the club in this dilemma."