Extra ‘recycled’ event tickets available for Olympic Park visitors

Extra ‘recycled’ event tickets available for Olympic Park visitors
By Eurosport

31/07/2012 at 22:19Updated 31/07/2012 at 22:23

If you already have an Olympic Park Day Pass you may be able to get event tickets on the day thanks to a ‘recycling’ scheme to fill venues.

Empty seats at Olympic venues have been a hot media topic in the opening days of the Games, with some venues struggling to get bums on seats, whilst thousands of fans watch the action outside venues or at Live Sites around the country on big screens.

But LOCOG are selling and re-selling tickets within the Olympic Park at box offices - for Day Pass visitors to the complex who want to make the most of their Olympic experience. So if you are heading to the Olympic Park with a Day Pass but without tickets (or you have tickets for an event which only lasts a short period and you want to buy more) you could be in luck.

“But as we walked around the site, we came across a long queue for the ticket office. It was for recycled tickets to watch the basketball and handball. Every ticket has a barcode that’s scanned but not everyone wants to sit through the whole sporting event. When they leave the venue, their ticket is scanned again, notifying the ticket office that seat is now free. Those tickets are then put back on sale for a fraction of the price.”

In fact the ‘spare’ tickets could be from a variety of sources, including members of the public reselling them to organisers online, from people who have simply been unable to attend at the last minute or even from latecomers to events, where officials are able to identify their unused seats.

Giving further details on his blog, Prescott continued: “After a half hour queue, I found myself picking up a £90 ticket to see US v Croatia in the Basketball Arena for just £5. There didn’t seem to be that many seats free – it was a popular game.”

“One idea could be to recycle more of the seats. There should be a time limit of 30 minutes to take up the seat. As all tickets are scanned, it’ll be quite easy to see which seats are still empty. The seats would then come back on the market and sold at the on-site ticket office for a fiver. If the original ticket holder turns up late, they could be given another recycled ticket or empty space.”

Unfortunately, the Day Passes to allow people into the Olympic Park without pre-booked event tickets seem to be currently unavailable on the official ticket site. Without those passes fans cannot buy the ‘recycled’ event tickets.

Prescott concluded, “Access to the Olympic Park should be increased. £10 tickets should be made available on a first come first served basis every morning. This would mean more people would be in the park to apply for recycled tickets.”