Brivio: Rossi couldn't wait for Ducati

Brivio: Rossi couldn't wait for Ducati
By Eurosport

12/08/2012 at 01:59Updated 12/08/2012 at 03:10

Valentino Rossi did not have time to wait for Ducati's MotoGP programme to become competitive, but has made his bravest move yet by returning to Yamaha to take on Jorge Lorenzo

That is the view of Rossi's advisor and former Yamaha team boss Davide Brivio, who is confident Rossi would have been able to achieve success at Ducati eventually.

It was confirmed on Friday that Rossi was calling a halt on his unsuccessful two-year stint with Ducati to return to Yamaha, where he rode from 2003 to '10, winning five world championships and 46 races along the way.

Brivio left Yamaha at the same time as Rossi and continued to work with the Italian as an advisor. He said that at this stage in Rossi's career, he could not afford to wait for Ducati to return to winning form.

"It was not an easy choice. Ducati's can be a winning project, but it takes time: too much for a 33-year-old rider," Brivio told Gazzetta dello Sport.

He said Rossi should have no regrets about having signed for Ducati.

"It was right having gone for it and tried," Brivio insisted. "Relationships-wise and in terms of atmosphere, it's been two positive years. What lacked was results, the most important thing."

Brivio described Rossi's decision to measure himself against current championship leader Lorenzo in the same team as a "courageous" move.

"He has taken the most difficult path, because it takes guts to challenge Lorenzo, at the moment the rider in the best shape, with the same bike," said Brivio.

"Rossi puts himself at stake and has eveything to lose, you need balls for that. He demonstrates he still has a lot of motivation to try to win."

When Rossi left Yamaha for Ducati, most of his crew followed him - including renowned engineer Jeremy Burgess, who had also moved from Honda to Yamaha with the Italian. Brivio could not confirm whether Burgess would return to Yamaha as part of Rossi's new deal.

"Vale has expressed his desires, now it's up to Yamaha to decide," he said.