Webber: Rows are boring

Webber: Rows are boring
By Eurosport

04/08/2012 at 22:23Updated 04/08/2012 at 22:24

Mark Webber reckons rivals' doubts about the legality of Red Bull's cars are becoming 'boring'.

The latest controversies over Red Bull designs saw the FIA issue a clarification about engine mapping rules following the German Grand Prix, and details emerge of a device that allowed manual adjustment of the car's suspension.

"I think it's incredibly boring for most people," Webber told Reuters.

"All we can do is keep passing every single test and we have... it's not a one-make series, you can design a car to the regulations and that's what we do."

Webber also believes rows over Red Bull gain more attention than queries about other teams' cars.

"I know other teams have been asked to address things with their cars, but [FIA directives] are not for general consumption," he said. "And some of ours do make the general consumption, which is just the way it's been."

He was adamant that everything Red Bull is doing is comfortably within the regulations.

"Whether it's with the wings or whatever - and there'll be something else I promise you that will pop up - we will always pass every single test," he said. "Not one single team has protested us, because they know it's within the rules."

Some rivals feared Red Bull was set to resume 2011-style domination when Sebastian Vettel pulled away from the field prior to an alternator failure in Valencia and then Webber won at Silverstone. But the team was defeated in Germany and Hungary, and Webber believes the top teams are evenly matched.

"I don't know who's got the fastest car," he said. "There's always talk that it's not the fastest car, but you need the most consistent one. I don't think anyone's got the fastest car at the moment.

"We did after Valencia and then Fernando [Alonso] had it at Silverstone until six laps to go and then all of a sudden we had it again. And then McLaren turned up for a few weeks. And Lotus.

"Kimi [Raikkonen] pushed Lewis [Hamilton] over the line in Budapest and before that we had Fernando winning with JB [Jenson Button] there and me in Silverstone. So it is up and down."