3:00 AM
Stade Océane
Women's World Cup • Group D
  • 2nd Half
  • England (W)
  • Argentina (W)
  • JaimesOviedo
  • KirbyCarney
  • ParrisDaly
  • MeadStanway
  • BenítezSantana
  • Barroso
  • BaniniLarroquette
  • Taylor
  • 1st Half
  • England (W)
  • Argentina (W)
  • Moore
  • Cometti

England (W) - Argentina (W)
Women's World Cup - 15 June 2019

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NONETHELESS... The whistle blows, the points are England's, and they are through to the final-16.England 1-0 Argentina.


Perhaps we underestimated Argentina, who have defended like trojans today, but this does not look to me to be a World Cup winning team.


It's a bit disappointing to be in the final minute of this match hoping - again - that England will hold onto their lead.


P-Nev is SCREAMING at his team now. MOVE!


Four minutes of additional time. This feels a little edgy.


Final substitution for Argentina as Jaimes is replaced by Oviedo.


Another substitution now. Fran Kirby will be replaced by Karen Carney. Kirby has been great today.


Parris comes off now and is replaced by Rachel Daly.


England are starting to lose the ball too easily now. Argentina could yet take advantage of this sloppiness. They need to stay focussed.


Parris is fouled on the edge of the pitch in the final third. Georgia Stanway plays the ball to an unmarked Kirby.


Georgia Stanway comes on now to replace Beth Mead.


There's going to be another sunstitution now as Santana replaces Benitez. Another slightly curious move.


Argentina make good use of a free kick to get the ball in England's end. Telford saves their first on-target shot of the match.


Argentina gain a free kick after what looks like a huge over-reaction to a challenge by Scott.


You would expect the Argentina team, as amateurs, to look more tired by now.


Greenwood whips the ball into the 6 yard box as she spots Scott in position. It's just off target as she heads it over the net.


Not good enough. England lose possession way too easily there, after Houghton plays the ball to Kirby rather than making an attempt on goal herself.


Barroso recieves a yellow card and there will be a free kick to England just outside the 18 yard box.


A substitution by Argentina now. Banini comes off to be replaced by Larroquette. A susprising move here.


Such skill by Beth Mead who holds onto the ball in the face of two Argentina defenders hustling her.


Some of the England players are having words with the ref after it looks like Parris was fouled on the edge of the area. She doesn't seem particularly sympathetic, it has to be said.


GOAL! Jodie Taylor taps the ball in after a blistering counter-attack by England. Wonderful stuff.


Correa close to fluffing her lines there as she jumps out of the box to receive a ball whipped in by Beth Mead's corner.


Better play by England as Parris plays the ball to Taylor in the box. It's quicker this time and Taylor gets her head to it, but the keeper saves.


A VAR check now on a possible hand ball.


Wonderful save by Correa as Parris shoots.


A freekick for Greenwood who's opponent appears to have confused this with rugby as she brings her down on the near side of the 18-yard box.


The problem England are having, it seems - and expertly demonstrated now by Parris - they are not quite fast enough in the final third.


England have been frustrated thus far by a really solid defensive effort by Argentina. They've made a few counter attacks, such as one just now by Jaimes, but England have really dominated play.


Parris whips thhe ball into the box for Mead but it's a bit too high. Positive start though.


We're back for the second half of England v Argentina. We're 0-0 and we are off.


We go into the break 0-0.


Carly Telford is finally forced to make a save. She's quick off the line and deals with it well. And that's the half-time whistle.


Jaimes is brought down on the wind by Jade Moore who will recieve a yellow card for her troubles.


Two minutes of additional time to be played now.


Taylor crosses into the box trying to find Kirby, but there's too much on it.


This looks like it's going to be itas Kirby gets the ball to Beth Mead in a dangerous position in the box, but the keeper gets her leg to it.


A free kick for England just outside the 18 yard box. Gets it into the box but unfortunately the Argentina side notice Lucy Bronze is unmarked.


A yellow card for Commetti who launches herself at Lucy Bronze on the right wing.


Fran Kirby gets the ball to Jill Scott just before she's taken down, but it's squadered by Scott. She could have done better there.


I think England are going to have to switch this up a bit in the second half. Argentina are defending well and while England have been the dominant, attacking side, they're lacking something in the final third.


A free kick against Jill Scott as she gets tangled up in a challenge.


MISS! Correa get's her hand to the ball and the rebound is wide. We remain 0-0.


Uh oh, a rash challenge by the Argentina defence in the box as Greenwood is tripped. That's a penalty and Nikita Parris will take it.


England are on their second corner now, but nothing comes of it. Mead gets the rebound but she's offside.


Fran Kirby heads the ball into the box and Taylor taps it just wide.


That looked remarkably like a foul to me as Mead gets shoved on the wing. The ref agrees. Free kick form just outside the 18-yard box on the far side of the pitch.


A good ball forward, which Scott crosses into the box but fails to pick out a player.


She fires well over the bar. Good power from the captain.


A free kick for England now about 25 yards out. Looks like Steph Houghton will take it.


Pretty awful tackle by Stabile on Bronze. She's lucky not to get a yellow crd for that.


Lucy Bronze whips the ball into the box and Jill Scott gets her head to it, but not quite enough power - the keeper saves it.


The passing here not as good as it could be for England. Mead goes on a roaring counter-attack, but there's too muh on the ball forward to Kirby.


Kirby plays the ball into the box for Mead, but she's not quite fast enough and the ball is cleared.


Beth Mead is pacey down the wing for England, trying to get round the Argentina side to the box. She's not quite there but a promising sign of life.


The first few minutes haven't been anywhere near as one-sided as I might have predicted. Argentina have been putting pressure on England.


Nikita Parris looking as dangerous as Man City have known her to be in the last season as she gets into the box early on.


Lucy Bronze gets herself into the box and heads the ball, but it looks like it made slightly more contact than she might have wanted.


Phil Neville's in the technical area in his Gareth-coat and that's the whistle, we're off.


There's the national anthem now... We're pumped for this.


And look who else has come to cheer on the Lionesses today... Some familiar faces.


Got any thoughts on the tournament so far? Any particularly awesome matches you've seen? I'm @inspireajen on the Twitter and feel free to chip in with some insight I can duly pass off as my own.


More on that here...


And if you want to know what Phil Neville thinks about the Argentina situation, he said in his press conference he felt "blessed".

He added: "The way women's football around the world is being promoted and accepted and developed, we are all heading in the right direction.

"Before every game we make reference to the people who fought to get us in this position."

Nice touch, Phil.


A recap for you, in case you need it...

In the opening matches, England beat Scotland 2-1 and Argentina drew 0-0 with Japan.

Earlier today, Japan beat Scotland 2-1 and now go top of the group. You'd expect England to take all three points tonight, but they would only need a point to go top of the group again.

However, with Japan still to play, Phil Neville will not want the lionesses to sit back tonight.


You might have read some of the back story to the Argentina women's team, who it's fair to say have not been treated particularly well by their FA. It's pretty impressive that they're even part of the tournament, all things considered. So if you're wondering why they seemed so happy about their draw with Japan in their first fixture of the tournament - in fact that's their first ever World Cup point.


In a men's match this would perhaps be a more hotly anticipated fixture, given all that rivalry between the two teams, but it's quite a different picture here, with the women's teams.


And on that bombshell. Here's a message from Mel B. You know, the one with the tracksuits.


Just one change for Argentina as Adriana Sachs replaces Rosana Gomez.


Phil Neville is ringing the changes in this evening's England squad with four changes. Carly Telford steps in to make her first appearance at a major tournament in place of a rested Karen Bardsley. Millie Bright injured her shoulder during the Lionesses opening match against Scotland and is replaced by Abbie McManus, while Jade Moore replaces Keira Walsh.

Goal scorer from England's last match, Ellen White, is replaced by Jodie Taylor who won the golden boot at the 2017 Euros.



England: Telford, Bronze, Greenwood, Houghton, Parris, Scott, Taylor, Kirby, McManus, Moore, Mead. Subs: Bardsley, Walsh, Bright, Duggan, Stokes, Wiliamson, Daly, White, Stanway, Carney, Earps, Staniforth // Argentina: Correa, Barroso, Stabile, Sachs, Cometti, Bravo, Jaimes, Banini, Bonsegundo, Mayorga, Benitez. Subs: Pereyra, Santana, Oviedo, Garton, Gomez, Potassa, Coronel, Chavez, Larroquette, Ippolito, Juncos, Menendez.


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