‘Resurrected on Easter’ – Vincent Janssen return stuns Spurs fans

‘Resurrected on Easter’ – Vincent Janssen return stuns Spurs fans
By Le Buzz

20/04/2019 at 18:03Updated 20/04/2019 at 19:13

Le Buzz

We couldn’t believe it not. Surely not…

But it was unmistakable. There he was. Vincent Janssen amongst the Tottenham substitutes for the clash with Manchester City in the Premier League.

He’s still at Tottenham? When did his loan at Fenerbahce end? When did he even last play? (Answers: yep, June, last season)

Despite his hopeless record for Spurs, the fans were giving him the benefit of the doubt. Just look at the delirium - it's an Easter miracle!

Just imagine...

With Harry Kane out injured, Spurs are having to rely on Fernando Llorente’s elbow/hip if they want a recognised striker, so it’s obviously useful to have another on the bench as they bid to sneak into the Premier League top four again.

But for anyone getting excited at the prospect of Janssen scoring the winner in the Champions League final… don’t. He’s not registered in Tottenham’s European squad so can’t influence that script.