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Scudamore: Parachute payment system fair

Scudamore: Parachute payment system fair
By PA Sport

22/03/2013 at 01:44Updated 22/03/2013 at 02:45

Premier League chief executive Richard Scudamore understands anxieties over a proposed increase in parachute payments for relegated clubs but claims the evidence shows the system is fair.

Championship clubs met this week to discuss the planned rise in payments for next season from £16million to £23m, with concerns expressed that it was unfair on those clubs not receiving a 'parachute' - they will only receive £2.3m. Scudamore pointed to the fact that of all the clubs promoted in the last 15 years, 60 per cent had not been receiving parachutes.

He said: "It's nothing new - there have been those concerns from the day the parachute system was introduced. What we did three years ago in extending the period to four years was potentially giving 12 Championship clubs parachutes. That is better for the Football League and not worse because it means more clubs have got substantial amounts of money."

He added: "Looking at the league tables now we are probably going to be giving away 10 if not 11 parachutes next year.

"We never envisaged that because we thought more clubs would bounce back, but the reality is over 15 years 60 per cent of the clubs that come up are non-parachute benefiting clubs.

"While I hear the angst and can understand it because it is mathematically true, in practice look at the league table this year and it doesn't look like any of the clubs who have come down with a large parachute are going to come straight back up. Bolton have a chance but the other two aren't going to be anywhere near."

Speaking at the launch of 'Creating Chances', the Premier League's annual report of its work in communities, Scudamore said it was vital the top-flight clubs kept in touch with their roots.

He added: "It's essential we carry on doing the work and it's imperative we communicate it.

"We set up the Premier League to be a very, very good football competition and that's our main focus but our community work is very close behind it.

"This is £45m of £190m we give away outside of the league generally. Clubs are rooted in their communities and they have a power that politicians, local authorities and the police don't have."