Managers: Martinez slams 'diver' Welbeck

Managers: Martinez slams 'diver' Welbeck
By Eurosport

16/09/2012 at 05:06Updated 17/09/2012 at 07:18

Reaction from Saturday's Premier League games, with Wigan boss Roberto Martinez highly critical of the conduct of Danny Welbeck.

Sir Alex Ferguson: "He's going to be a really good player, the boy (Powell). He's got two good feet and he can strike a ball. It wasn't a great penalty from Hernandez. It can affect you a little bit in the sense you think you're having a good start but have to start again. We had a lot of strikes on goal in the first half without scoring. Danny Welbeck, in particular, had five strikes on goal.”

Roberto Martinez: "He [Welbeck] dived, he dived for the penalty, you'll see it on the replay. The penalty was as bad a decision as you're going to see. It is a shocking decision, in many ways you find yourself fighting against a mountain. I've come to United three times now, we've had three players sent off, we just never seem to be measured in the same manner. [Welbeck's] last challenge was over the top of the ball, it was reckless, it's dangerous, it's a red card."

Stoke City 1-1 Manchester City Match report

Tony Pulis: "I haven’t seen it but they tell me it is [a handball for Peter Crouch's goal] and I believe the ones who told me. I’ll take that on the chin but it is lovely for us to have a decision, a smaller club having a decision against a bigger club."

Roberto Mancini: "If you want to start with the first goal you should talk about NBA basketball, not football. I didn’t see this from the bench but I saw all my players wanted to talk with the referee.The incredible thing was the referee was behind Crouch. Sometimes it can happen that the handball is not voluntary but not this time."

Queens Park Rangers 0-0 Chelsea Match report

Mark Hughes: "This element of the Respect campaign is something that causes more problems than it solves and I don't think that was the intention when it was introduced. Should the handshakes carry on? I hope not. The game was important today and thankfully, it was played in good spirit."

Roberto di Matteo: "Listen, we offered and we have done our part and if other people feel differently, that’s not our problem. I think we should shift the focus onto the football side. We are here for the 90-95 minutes and not what happens before and after the game."

Arsenal 6-1 Southampton Match report

Arsene Wenger: "In the first 45 minutes we were at a particularly high level. We had a good combination of pace, speed of our passing and quick combinations. The movement was excellent. We were quite lucky as well because they conceded two own goals but overall I think it was a level of continuity with what we have shown at Liverpool.”

Nigel Adkins: "We just played a very good team and the big thing is - we highlight it all the time - if you have good possession of the football and you turn it over cheaply, the players at this standard are going to punish you. When the fixtures came out, people were looking at Man City, Man United, Arsenal - three games that on paper we would probably get a good chasing in.”

Aston Villa 2-0 Swansea City Match report

Paul Lambert: I thought Christian [Benteke] was unplayable. He was an absolute threat. The great thing is he’s only 21, only a kid and still learning. He has a really good game for the national team against Croatia in midweek and, if you’re holding your own in that company, you’re doing alright.”

Michael Laudrup: “It was going to come at some point. And looking at this game we could see the difference between the goalkeeper making a great save to stop us scoring and then five minutes later them getting the goal of the day. In the end it makes a huge difference.”

Fulham 3-0 West Bromwich Albion Match report

Martin Jol: "I think he (Berbatov) did more than he has ever done before in his life. He was at the back, he was in midfield, he was up front and he scored a good goal so I was happy. We had a young bench and that is why I was so pleased with Dimitar."

Steve Clarke: "We are all human, everybody has got emotions. He [Odemwingie] thought he had a free-kick against him, the red mist obviously came down and he will take his punishment. He will get his three-game ban and the club have got a disciplinary process we will go through, and we move on. In football it happens, people get sent off.”

Norwich City 0-0 West Ham United Match report

Chris Hughton: “We coped with West Ham very well, but when we have our opportunities, we have to be showing a bit more quality and guile, perhaps also a bit of fortune in that final third. I felt we did enough today and on the balance of play had enough to win the game. There can be a disappointment we have not got the goals to win the game, but no one can question the endeavour of the players.”

Sam Allardyce: "In the end it [the result] could have been anyone's the way it went. There were chances created by both sides and none taken, but in the end we got a clean sheet and a valuable point. We're satisfied with that because our finishing was not as good as it should have been and our final ball too. Three clean sheets in four games is a great base to build a successful team on."

Sunderland 1-1 Liverpool Match report

Martin O’Neill: "It was always going to be difficult with Liverpool searching for that equalising goal. Not many in the stadium would say that they didn't deserve it. We gave the ball away a little bit in the second half and I think that is something we must improve on. When we're under pressure in games we need to be able to take the sting out of matches.”

Brendan Rodgers: "They have been terrific. It’s been a difficult week, of course, as you can imagine for the city and everything surrounding it. Some of the players have been involved in the tragedy in terms of relatives, so it’s been a really emotional week. But when you sign for Liverpool, that’s part of the contract. As a player or manager, you sign an agreement and a contract with the supporters, an emotional one, and that’s all part of the journey of Liverpool.”