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Liverpool owners' website makes Dempsey gaffe

Liverpool owners' website makes Dempsey gaffe
By Eurosport

18/07/2012 at 18:03Updated 18/07/2012 at 20:37

Liverpool's owners suffered embarrassment when a news website they own erroneously reported that they had signed Fulham forward Clint Dempsey.

The website for Massachusetts-based news channel New England Sports Network (NESN), owned by Anfield proprietors Fenway Sports Group, published a story claiming Dempsey was a Liverpool player when he was still very much on Fulham's books.

With a headline which read "Fabio Borini, Liverpool gear up for North American Tour as Clint Dempsey joins club" and a line which claimed that the Reds had "added Fabio Borini and Clint Dempsey to a team that game [sic] within a game of winning the FA Cup", the story prompted excitement among fans of the Merseyside club as they anticipated another summer signing for new manager Brendan Rodgers.

The story was a short introduction to a video report on Liverpool training ahead of their pre-season friendly against Roma at Boston's Fenway Park, in which mention was also given to reports linking Dempsey with a move to the club.

However, the report in the video did not make the same claim that the USA international had signed, merely stating that he has been linked with the club.

"We have received no offers from any club for Clint Dempsey," a Fulham spokesperson said. "We would discourage any club from making a bid for him."

The headline and copy have since been edited to remove all mention of Dempsey.

A move for the 29-year-old remains a distinct possibility, but the premature and inaccurate report is nonetheless an embarrassing moment for Liverpool.

Fans of other clubs took to Twitter to poke fun at Liverpool for the mistake.

One Arsenal fan tweeted "So, that's egg on Liverpool's faces," while a Tottenham supporter said "Surely the confusion/conficting [sic] reports about Clint Dempsey from (Fulham) and (Liverpool) indicate and [sic] illegal approach to the player?"