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Spain - Costa Rica
International friendlies - 12 June 2015

International friendlies – Follow the Football match between Spain and Costa Rica live with Eurosport. The match starts at 04:00 on 12 June 2015. Our live coverage lets you follow all the key moments as they happen.
Who will come out on top in the battle of the managers Julen Lopetegui or Oscar Ramírez? Find out by following our live matchcast.

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Full time. Spain comfortable in the end.


Ruiz with a last minute free kick on the egde of the area. Spoons it over the bar. Big disappointment and that'll be game.


Spain keeping the ball very well here. Should easily see out the game.


Three minutes added time. Not sure Costa rica have anything left in the tank.


Bartra with a barnstorming tackle but just can't keep the ball in play in the follow through and Costa Rica get the throw. Great effort this late in the game.


Spain playing out the game in Costa Rica's half. They've done exceptionally well to contain the busy Costa Ricans in this half.


Borges makes way for Saborio


Spain play it wide to Silva but he is easily dispossessed by Aguilar.


Costa Rica still trying to plug away but Spain are doing well.


Lovely play by Campbell as he finds Ruiz running acroos him. His attempted backheel back to the striker doesn't work and Spain can clear.


Fabregas comes off for Isco.


CHANCE! Lovely floated ball to the back post by Vega who finds Ruiz but he for once gets his technique all wrong and it flies over the bar.


Diaz is coming off for Aguilar.


Carvajal on the overlap down the right but he can't guide his cross to Alcacer in the middle and Spain get the corner.


Isco is preparing to come on as Spain show their prowess keeping theball very well.


Alcacer played in behind again by Fabregas but he went just too early and is called offside.


Booking for Borges as he pulls back Busquets on the counter.


San Jose is making way for Busquets.


Spain dominating possession and are currently on 61%.


Superb cross from Ruiz on the right with his left foot but it is just too high for Campbell and Pique can scramble it clear.


CHANCE! Silva comes in off the right wing and hits it low towards goal but it is too close to Navas and he saves with ease.


Small technical error. We assure you, you haven't missed anything major.


Costa Rica trying their best to plug away but Spain are back in their shape and defending well.


Venegas comes off for Vega


Spain just keeping the ball so well here. Experience off the bench is starting to show.


Superb run from Vitolo from the left but his lay off to Silva puts him in trouble and Spain do well to retain possession.


CHANCE! Bartra this time as Silva wriggles his way to the byline and squares but he can't move his feet quick enough to direct the ball into the back of the net.


CHANCE! Superb play from Spain as the ball drops to Silva on the edge but he backheels to Cazorla but he can't direct the ball goalwards as Navas saves low.


Alcacer almost played through but Navas is off his line very quickly and is able to clear.


Spain coming back into this game and controlling the game well.


David Silva has come on for Nolito.


And that's all from Ramos as Pique comes on for him.


CHANCE! What a ball in by Fabregas and it finds Ramos on the volley but he hits it at Navas who does brilliantly to turn it over the bar.


Nolito is felled by Umana but he gets back up and is able to retain the ball. Gamboa then booked for felling him.


Good cross from Gamboa but although Ramos missed his clearance, Carvajal was across to cover before Ruiz managed to get to the ball.


Spain need to compose themselves here. Costa Rica finding a lot of extra energy here.


Campbell breaks down the left wing and finds lots of space but Ramos gets back quickly and is able to usher him out of play.


Spain with some good one-two football but Costa Rica close it down and break.


Costa Rica have started well here. Really playing with fire in their belly and putting Spain under real pressure.


De Gea tries an intricate chipped ball to Bernat on the left but it is overhit and Costa Rica are on the front foot again.


CHANCE! Superb save from Navas as the ball comes in from deep. Ramos gets his head to it at the far post but Navas is across to save.


Alcacer chases a ball down the right and plays it to the overlapping Vitolo. His cross is cut out by Miller and Spain have a corner which they take short.


Campbell goes scrambling after a chipped through ball into the box but Ramos puts enough pressure on him to stop him bringing it down. He goes down injured, looking for a penalty, but nothing is rightfully given.


And the second half is underway. Vidal comes off for Vitolo for Spain. That is the only change at half time.


A great half of football considering it is just a friendly! Join us for the second half.


Spain seeing out the half in possession.


Spain take the free kick short but they only move the ball about before Costa Rica manage to get it back and come out with it.


Vidal is down receiving treatment. Judging by that limp, he won't be coming on again.


Free kick to Spain after Ruiz bundles into Vidal on the right wing. Poor from him and Vidal is down injured.


Superb tackle from Campbell on Carvajal. He drives down the line and then plays it into the middle for Vanegas but he can't slide the ball through to Ruiz who had broken ahead of him and Spain can clear.


Yet again, Burgos plays a through ball to Campbell but he is just too eager and he is called offside.


Through ball from Ruiz towards Campbell but he just broke the line early and is called offside.


Bernat is found on the overlap but he hasn't got the pace to stay away from Gamboa. He tries to slow down and then use a trick but the Costa Rican is equal to it and he can clear.


Another corner comes in but De Gea is up to gather. His throw out is poor though and Costa Rica come forward again.


Good ball into the box from Costa Rica but Umana can't get over it and it goes over the crossbar.


Costa Rica on the attack now but Spain do well to maneuvre the ball out from the back.


Fantastic slotted ball in behind for Bernat but Gamboa just manages to get back and slide the ball away from the overlapping left back. Superb covering.


Lovely play again from Spain as Nolito manages to find space behind. Fabregas just flicks the ball through to him but his cross towards Alcacer is cut out by Burgos.


Lovely through ball from Koke down the line to Vidal who manages to get his cross over towards Alcacer but it is just over his head and Costa Rica manage to clear.


Normal service really is resumed!


GOAL! Spain carve open Costa Rica with some very patient play. Vidal crosses low to Alcacer who hits it all wrong but it luckily bobbles to Fabregas in the six yard box who manages to turn it goalwards.


Campbell is slotted through by Ruiz but he just broke the line early and Spain catch him offside.


Vidal breaks down the right wing for Spain but again, it comes to nothing and Costa Rica can compose themselves and start again.


Fabregas is over it. he plays it low to Bernat who strikes. It deflects away and falls to Koke who hits it but Costa Rica block and manage to break well.


Free kick to Spain on the right wing as Alcacer is pulled to the ground by Umana.


Good from Vanegas who manages to wriggle his way through into the area but his low cross to Campbell is cut out by De Gea.


Carvajal with the good defending this time. Campbell tries to spin in behind but he can't get past the Spaniard who holds his ground and sees it out of play.


Game going through a bit of a lull at the moment. Both sides appear to have a measure of each other and the strikers can't find any space.


Costa Rica finally with the ball. Their back three with the ball but as they try and play Gamboa in through the back but Bernat covers it and he is able to see it out of play.


Koke spins a ball in behind for Alcacer to chase but it is just too close to Navas who is quick off his line to gather.


Bit of a midfield battle at the moment. Spain are trying to play through in their normal style but Costa Rica are packing the middle and not allowing any space between the lines.


Bernat on the overlap but his cross is poor and Navas can gather with ease.


Costa Rica do well to keep hold of the ball after Spain let it go easily. Good pressure from Borges in the middle to close down Fabregas.


Spain now really coming into their own. Have held the ball for a good few minutes now. Just waiting for that lapse in concentration from Costa Rica.


Spain starting to find some rhythm as they move the ball around but Costa Rica make it narrow and Spain can't find a way through.


On the counter, Spain work it to Koke in the middle who lets fly from distance but it is straight down Navas' throat and he can claim.


Corner to Costa Rica. Vanegas to take but De Gea is up well to gather and set Spain on a counter.


The corner comes to nothing as Fabregas gets too much on it and it goes for a throw on the other side.


Carvajal with a deep cross towards Alcacer but Gamboa gets back well to clear for the corner.


CHANCE! Nolito cuts in from the left and strikes one but Burgos is there to block for a corner. The corner finds San Jose at the far post but he volleys it well over the crossbar.


And normal service is resumed! What a start to this match!


GOAL! Alcacer with a superb ball round the corner with his back to goal to Alcacer who ran on to it and opened his body beautifully to pop the ball into the bottom corner.


The ball finds Alcacer up top but he can't get it under and Umana manages to clear.


Well if any Spaniards thought this was going to be a walk in the park, they'd be wrong. Costa Rica are here to play.


GOAL!Spain moving the ball nicely. Fabregas tries a through ball but it is cut out. The ball is picked up by Campbell on the left who drills it low to Vanegas who slots it low past De Gea.


Gamboa with the throw up to Campbell who dribbles past Koke in the middle but he can't keep up with the striker and pulls him back on the half way line. That's a free kick.


Bryan Ruiz fails to keep the ball in play as he finds some space on the right wing. His touch let him down but Spain with the ball now.


And we're underway here in Spain. Can the Costa Ricans pull off a surprise or will this be a training exercise for Spain's youngsters? Stick with us to find out...


Spain boss Vicente Del Bosque came under increasing pressure because of his squad selection but is clearly taking this opportunity against good opposition to test out his younger and fringe players and blooding the next generation of Spain stars. Andres Iniesta sits out while De Gea comes in for regular Iker Casillas and Isco remains on the bench while Koke gets a run out.


SPAIN – De Gea, Carvajal, Bartra, Ramos, Bernat, San Jose, Fabregas, Koke, Vidal, Alcacer, Nolito. SUBS – Casillas, Rico, Alba, Pique, Juanfran, Isco, Busquets, Cazorla, Vitolo, Silva, Morata, Pedro. /// COSTA RICA – Navas, Gamboa, Umana, Gonzalez, Miller, Diaz, Borges, Guzman, Ruiz, Venegas, Campbell. SUBS – Alvarado, Carvajal, Myrie, Brown, Calvo, Angulo, Cubero, Vega, Aguilar, Moya, McDonald, Saborio.


Hello and welcome to our LIVE coverage of Spain vs Costa Rica in this international friendly. Team news to follow shortly...