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Manchester United - RC Celta
Europa League - 12 May 2017

Europa League – Follow the Football match between Manchester United and RC Celta live with Eurosport. The match starts at 03:05 on 12 May 2017. Our live coverage lets you follow all the key moments as they happen.
Who will come out on top in the battle of the managers José Mourinho or Juan Carlos Unzué? Find out by following our live matchcast.

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Anyway that's about us - enjoy the rest of your night. I'm off for a lie down.


So United get it done. They were good in moments, atrocious for periods, and will be without Eric Bailly in the final. Celta's players are crying; they'll regret the chances Guidetti missed tonight, but really they lost this last week.


Full-time: Manchester United 1-1 Celta Vigo (agg 2-1) MANCHESTER UNITED WILL MEET AJAX IN THE EUROPA LEAGUE FINAL!


OH MY DAYS! Mallo launches the ball downfield, United make an absurd mess of defending it as Celta get the flick-on. Beauveau turns it around the corner, Bongonda might shoot, but instead crosses for Guidetti WHO CAN'T TURN IT HOME!


This astoundingly tense! United have no business finding themselves in this position!


Fellaini goes down the right, Pogba lunges in front of Mallo to allows the ball to pass them both, and Herrera punches home ... but the ref spotted the infringement, and blew the whistle well before the ball hit the net. What larks, dear old Pip, dear old chap!


Beauvue takes possession down the left and Pogba holds him up, though gives him no reason to attempt a cross from 40 yards out ... it sails to the back post, where Romero claims easily.


With more time wasted, United go to the corner. What a deeply unimpressive performance this has been.


I'm a little surprised Mourinho brought Rooney on, not Jones. Anyway, Herrera is down with either cramp or "cramp", perhaps both. Cabral then fouls Fellaini, leaping with a forearm to the neck, and United waste more time.


Perhaps United should concede now, to give them time to score a winner?


There are going to be six added minutes!


Or, put another way, United are not replete with out-balls. Conversely, this game is going to be replete with added time


Two changes for United: Rooney and Smalling on, Lingard and Rashford off.


Two red cards! One for Bailly and one for Roncaglia! Celta would've taken that! Herrera goes down under a challenge, there's a kerfuffle, Bailly shoves Guidetti who takes a tumble with double-tuck, various others hold him back, Valencia shoves someone else, Roncaglia grabs Pogba from the back, and he and Bailly are dismissed! The state of this!


GOAL! Manchester United 1-1 Celta Vigo (Roncaglia) agg 2-1 Oh! The corner goes short, Bongonda curls it into the box, and Bailly can't get to Roncaglia, who guides a header into the far corner! Can Celta get another? Can United hold out! Now it's nervy!


Celta are ramping it up here! Hernandez finds Aspas in the box, and he leathers a shot goalwards, only for Bailly to fling himself at it and shoulder it away! Brilliant defending!


Bongonda sends the ball wide to Beauvue, and his cross is a jazzer, skipping off Blind's tousles and heading for Aspas ... but Herrera is there to guide behind. The corner comes to nothing.


Lyon now lead Ajax 3-1 on the night; they need one more to force extra-time.


It's a curious old thing, this. United aren't quite nervy, but know that one mistake and they'll be very nervy.


Beauvue accepts possession on the left and skirts Herrera, already committed to the challenge. Free-kick and booking, then Bailly is up to head away strongly; he's going to be a player.


Final shy for Celta: Sisto, their most dangerous player over the course of the tie, is replaced by Beauvue.


So Carrick is in front of the back four, with Herrera to his right, Pogba to his left, Lingard running about and Fellaini helping Rashford.


Mourinho decides that defence is the best form of defence, replacing Mkhitaryan with Carrick. That is going to invite pressure, but on the other hand, Carrick's calmness and nous might be handy.


Oh my! Mallo comes inside on his left foot, and with Mkhitaryan's challenge not even cursory, he curls a cross to the near post. AND GUIDETTI IS UP BETWEEN BLIND AND BAILLY! But he can't quite get his head around it, up too early and connecting on the way down. His effort goes plenty wide in the end, but that was a wonderful opportunity.


Celta have been sooooo much better than last week, and here's Jonny, swiping a low cross into the box. Guidetti shows for it, but Bailly is there first, and expertly sees away the danger.


Jonny wedges a hopeful ball into the box and with no attacker close by, Romero calls, only for Blind to stretch in order to head behind. The corner comes to nothing.


Jozabed has made a difference, and when Aspas finds him 25 yards out, he flings himself into a shot that flies not that far wide of the near post.


Mkhitaryan picks up a poor clearance and feeds Pogba, who absorbs a foul and turns the ball to Fellaini, left side of the box. He swivels into a low shot, again aimed inside the near post, and this time Alvarez manages to keep it out.


A second change for Celta: off goes Radoja, on comes Bongonda.


Aspas chases a ball over the top and Mkhitaryan knocks him down. The shame! And perhaps it's that which causes him to misplace his rag, shouting and gesticulating such that the ref stops United's infant attack to show him a yellow card.


If United make it through tonight and play Ajax in the final, they'll be in allsorts if the play like this.


Brilliant from Rashford! What a player this child is! Herrera finds him inside the box, and his first touch is a pearler, taking him inside his man, then another sends him outside another, and as Alvarez comes out, he tried a little Peter Beardsley finish, dinked over the top. But the keeper saves well, keeping Celta in the tie.


Mallo, who had a terrible time of it last week but has been good tonight, chases a ball over the by-line and careers into the hoardings. That looked a sair yin, and he limps back gingerly.


Celta build down the right and Hernandez moves the ball inside to Sisto - he's robbed by Pogba's superb sliding tackle, and there follows a Cruyff turn around Mallo that provokes a foul. That was beautifully done.


United are sitting increasingly deep, which I suppose gives them space into which they might break, but on the other hand invites pressure they don't need. If Celta can get a goal, they're in huge trouble.


This is getting dicey for United, Mallo advancing down the right and slinging over a cross for Sisto. With Valencia caught under the ball he might shoot first time, but instead taps back for Guidetti, who can't wrap enough of his foot around the ball, sending it wide of the near post from eight yards. Big chance.


Nice from United, Pogba surging in midfield and wedging a clever pass out wide for Mkhitaryan. He cuts back inside, and Lingard arrives at speed, his first touch taking him clear of Cabral and allowing a low cross that catches his teammates on their heels.


Aspas burrows forward at inside-left and wants to find Guidetti, who fails to make an angle. So he shoots and Bailly turns away, expertly picking out Romero's midriff.


Pogba beats various men in midfield with a succession of chops, cruyffs and turns, then loses possession when no one shows for him. Celta make nothing of it.


John Guidetti should be in Jersey Shore.


Lingard lofts one down the line for Fellaini to chase, but the ball drifts into touch before people realise quite what a preposterous thought that is.


A little lull.


United win a free-kick down the right, curled in by Blind towards Fellaini, and when the ball drops, Hernandez scrambles it to the edge of the box ... and what a save, Alvarez! Mkhitaryan meets the clearance perfectly, crunching it with his laces, and the keeper reacts superbly to shove it over the bar!


What did Mourinho say in the dressing room? United have started both halves like they've enjoyed a few keys of Mogadon.


Lovely ball over the top from Sisto, from centre to right, and Mallo runs in behind Mkhitaryan, smacking a low cross into the middle. But Romero gets down very well and strongarms it towards Valencia, who hacks clear.


Celta get us going again.


Change for Celta: Jozabed, on loan from Fulham, replaces Wass. Wass has actually looked pretty lively, but made a mess of the various opportunities afforded him.


Celta are back out...




Lyon have equalised against Ajax - it's now 5-2 on aggregate to the Dutch side.


Celta started the game every bit as well as United did badly, but were undone once again by the brilliance of Marcus Rashford. United played well for about ten minutes thereafter, with Mkhitaryan especially menacing, but as half-time drew nearer Celta began to threaten again. United won't feel safe until they have another goal; Celta know that if they can score before that happens, we've got a ballgame.


Half-time: Manchester United 1-0 Celta Vigo (agg 2-0)


Celta win a corner off Darmian, and Wass' delivery is decent, picking out Guidetti over towards the far post. But he's shepherded well enough, such that he can only plop a header into the arms of Romero.


United rouse themselves, Blind, Lingard and Pogba combining to send Rashford through! But Jonny managed to step out at the last split-second, so up goes the flag. Excellent behaviour all-round.


Celta knock it about nicely, and Sisto does brilliantly on the left to feint inside, drag outside, and leave Herrera choking in the dust. He then whips over a superb cross and Darmian, useless so far, allows Wass to contort around him; his thumping header flies only just wide.


United have quietened down again while Celta have picked things up, Lingard giving the ball away to Sisto just down the left side of the box. Sisto looks up and curls a shot, Ronnie Whelan-style, towards the far top corner - it looks like it's going in - but it's not got the necessary pace, and Romero nabs it easily.


Pogba pulls back Hernandez so Aspas beseeches the ref for a yellow card. None is forthcoming.


United look for Fellaini at inside-right with a long ball, and Pogba picks up the pieces, lashing a shot goalwards; it's blocked behind, thus consternation ensues when the ref awards a goalkick.


Celta are starting to become annoyed. Blind saunters across to clear, his follow-through taking him into Aspas; Aspas is most upset.


Mallo, who has literal armfulls of tatts, runs at Mkhitaryan, who watches him run into touch. Everyone laughs.


Blind looks to bring the ball clear and overruns it, sliding in on Hernandez, who flips accordingly. Yellow card.


Ever snince I noted his absence, Mkhitaryan has been humming. He intercepts Sisto's loose pass in midfield, attacks the space, and feeds Lingard, out on the right. He nicks past Jonny and snaps over a low cross that's too good for keeper, back-four and strikers.


Dolberg has scored for Ajax, so Lyon need to score four to force extra-time.


Pogba fouls Sisto 30 or so yards from goal, left of centre, and Wass steps up to take the free-kick. He wipes his foot across it, and the ball flies way past the far post.


Celta are clambering back into the game, and work the ball to Hernandez, just outside the box. He tries a loopy kind of shot, down the middle but not quite straight at Romero, who flicks it over the bar. The corner comes to nothing.


Which is to say that rarely have I seen two defences defend as badly, Lyon especially.


Amazingly, for anyone who saw the first leg, Lyon-Ajax is goalless.


Celta have had barely a touch in the last 15 minutes, but win a free-kick wide on the right, 40 yards from goal. Wass swerves it in, but picks out Romero, whose punch isn't perfect but gets the job done.


United are going to score again - Celta have no answer to their pace and movement, now that they're playing with pace and movement. Rashford, who's roving across the width of the pitch, appears on the right, and with men in the middle, fizzes a low, curving cross that somehow picks a line of best fit between them all.


Lovely from Mkhitaryan, bursting through midfield, leaning outside and diddling Mallo by moving the ball back inside with the outside of his right foot. He then slides a pass for Lingard, whose shot is deflected behind by Roncaglia. The corner comes to nowt.


United are all over Celta now.


GOAL! Manchester United 1-0 Celta Vigo (Fellaini) agg 2-0 Marcus Rashford is exhilaratingly, mortifyingly, intensifyingly, life-affirmingly wonderful! Mkhitaryan finds him in space at inside-left and Fellaini, on the shoulder of the last man on the other side of the box, points to where he wants the ball. So Rashford delivers it perfectly, curling into the space between keeper and defence, and with Alvarez expecting a header towards his far post, he can't keep out the one bashed in off his near one!


Fellaini slides forward to Lingard, raiding through the middle, who cleverly allows the ball to run. He then finds Mkhitaryan, who finds Pogba, and the ball goes backwards. But....


Pogba, easily the best player on the pitch last week, is starting to exert influence, emerging into midfield and spreading wide to Darmian. Naturally, he gives it away.


Great spot!


This is better from United - they're now circulating the sphere with confidence, looking for an opening. Nothing doing so far.


LOST: one Henrikh Mkhitaryan. One careless owner. Please return to J. Mourinho, Old Trafford, Manchester.


Wake ... from your sleep ... and aha! Wonderful skill from Pogba in midfield, a few keepy-uppies and a flick over Radoja's head. He bounds forward and ignores Lingard free to his left, for Rashford free to his right, but the pass doesn't quite get through into stride.


Lovely exchange between Wass and Aspas. It doesn't come to much, Valencia forcing Sisto back, but Celta keep passing and working United from side to side. They're much sharper all over the pitch at the moment, but especially in midfield.


Rashford seizes on a mistake from Wass and looks to put the ball into the space behind Roncaglia, who just about manages to shepherd him away from it, winning a dubious free-kick in the process.


United string a few passes together, but when Lingard is caught from behind, waste the free-kick, allowing Celta to get going again.


United have done less than nothing so far.


United can't clear the corner, so Valencia concedes another, headed over the top by Cabral at the near post.


United are half-asleep. Cabral sees Aspas pulling off Darmian, puts the ball into space, and Aspas then cuts inside onto his left foot, ramming a shot straight at Romero; he shovels it over the top.


Celta have already played better than last week. They're moving the ball confidently along the back-four, as United sit off. So Herrera gives away a needless free-kick, shoving Roncaglia in the back, and the pattern recommences.


Blind gives it away to Aspas, who proceeds down the right, beats Blind, and cuts back for Sisto. He decides he can't shoot first time, the ball goes left to Hernandez, and Romero catches his cross easily. United can consider themselves warned.


There's a decent row in Old Trafford, as requested by Mourinho.


Away we go!


Amped for the Europa League anthem, me.


Back on Rashford...


Antonio Valencia - ! - leads United out. Once scared of a number on his back, he now has the armband.


So, Romero and De Gea then. It's United's biggest game of the season - in several seasons - and the best goalkeeper in England, perhaps the world, is sitting at the side. That is very un-Mourinho behaviour, unless he's not that convinced by yerman - and it is fair to say that he's not be as good this season as in the last four. But still, he's good enough.




Michael Owen played for Manchester United. However many times I read, write, hear or see that, it'll never be true.


Michael Owen is on about how if you're United's striker, you need to be one of the top few in the world <insert snide here>. Owen says he should've played more up front this season, and Rio Ferdinand asks if he'd rather have been taken out a little more often, to prolong his career. Owen evades the question.


Wayne Rooney is speaking to BT about Marcus Rashford. Ouch!


I suppose they already had Hazard, the best player in the league, but it did not take him long at all to extract the maximum from the rest. And make no mistake, Mourinho has not achieved that this season.


Rio Ferdinand says Mourinho needs team to put his stamp on the squad, and I guess that's true - but it's not really admissible without noting what's gone on at Chelsea.


Mourinho is bitching about how many games his players have played. Only Pogba, Herrera and De Gea have started more than 40 times this season, and De Gea is on the bench.


Apparently United "were far from on-song" last week. Well, so says Jake Whatshisname from BT. Far as my inexpert eye could see, they were excellent but missed a few chances.


0800 1111


Or in a different format:


In identical vein, both sides are unchanged from the first leg: United on the understanding that it worked, Celta on the assumption that the night was off, not the approach.


Evening all. Surely United can't mess it up from here? Surely Celta can't be so useless again? We're about to find out!