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Mexico - Bolivia
Copa América - 13 June 2015

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FULL-TIME: Mexico 0-0 Bolivia


Herrera will surely look back at two moments from this game: Jimenez's missed header when he really should have scored, and the decision not to award Aquino a penalty kick.


Still, even at this late stage of the game, Corona is the best and most creative Mexican player on the pitch. He has certainly marked himself out as the star of this Copa America team.


YELLOW CARD: Gerardo Flores (Mexico)


Four minutes of stoppage time to be played at the end of the second half.


Time is running out for Mexico. They have stepped up their attack considerably in the final 20 minutes of this game, but for the moment Bolivia are holding firm against them.


WHAT AN OPPORTUNITY! A scramble ensues in the penalty area from a Mexican set piece, with the ball eventually falling to Vuoso about eight yards out, but his shot is deflected over the bar.


So Herrera has done all he can do in terms of shuffling his pack. He has made his three changes, and Mexico do look a better team for them. Can they find a winner late on in this match?


Mexico sub: Juan Carlos Medina OFF, Luis Montes ON.


Looking at replays of the incident, there wasn't much contact between Aquino and Zenteno. The Bolivian defender was rather close, but I don't think there was enough for a spot kick.


BIG DECISION! Aquino goes down in the Bolivian penalty area, looking to the referee in protest. But rather than pointing to the spot he tells the Mexican attacker to get back to his feet.


This is much better from Mexico, but time is running out for them. Jimenez has made a difference, but will rue that missed opportunity about 10 minutes ago. He should have scored the opener.


The return pass needed to be better than that. The Mexican full-back Flores looks for the one-two in behind the Bolivian defensive line, but the pass is overhit and the chance is gone.


It was actually Tecatitos who had the shot from the edge of the box that was blocked by the referee. But at least Mexico are finally testing their luck with some efforts on target.


This time the referee makes the block from a Mexican shot. I think it was Medina again who had the effort on goal, but the man in black (or yellow, I should say) gets in the way.


Bolivia are finding it more and more difficult to make it past their own halfway line. They just can't find any traction in the opposition half, with Mexico now dominating here.


This is much better from Mexico though. They look a much more threatening team with Jimenez and Aquino on the pitch. Finally, after 75 minutes of play they are knocking on the door.


Medina should have done better with that. Aquino did well to get to the byline and cut back for his teammate, but Medina's touch was poor and in the end he fires well over the bar.


Bolivia sub: Jhasmani Campos OFF, Pablo Escobar ON.


As this second half has progressed, Bolivia's threat on the counter attack has started to wane. Their final product has been poor in the attacking third. That must improve if they are to claim a win.


You could look at that previous opportunity for Mexico one of two ways. Yes, it was a bad miss by Jimenez. But it was a better chance than anyone created in the 70 minutes before it.


THAT SHOULD HAVE BEEN A GOAL! Corona is once again the creator for Mexico, getting to the byline before crossing. Jimenez gets in front of his marker but glances his header across goal and wide.


I'm pinning my hopes on Mexico's new attacking system maybe giving them more of a threat in the final third, and allowing Bolivia more space to exploit in behind on the counter attack.


I'm trying my best to pepp this match up, I really am. But I can't hide it any longer. This is a terrible football match. There has been very little in the way of chances, and in general quality too.


That could be a significant change for Mexico. Has Marquez picked up an injury? It wasn't clear, but Herrera now looks to have gone for a more attacking system for the final 25 minutes.


Mexico sub: Rafael Marquez OFF, Javier Aquino ON.


That wasn't too far away! Moreno picked up the ball 30 yards out and drove towards goal. But from a tight angle he dragged his shot wide of the target. Corona was worried for a split second.


Finally, Jimenez is introduced to the match. He has endured a torrid first season in Spain, but it's not so long ago that Atletico Madrid paid 10 million Euros for the striker. Let's hope he can make an impact.


Mexico sub: Eduardo Herrera OFF, Raul Jimenez ON.


That sequence really summed up Mexico's performance in this game so far. Nice play from Corona in the centre of the pitch, only for the shooting opportunity to be wasted.


Some more good play from Corona in the midfield creates a shooting opportunity for Medina about 20 yards out, but the Mexican was leaning back and blasted his effort over the bar.


Another thing that Mexico need to do, is use their full-backs better. They always seem to have plenty space, but yet El Tri are so reluctant to use them. They need to widen the pitch!


Vuoso has tried hard, and his work rate cannot be questioned, but he doesn't have the quality to make an impression at this level - at least on the basis of the first 55 minutes of this game.


This game needs some real quality in attack, and Mexico could surely find that by bringing on Jimenez. That's it, this is a full blown campaign now. Herrera, get Jimenez on the pitch now!


Mexico are seeing more of the ball, as they were in the first half, but Bolivia still look to carry some threat on the counter-attack, again - just as was the case in the first half. Sigh.


I had hoped that this game would pick up with the re-start, but the match has started the second 45 minutes in exactly the same manner. There's a real lack of quality in the final third.


Right on cue, there's an opportunity for Corona. The FC Twente man found some space down the right channel, but skewed his shot wide of the near post when he should have gone across goal.


Corona was the best player on the pitch in the first half, surging through the centre of midfield more than once during the first half. If Mexico are to find the breakthrough, it could be from him.


I wonder how long Herrera will wait before throwing on Jimenez. The former Club America striker has had a difficult season at Atletico Madrid, but surely he's good enough for this team.


There was an issue with the Mexico net before kick-off, but we finally have it sorted and the second half is under way in Chile. We can only hope it's better than the opening 45 minutes.


The second half is under way! It's still 0-0 between Mexico and Ecuador at the 2015 Copa America.


What did you make of the first half? Are Mexico doing enough with the ball in the final third? Should Herrera bring on Raul Jimenez at the break? Can Bolivia pull off a shock? Tweet me!


HALF-TIME: Mexico 0-0 Bolivia. Well, that wasn't the most dynamic of opening 45 minutes. Mexico have probably edged the possession, but Bolivia have created the better opportunities.


One minute of stoppage time to be played at the end of the first half.


After making such a good save just moments earlier, Corona almost undoes all his good work by flapping at a cross that comes into the Mexican penalty area. But he gets away with it.


BIG SAVE! Marquez's poor clearing header lands at the feet of Campos, who smashes a strike towards goal. However, the Mexican goalkeeper Corona does well to make the diving save to prevent the opener.


Mexico are finally beginning to build up some momentum. Their pressing game has grown more intense in the last five minutes or so, and Bolivia are struggling to make it out their own half.


That certainly wasn't the most convincing goalkeeping from Quinonez! The Bolivia goalkeeper came a long way off his line to make a punch and got nowhere near it! But th foul was blown.


Vuoso hasn't had much joy up front for Mexico. He has tried his best, and there has been plenty movement from the striker, but things aren't really falling for him. Could there be a change at the break?


Corona is still proving to be the key man for Mexico, with Bolivia giving the FC Twente man some close attention - and some rough treatment too. He has been the best player on the pitch so far.


Both sides are still feeling their way into the game, so you'll be relieved to hear that oyu haven't actually missed much. Mexico aren't looking so shaky at the back, however.


Sorry for the delay in bringing you updates from this match. We were suffering some technical problems, and it would seem the Mexican national team are too. They are struggling to get going.


To me it seems as though Herrera has actually switched his full-backs since the start of the game. Flores started the match on the left side of the pitch, but is now positioned on the right.


That was better from Mexico. They need to make better use of their flying wing-backs, and that's exactly what they did with Flores with that last opportunity. Good play from them.


Good save from Quinonez! A crossfield pass finds Flores in behind the Bolivian defence. His first-time cross is blocked but his subsequent volley from a tight angle is saved by the goalkeeper.


You do get the feeling however, that at some point Mexico wil find some traction and start to take control of the contest. It is therefore important that Bolivia take their early opportunities.


Herrera is on the touchline and seems to be asking his team to increase their pressing of the opposition. And indeed, they are now getting closer to the ball when they don't have it.


Pedriel is having a good game so far. Of course, he's the guy who struck the Mexico post just a few moments ago - but his overall performance on the left wing has been good too.


Herrera's side look a little nervous whenever they venture into the opposition half - which hasn't been very often in this opening 20 minutes or so. This hasn't been a very good start.


This has been a low-key start to the game from Mexico. They began relatively well in the first few minutes, but now they are being out-played by Bolivia - who look dangerous going forward.


Corona seemed to be strangely relaxed about that Pedriel shot that came off his near post. It was almost as if he expected the effort to go wide of the target. He got his angles wrong.


That was a warning sign for Mexico. This certainly isn't their best team, but they are still expected to beat Bolivia - but it is the minnows that are creating the better chances in front of goal.


OFF THE WOODWORK! Out of nothing, Bolivia come mightily close to opening the scoring. A cross is played into the near post from the left side, with Pedriel forcing a shot towards goal - but it hits the post.


Not much is expected of Mexico in this Copa America. For Herrera the focus is on next month's Gold Cup. That's the tournament that they will be going all out to win. This is something of a warm-up.


WIDE OF THE TARGET. Lovely juggling skills from Vuoso on the edge of the box sets up Medina for a first-time effort on the volley, but his shot flashes wide of the target without bothering the keeper.


This has been something of a bitty game so far. Mexico have probably edged it, but neither they nor Bolivia have found their passing range yet. It hasn't been hugely entertaining.


Mexico are currently opting for a front two of Vuoso and Herrera, which is giving them a lot of presence in attack. How will Bolivia cope with that duo coming at them this evening?


Bolivia aren't exactly Copa America superpowers. In fact, I think it's about five or six years (will need to check up on this) since they last won a match outside Bolivia. I'm sure that's right.


Mexico have started the better of the two teams in the opening 10 minutes or so, with Herrera's team looking the more comfortable outfit on the ball. They are a technically adept side.


That was an opportunity for Mexico to create the first real chance of the match. Vuoso looked to poke the ball through to his teammate out wide, but Raldes did well to make the interception.


Corona is actually the star man of this Mexico team, which says a lot about the experience of this team - as the FC Twente midfielder only has six senior international caps to his name.


However, that's not to say that Migeul Herrera hasn't selected quality in his squad for this tournament. Corona is an excellent player, and there is the veteran Marquez at the back.


Mexico have the Gold Cup next month, with most of their big names - like Javier Hernandez and Carlos Vela - being saved for that tournament rather than selected for this one.


Both Mexico and Bolivia finished bottom of their respective groups at the last Copa America four years ago, so at least of of them will improve on their previous performance.


So after Chile's 2-0 win over Ecuador last night, both these two sides will be looking to make a charge for the group's second place with a win in their opening fixture this evening.


We're under way! It's Mexico against Bolivia in Group A of the 2015 Copa America. Let's go.


TEAM NEWS: Mexico - Corona, Marquez, Ayala, Cata, Flores, Aldrete, Guemez, Medina, Tecatito, Vusos, Herrera. /// Bolivia - Rodriguez, Raldes, Renteno, Bejarano, Bejarano, Veizaga, Smedeberg, Escobar, Lizio, Martins.


I'm Graham Ruthven and you can contact me before the game to let me know your pre-match thoughts. Can Mexico's young squad get off to a winning start in Chile? Can Bolivia make an impression? Tweet me!


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