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Estadio Nacional Julio Martínez Prádanos
Copa América • Group A
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  • Ecuador
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  • AránguizPizarro
  • Vargas
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  • Fernández
  • ValdiviaFernández
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  • Vidal (P)
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  • Jara
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Chile - Ecuador
Copa América - 12 June 2015

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FULL-TIME: Chile 2-0 Ecuador. The hosts are off to a winning start, although they will need to improve if they are to make a deep run into the competition. This could have turned out very differently.


SENT OFF! Matias Fernandez (Chile). There's the stupid mistake I was talking about. Fernandez mistimes a tackle and is shown a second yellow card.


Tempers are fraying between the two teams, and both players should refrain themselves before they do something stupid. The only way this could be worse for Ecuador is if they get someone suspended for the rest of the tournament.


It was a misplaced pass from Ibarra that set Sanchez racing through on the Ecuador defence, which eventually resulted in Chile's second of the night. Poor play from the midfielder.


Chile probably have been the better of the two teams this evening, but if they are to make an impression on this competition they will need to manage games better. This could have turned out differently.


It's almost as if Ecuador now recognise that this game is now beyond them. They are now jump lumping crosses into the penalty area from the wings, with Bravo have no problems in catching.


While the through ball and run from Sanchez was excellent, the away team really shot themselves in the foot by giving away the ball inside their own half at such a crucial point.


Just when Ecuador were threatening an equaliser, Chile have scored the second which will surely put them out of sight and get them off to a winning start. That should be the points secured now.


GOOOOOOOOOOOAL! Chile 2 (83 mins - Eduardo Vargas) Ecuador 0. And the hosts surely have their opening victory of the tournament in the bag! Vargas latches on to Sanchez's through pass and finishes into the net.


OFF THE CROSSBAR! Avoyi's initial freekick is blocked by the wall, with the Ecuador player lobbing a cross into the box for Valencia - who headed an effort against the woodwork with Bravo beaten.


Finally, it looks like Ecuador are giving this a go. They are pressing hard on Chile when they have the ball and are looking to force the host nation into mistakes close to their own goal.


Ecuador sub: Fidel Martinez OFF, Renato Ibarra ON.


It's also interesting that since Vargas has come on at the break Sanchez has been used as more of an auxiliary forward - like the role he plays for Arsenal at club level. Means he's quieter.


Chile have become a little more conservative since they scored the opening goal. That doesn't mean that have become more defensive as such, just that they aren't pressing as hard as they were earlier.


What was Bravo doing?! The Barcelona goalkeeper was caught well out of his goal, with Valencia beating him for pace - but the West Ham man's touch was too strong and carried him out of play.


YELLOW CARD: Matias Fernandez (Chile)


We are in a bit of a lull in this game at the moment. It's almost as if both teams are a little unsure of how to approach the final 20 minutes of this match. Surely Ecuador have to go for it?


So how will that goal change the complexion of this game? Will that opener settle Chile's nerves and see them finally settle into their game? Or will it force Ecuador to come out and attack a bit more?


Sampaoli decided to make a change of his own in the wake of that opening goal. On has come Matias Fernandez, and he has made something of an impact already - driving at the Ecuador defence.


Ecuador sub: Osbaldo Lastra OFF, Pedro Quinonez ON.


Vidal won the penalty and he took it too. The referee made the correct decision by awarding the spot kick, with the pull on the shirt obvious from Bolanos. Chile finally have the lead.


GOAL! Chile 1 (67 mins - Arturo Vidal) Ecuador 0. The hosts have the opener and the first goal of the 2015 Copa America. It was never in any doubt, with Vidal powering his spot kick past Dominguez with aplomb.


PENALTY KICK TO CHILE! Vidal is hauled back inside the Ecuador penalty area by Bolanos and the referee points to the spot.


That link-up play between Sanchez and Vargas was more than anything the Arsenal forward showed with Beaesejour in the first half. There was no understanding between the two men.


BEST CHANCE OF THE MATCH! Vargas pulls away from his marker, taking an excellent pass from Sanchez in his stride, but his shot is saved by Dominguez in the Ecuador goal. Good shot, great save.


This has become a really frenetic game in this second half, and the longer it stays like that you would have to say that favours the away team. Chile haven't got their passing game going.


Isla has been as impressive in this second half as he was in the first, but that might be down to the fact that Chile have switched into something of a 4-3-3 formation since the break.


That was a bit of a scooped cross. Martinez was looking for Valencia inside the Chilean penalty area, but the delivery was mishit and Bravo comes off his line to make the simple catch.


Ecuador are slipping deeper and deeper in this second half, which gives them more space to counter attack into - but means they are facing a lot of Chilean pressure at the moment.


Sanchez has been excellent at dribbling through challenges tonight, and he has been somewhat unlucky at times, but next time he should try to take the shot earlier - even if the space isn't there.


Vidal has a sight of goal! A passing exchange from Chile sees the ball fall back to the Juventus midfielder about 22 yards out, but he sends his effort wide of the post. That was a chance.


The intensity of this match has increased significantly in the last five minutes or so! Both teams are looking to attack whenever they get the ball now, with the tempo really, really high.


Oh, Valencia should have done better with that chance! Once again Montero gives the home side problems down the left side and squares into the box, but the striker skews his shot wide.


WHAT A DRIBBLE! Ecuador simply couldn't get the ball from Sanchez! The Arsenal man pretty much beat everyone on his own, but just couldn't create enough space for a shot inside the penalty area.


How much longer will Chile be able to keep their patience? This is a very well organised Ecuador side that they have come up against and they have managed to silence the home crowd too.


You get the feeling that if Ecuador are to make a breakthrough of their own in this game, it will be from a set piece. Although they have looked dangerous on the counter attack as well.


A lot of Chile's play in the opening 45 minutes was neat and tidy, keeping the ball well and pressing hard when they didn't have it, but there wasn't much in the way of final third invention.


Should Lastra have been shown a second yelloe card there? The Ecuador midfielder went in foolishly on Valdiva, but the referee gives him the benefit of the doubt and gives him a final warning.


So Sampaoli has made a change at the break, taking off Beuesejour and replacing him with Vargas. The Chile coach clearly wasn't especially pleased with what he saw from his team in the first half.


Chile sub: Jean Beausejour OFF, Eduardo Vargas ON.


The second half is under way between Chile and Ecuador at the Copa America. It's still 0-0.


What did you make of the first half at the Estadio Nacional? What do Chile need to do to make the most of the dominance of the ball? Can Ecuador come out of here with a win? Tweet me!


HALF-TIME: Chile 0-0 Ecuador. A compelling opening 45 minutes to the 2015 Copa America, but we still await the first goal. Chile came flying out the blocks but have yet to make the breakthrough.


One minute of stoppage time to be played at the end of the first half.


One thing that will be something of a disappointment for Ecuador is that Valencia hasn't been able to involve himself in the game in this first half. Hasn't seen much of the ball.


So can either team find an opener before the break? Both Chile and Ecuador have had their opportunities in front of goal, but as things stand it looks like we're heading in level.


YELLOW CARD: Osbaldo Lastra (Ecuador)


Ecuador are wise to Chile taking freekick short now, and are trying to disrupt their rythym. The home side aren't too happy with this new tactic though, and want some bookings.


INCHES WIDE! That was very close to an opener here. Once again Chile make progress down the right side, with Isla breaking into the box. But he squirms his shot across goal and wide of the target.


PANIC IN THE BOX! Vidal and Isla combine wonderfully down the right side to give the latter the chance to cross into the box, but between Avoyi and Erazo Ecuador clear their lines - albeit with a degree of panic.


Chile are well known for their free-flowing, dynamic football but at the moment things aren't really clicking for them. Ecuador are well in this game and the hosts are struggling in the final third.


Aranguiz assumes set piece responsibilities this time - lofting a delivery into the area looking for the run of Sanchez. But once again Ecuador are well-organised and make the headed clearance.


This is actually turning out to be quite the test for Chile in their opening game of their home tournament. Ecuador are holding them at arm's length at the back and are countering at pace.


The corner kick from Bolanos from the left side was actually very deep, and shouldn't have caused much of a problem, but Chile weren't very coherent an Bravo is forced to make a save.


YELLOW CARD: Gonzalo Jara (Chile)


In the warm-up friendly before this match Sanchez and Diaz actually came to blows after a freekick dispute against El Salvador. Both fancy their chances from set-pieces, so will it be Diaz's turn next?


That was a bit of a disappointment. Sanchez lines up the effort from the best part of 25 yards, but the Arsenal forward fails to get his shot over the wall and the ball bounces away from goal.


Nifty play from Valdiva on the edge of the Ecuador box brings a foul from the opposiion defender, and this will be an opportunity to get a shot on goal for Chile. Sanchez is lining it up.


This game has followed a familiar pattern so far. Chile have looked very neat and tidy, and in control, up until the edge of the box - where things break down. While Ecuador look dangerous when they break on the counter.


Just for a moment that looked like a dangerous situation for Chile. They had a corner but allow Ecuador to break at pace on the counter, but Parades can't find the crossfield pass to a teammate.


First booking of the competition, and Martinez can have no complaints. That was a tasty tackle. He hooked a boot round the ankles of Vidal, who had his back to the Ecuador midfielder.


YELLOW CARD: Fidel Martinez (Ecuador)


Sanchez is really in the mood tonight. You know that mood where he's the closest thing in football to Lionel Messi - wriggling away from tackles, turning on a six pence... that sort of thing.


Great play from Chile! Sanchez wriggles away from the challenge of about three Ecuador players and plays it out to Isla, who looks for a teammate inside the box - but Dominguez smothers the cross low down.


In the last few moments Ecuador have shown what they can do to hurt the home side. They haven't seen much of the ball in these opening 20 minutes or so, but they have created the two best chances.


GOOD SAVE! And there's the first shot on goal of the match, and it comes from Ecuador. Chile are caught in possession on the edge of their box, and Martinez draws a good stop out of Bravo with the shot from 20 yards.


That was a real opportunity for the away team! Farfan gets down the left side and fizzes a low pass right across the face of goal, but there were no takers for Ecuador and Chile survive.


In Antonio's absence as he recovers from injury, the onus in attack will fall to West Ham's Enner Valencia - who scored three goals in the group stage of the World Cup last summer.


Ecuador are having to play on the counter-attack at the moment, but they are lacking options - which is probably where they are missing Antonio Valencia, who is recovering from ankle surgery.


At Arsenal Sanchez is asked to fill in the space around Olivier Giroud, but he is very much the frontman for Chile. He is given something of a free role, and it's a position that he thrives in.


Vidal and Diaz link up well down the right side - where Chile are having a lot of joy - but the cross from the latter is very poor in the end and there was an audible groan when that was played in.


At the moment Chile are doing everything really well until they get to the edge of the Ecuador box and into the final third. That's where their passing is letting them down, somewhat.


That was close to coming off! Sanchez manages to squeeze a pass in behind the Ecuador defence for Isla to run on to, but the opposition recovers just in time and Erazo makes the clearance.


The home side are looking to keep the tempo of the game high, and are pressing Ecuador hard whenever they do lose the ball. This is an impressive start to the match from Chile.


Chile are looking to win their first ever Copa America title this year. The competition has been running for 99-years, but the Lone Star have never lifted it. This could be their best chance yet.


There have been some questions over Vidal's fitness since the Champions League final, and that would appear to have played something of a rol before the game. So just how fit is he on that pitch right now?


Now, don't worry. You're not seeing things. Arturo Vidal is indeed starting for Chile tonight, but as the previous tweet demonstrates - there was some news before the match that he had been injured.


The hosts are a very adept team on the ball, normally basing their game on short passes and high pressing. But for that last chance they showed a willingness to lump it long. Have they been watching Luis Enrique?


And another opportunity for Chile early on in this game! Sanchez got down the right channel and looked to lob Dominguez. But fortunately for Ecuador the goalkeeper was off his line and made the catch.


That would have been perfect way to kick off this 2015 Copa America! Sanchez, who is the star man for Chile, dribbled his way through two or three challenges inside the box but squirmed his shot just wide.


Chile are a side packed full of quality, with Claudio Bravo and Arturo Vidal joining up with their squad in just the last few days after playing in the Champions League final in Berlin on Saturday.


The atmosphere inside the Estadio Nacional sounds incredible for this one. There is a fever pitch attitude towards this tournament in Chile. Their fans expect them to go far over the next month or so.


We're running well behind schedule, but the 2015 Copa America is finally under way! It's Chile agains Ecuador.


TEAM NEWS: Chile - Bravo, Medel, Jara, Mena, Isla, Aranguiz, Diaz, Beausejour, Vidal, Valdiva, Sanchez. /// Ecuador - Dominguez, Parades, Achillier, Erazo, Avoyi, Noboa, Lastra, Martinez, Montero, Bolanos, Valencia.


I'm Graham Ruthven and you can contact me before the match with your pre-game thoughts. Are Chile contenders to win the whole tournament? Can Ecuador cause a shock here? Tweet me!


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