7:30 AM
Estadio Nacional Julio Martínez Prádanos
Copa América • Group A
  • 2nd Half
  • Chile
  • Bolivia
  • Raldes (o.g.)
  • Medel
  • Chumacero
  • JaraPizarro
  • Aránguiz
  • Coimbra
  • EscobarLizio
  • 1/2 Time
  • Chile
  • Bolivia
  • RodríguezBejarano
  • VeizagaMiranda
  • SánchezHenriquez
  • VidalFernández
  • 1st Half
  • Chile
  • Bolivia
  • Morales
  • Sánchez
  • Aránguiz

Chile - Bolivia
Copa América - 20 June 2015

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FULL-TIME: Chile 5-0 Bolivia


Chile are so confident in everything they do. Even when they are taking goalkicks, Bravo likes to play it short and build from the back. They have complete assurance in what they do.


The Vidal story has dominated the news agenda in Chile since their last game in this tournament, but this result might be enough to erase that story from the press for a few days at least.


This has truly been Chile's night. Not only have they been the best team by a million miles, they are also getting all the luck - as demonstrated by that goal. That was tough on Raldes.


GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAL! Chile 5 (86 mins - Ronald Raldes OG) Bolivia 0. That's really tough on Raldes and Bolivia. The cross came into the box from Henriquez and Raldes flicks the ball over the keeper and into the net off the post.


On this form Chile will be real contenders for this tournament. They have never win the Copa America in its 99-year history, but this might be their best ever chance of breaking that duck.


Vargas looks to be in on goal, getting goalside of the Bolivian defence as he latches on to a through ball. But the Chile striker loses his footing at the wrong moment, and slips.


And you must consider that this second half performance has been turned in by a team that had Sanchez and Vidal hooked from their lineup at the half team break. Really impressive.


It was Valdivia who played thw wonderful little chipped ball over the top for Medel to run on to for that last goal. Great stuff from Chile. Not sure how I can pick a Man of the Match.


GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAL! Chile 4 (79 mins - Gary Medel) Bolivia 0. And that's the best of the lot. What a goal. The ball was chipped over the top for Medel, who took the pass well and lobbed over the goalkeeper.


Bolivia rested a number of key players for this game, looking ahead to the knock-out rounds. And they have missed those figures tonight. They haven't even been close to Chile.


YELLOW CARD: Alejandro Chumacero (Bolivia)


While they might struggled at points of this tournament, Chile look set to qualify top of their group with seven points from a possible nine. You can't really complain with that return.


Until now Argentina's first half display against Paraguay was probably the best performance of the tournament. But they couldn't keep that up, drawing 2-2. Chile have been good all the way through.


This has been impressive from Chile all round. Pretty much every single one of their players has played well this evening. Vargas, Valdivia, Aranguiz, Alexis, Vidal have all been excellent.


Varagas has a shot at goal, forcing a save from the goalkeeper. The Chile forward arrived late on the scene on the edge of the box to send an effort towards the target, but Quinonez makes the stop.


Chile sub: Gonzalo Jara OFF, David Pizarro ON.


I said earlier in the night that Chile had yet to put down a marker in this year's Copa America after two below par performances. Well, I think it's safe to say they are doing it now.


GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAL! Chile 3 (66 mins - Charles Aranguiz) Bolivia 0. And there's the third for Chile. Henriquez squares a pass right across the face of goal and Aranguiz bundles home the finish at the back post.


It's a shame that Sanchez was taken off at the break. He only has one goal to his name at this year's Copa America and this could have been a real chance for him to fill his boots.


That looked closer at first glance. Aranguiz angles a right-footed effort towards goal, but the shot drifts wide of the target with the Bolivian goalkeeper relatively unconcerned by it.


YELLOW CARD: Cristian Coimbra (Bolivia)


This is some nice stuff from Chile. They might have lost their best two players at the break, but they still have a lot of quality on the pitch. Vargas is having a really good game in attack.


Bolivia sub: Pablo Escobar OFF, Damian Lizio ON.


The good news is that you haven't missed much while the gremlins had me in a headlock. Chile ae still dominating the possession and are looking to find a third to kill the game.


Apologies for the delay in bringing updates to you over the past 10 minutes or so. Suffering some technical gremlins, but I have now bashed them back into the darkness. They won't be bothering us again.


Jara needed to make that headed clearance. The ball was teased into Moreno, with the Bolivia striker waiting for the delivery on the six-yard line, but the defender clears over his own bar.


This tournament is 99 years old, and Chile have never won it. Not in the entire history of the Copa America has the Lone Star lifted the trophy. They are looking to end that this year.


So with Chile taking off their best two players, can Bolivia mount something of a challenge in this second half? They still stand a slim chance of claiming top spot in Group A.


Decent save from Bravo. Moreno was allowed to drive at the Chilean backline, with Medel backing off and backing off. He gets the shot away eventually but the keeper makes the diving stop.


As things stand Chile will finish top of Group A. That means that they will play their quarter-final game in Santiago, which is where they are based. Best solution for them by far.


Well, that's rather disappointing. With this game won Sampaoli has decided to wrap his best players in buble wrap and has taken off both Sanchez and Vidal. Looking ahead to the quarters.


The second half is under way! Chile have been impressive and hold a 2-0 lead over Bolivia.


What did you make of the first half? Was that the best 45 minute display we have seen from a team at this year's Copa America? Can Bolivia find a way back into the match? Tweet me!


HALF-TIME: Chile 2-0 Bolivia. That was one of the best 45 minute performances of this tournament so far. Chile have been in complete control and will maybe be disappointed that they haven't scored more.


They are so quick to pounce on you and drive towards your goal. Chile have been excellent in this first half, and it has all come from their pressing game. Bolivia aren't being allowed to settle.


Chile could - and perhaps should - have been out of sight by this point. They have had a number of chances, and although they have a control over this match they could have had so much more.


THAT SHOULD HAVE BEEN A THIRD! Chile come flying forward on the counter, with Valdivia playing a cross into Vargas - who took a touch to create some space for himself eight yards out. But he stuck his low shot wide.


YELLOW CARD: Leonel Morales (Bolivia)


That goal demonstrated everything that is good about Chile. They won the ball, burst into life and moved it quickly into the final third. Then Sanchez showed his bravery by diving for the header.


GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAL! Chile 2 (37 mins - Alexis Sanchez) Bolivia 0. Chile have doubled their advantage, and it's Sanchez! Valdivia clipped a cross into the Arsenal man, who found the corner of the net with a diving header.


They are such an inventive team to watch, Chile. They didn't really play to the best of their capability in the opening two games against Ecuador and Mexico. They are tonight.


Nice idea from Chile. They play a clever little short freekick to the edge of the box with everyone waiting for the delivery, but Vargas puts his effort - which was a daisy-cutter - wide of the target.


He should have taken it first time! Vidal threads an excellent through ball into Valdiva inside the penalty area, but he took one touch too many and the Bolivian defender makes the challenge.


Escobar slings a freekick delivery into the penalty area from the left side, but the cross doesn't clear the first man and Chile can come away on the rapid counter attack at pace.


OFF THE WOODWORK! Sanchez takes the freekick and curls a right-footed shot towards the target. His effort has Quinonez completely beaten, but it comes back off the post.


This is a great shooting opportunity for the host nation. Vidal was quite clearly fouled on the edge of the box by Veizaga, and now Chile are lining up a real dangerous freekick chance.


Vargas didn't really need to make that challenge. Coimbra was in trouble trying to clear a ball at his own corner flag, but the Chilean player gives him an esacpe route by fouling him.


It's not just their pressing game when chasing the ball that has been impressive, but also their passing play when moving the ball forward too. Some of the touches and flicks have been brilliant.


Sanchez has been very effective at dribbles past opponents in both games he has played at this year's Copa America, but the Arsenal forward's final product hasn't been as good.


Chile have been very impressive in the opening 25 minutes or so of this match. Their pressing game has been really intense, and Bolivia simply can't keep hold of the ball when they have it.


THAT WASN'T FAR AWAY! Sanchez lines up the freekick from the edge of the box down the left channel. The Arsenal man gets plenty whip on his strike, but it flashes past the near post.


Remember, you can contact me throughout this game tonight to let me know your thoughts. Are Chile - in this form - contenders to win the whole thing? Can Bolivia mount a comeback? Tweet me!


After such an impressive start, I get the feeling that Chile are taking something of a breather here. How could they keep up that starting pace, after all? They tempo was incredibly high.


Chile play some nice stuff in and around the box, with Vargas and Vidal both involved. The ball is played back to Diaz, but the midfielder's shot is charged down by a defender.


Bolivia have started to settle into the match after a rather difficult opening 10 minutes or so. Their main chances will most likely come through set pieces. That is where they can cause problems.


However, they have scored five goals over the course of their two games at this year's tournament - so they certainly carry a fair degree of threat in the final third. Shooting boots on.


Despite their undoubted quality, Chile have yet to put down a real marker in this Copa America. They were unconvincing in their first game against Ecuador, then drew with Mexico.


Chile have started like a runaway train. Bolivia simply can't get near the ball and the hosts look likely to add a few more if they can keep up this form over the course of the game.


The main benefit of winning this group at the Copa America is that the winner will play their quarter-final game in Santiago, rather than having to travel around the country. Looks like it will be Chile.


Nice move from Chile results in a shot from Vargas, but his effort is charged down. Valdiva threw in a nice stepover of the ball to set up his teammate for the effort on goal.


Well, that didn't take long. We haven't even had a chance to gauge the performances of both teams, but Chile have taken the lead. There is an incredible atmosphere inside the stadium.


GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAL! Chile 1 (4 mins - Charles Aranguiz) Bolivia 0. The hosts have an early lead! A long ball towards Vargas is knocked down to Aranguiz, who slams home the finish to make it 1-0.


Alexis Sanchez was also a doubt for the hosts with injury. But the Arsenal forward has been passed fit to play and will surely be crucial to Chile if they are to go far in this tournament.


Of course, the big news of the week in the Copa America was Vidal's drink drive charge and the trashing of his Ferrari late at night. He remains with the Chile squad and starts tonight.


So this game will decide who will finish top of Group A. The result earlier this evening between Mexico and Ecuador means that both these sides will take their place in the last eight.


And we're under way! It's Chile against Bolivia in a crucial Copa America Group A clash.


TEAM NEWS: Chile - Bravo, Isla, Jara, Medel, Beausejour, Diaz, Vidal, Aranguiz, Valdiva, Sanchez, Vargas. /// Bolivia - Quinonez, Rodriguez, Raldes, Coimbra, Morales, Pedriel, Chumacero, Veizaga, Smedberg, Escobar, Moreno.