Football news - Parker: Jose Mourinho acts like he's on away day bender with the Dog and Duck

Parker: Embarrassing Mourinho acts like he's on away day bender with his pub team

08/11/2018 at 18:11Updated 08/11/2018 at 20:40

Jose Mourinho's celebrations in Turin were embarrassing, and more befitting his local pub team than a Manchester United victory in the Champions League, writes Old Trafford favourite Paul Parker.

It was certainly an unexpected result in Turin but as a team, United went there and tried to do it the right way. They didn't need the manager doing it the wrong way afterwards.

It’s not the attention they really needed. If your child was doing that, I think you'd be disappointed with your child.

Not going to win like the Dog and Duck on an away day bender with the lads when the bus has ended up in Turin.

It is not a jolly boys' outing you are on. It is Manchester United you are managing, it is not a pub team playing against Juventus. It is embarrassing really.

They’ve only won a game of football, and football has a funny way of throwing egg in your face.

There is always another game, and that’s the issue with Mourinho doing what he did with the ear-cupping stuff.

Mourinho, Dybala - Juventus-Manchester United - Champions League 2018/2019 - Getty Images

Mourinho, Dybala - Juventus-Manchester United - Champions League 2018/2019 - Getty ImagesGetty Images

It is all well and good winning at Juventus, but then you’ve got to go to Manchester City on Sunday and produce the same level. Can you do and do that again at City?

It’s all a little bit much sometimes. You don't pay attention to anybody as manager: you just walk away, say well done, shake hands with the other manager and get down the tunnel at the end.

You can be a bit smug afterwards. You’ve done well, and everyone knows you’ve done well. You don’t have to do things like that to make people aware of it. There is a way to conduct yourself.

Manchester United are a club who should be expected to go to Italy and compete.

They perhaps weren’t expected to pick up three points this time because of the issues going on, and facing a team that hadn't lost at home in the group stage for almost a decade, but they went and did it properly.

You can't really suggest this is the right way for the manager to conduct himself. He is hypocritical.

If the Juventus coach Massimiliano Allegri had done the same thing to him at Old Trafford a fortnight ago when his side won, would Mourinho be happy? Of course not. He would be asking for respect.

United cashed in on Juve's poor decision-making

It is the best United have played this season, but you can see there is still a difference between them and Juventus in terms of technical quality. Juve will be saying they should have killed the game off. Any top side would say that with all the possession and control they enjoyed, but they didn’t and United scored with two set pieces.

One of them was quality, and the other one was good fortune in exploiting poor goalkeeping by Wojciech Szczesny. United’s biggest enemy at this moment in time remains creation. Szczesny flapped at the cross, and tried to push it out. It was a soft goal to lose. The game was a proper Champions League smash and grab.

The game isn’t dead until the final whistle in the Champions League. The game can change very quickly as Spurs will point out from the win against PSV Eindhoven on Tuesday and the defeat to Inter earlier this season.

If you make poor decisions in your substitutions, you will be found out. That’s how United got all three points. It was down to Juve putting on an extra defender when Andrea Barzagli replaced Mattia De Sciglio. All that did was enable United to go longer.

They decided to sit back and it allowed United to knock longer balls in towards Marouane Fellaini and use him more. He initially couldn’t get involved. The moment Juve brought Barzagli on, that was it. United could see Juve were going to sit back with three central defenders which meant they weren't going forward and were light in midfield.

Which gave more space to United when they did get the ball.

Lukaku not missed in Turin

We have to say that Romelu Lukaku would have had no joy with the two Juventus centre-halves. Giorgio Chiellini has too much pace. Lukaku's movement would not have been good enough to trouble them, and he can’t hold the ball up well enough.

United had their best ball retention in any game they’ve played this season. That doesn’t occur if you play with Lukaku up front. Especially away from home. Somewhere along the line, there will be a change back to him because you still don’t know what is going to happen at United in the next game.

Cristiano Ronaldo, Juventus-Manchester United, Champions League 2018-19

Cristiano Ronaldo, Juventus-Manchester United, Champions League 2018-19Getty Images

I don’t think you can use this game as a catalyst because it was a Champions League game which is completely different from a Premier League game.

United have done great in the Champions League so far, but it is time to quickly move on and get focused.

How do you stop Manchester City?

Nobody has outplayed City so far this season. They've only struggled once in a draw at Wolves. Wolves didn’t deserve it, but got it through hard work and good fortune.

How is Mourinho going to set up at the Etihad? How is he going to protect his defensive five including the goalkeeper? How is he going to stop Manchester City going out to score two or three goals?

United have certainly improved defensively, but creating is the big issue. This is Manchester City against Manchester United. It is not about Mourinho against Pep Guardiola. It is about two teams.

The better team on current form are City, United had good fortune to nick a result at the Eithad last season with that 3-2 win in April. Can they go and perform in style and win against them in style? That is what United should be aiming to do, and really what the fans expect.

Paul Parker @realpaulparker2