Football news - Jose Mourinho - 'I didn't insult them, I made a little thing'

Mourinho defends post-match actions - 'I didn't insult them, I made a little thing'
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08/11/2018 at 05:35Updated 08/11/2018 at 15:28

Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho has defended his post-match reaction to his team's dramatic 2-1 win victory over Juventus on Wednesday.

Juventus took the lead in Turin through Cristiano Ronaldo before a free-kick from Juan Mata and an own-goal from Alex Sandro gave United a vital win.

At the full-time whistle Mourinho cupped his ear to the fans and provoked a reaction from some of the Juventus players as well.

Jose Mourinho

Jose MourinhoEurosport

Mourinho, a former Inter Milan manager, defended his actions at the full-time whistle.

"The game was a very good game. It was top. We performed at a high level. We had about five minutes after that goal to wake up again but the team was there until the last." Mourinho told reporters after the game.

" "In a beautiful Italian day they insulted me for 90 minutes, I didn't insult them, I just made a little thing. "

"I know millions of Interisti are happy with that. But I respect Juventus, the players the manager, and the quality they have. I am really proud of my boys because they did everything.

"A couple of our boys said in the interview at home that they were a little bit [makes gesture]... We had to come and not feel inferior. We were in a situation where we thought we needed to go to the last second of the match. The boys started really well and things were under control."

Mourinho was full of praise for Juventus and focused on what his team have to do in order to make it to the next round.

"Juventus have phenomenal players. That Cristiano Ronaldo goal was beautiful and the player [Leonardo Bonucci] that made that beautiful pass, is a central defender! They are a fantastic team with an amazing record at home.

"We have one final to play at home against Young Boys. If my mathematics is right then we qualify [only if Valencia don't beat Juventus] so I think now I leave it to the Old Trafford people. I hope we arrive on time! We had an amazing escort here today - thank you to the Italian police. Hopefully we can get all three points.