2:45 AM
Estádio Municipal de Braga
Champions League • Group H
  • 2nd Half
  • SC Braga
  • CFR 1907 Cluj
  • Barbosa
  • BastosPedro
  • SalinoPaulo César
  • Luís AlbertoGodemèche
  • VianaZé Luís
  • Bastos
  • 1/2 Time
  • SC Braga
  • CFR 1907 Cluj
  • SougouAguirregaray
  • AlanBarbosa
  • 1st Half
  • SC Braga
  • CFR 1907 Cluj
  • Felgueiras
  • Bastos
  • Bastos

SC Braga - CFR 1907 Cluj
Champions League - 20 September 2012

Champions League – Follow the Football match between SC Braga and CFR 1907 Cluj live with Eurosport. The match starts at 02:45 on 20 September 2012. Our live coverage lets you follow all the key moments as they happen.
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Custodio heads down from the resultant corner and once again saved. That's that though as the final whistle goes and what a result for the Romanian side. Manchester United next up for them.


Freekick for Braga on the halfway line. Ruben Micael on the edge of the area has a low first time effort that Felgueiras is this time lucky to scrape past the far post. It was a tame shot and he didn't get a great contact on the save.


Rui Pedro is half clear down the inside right channel. He cuts inside, but the ball ricochets off his shins and into the arms of Beto.


Just three minutes of stoppage time...


Micael goes wide to Ismaily, who plays on for Barbosa. The cross comes in and Cadu clears and is fouled in the process.


Cluj put a few passes together as they look to run time down. The fight has truly left the home side now.


Muresan clears the ball and Braga pour forward again. Custodio now with the long range shot. It's not bad, but it's also not on target.


Cesar dinks a decent ball in for Ze Luis. Felgueiras is very confident that Ze Luis won't get there, and he's right, but only just!


Very quiet in the stadium now, other than a few whistles. They know the game is up.


Mossoro puts in a fantasticball for Eder. This time he gets the better of Rada, but his header flies narrowly over the bar.


Ball once again swung in. Cluj break and Aguirregaray is taken out from Barbosa and that's the clearest yellow card you will ever see.


Cesar with a decent cross and the header from fellow sub Ze Luis is well over. Safe to say the substitutions haven't worked out for Braga tonight.


Cluj substitution: The injured Bastos is replaced by Rui Pedro.


Kapetanos tries to kick the ball out of play on the halfway line. Bastos goes down holding his hamstring and it looks like his game is over.


Bastos tries a one-two with Kapetanos, but the return doesn't come his way. Back with Braga on the attack...


What a ball from Camora as he slides one for Kapetanos from the left. It's on a plate for the Greek, but he takes a touch and the chance is gone as the defender slides in.


Eder on the stretch tries to reach the ball and immediately pulls up holding his hamstring...they've made three subs already so could be a real worry.


Aguirregaray fouls his man. But Cluj get it straight back, a poor ball though from Godemeche.


Muresan inexplicably goes for goal from a freekick 40 or so yards out. Unsuprisingly it doesn't beat the first man.


Felgueiras saves a shot he really didn't need to as it is going well wide. No matter though as the corner again comes to nothing.


Braga substitution: Paulo Cesar is on for Leandro. This is a man who hasn't scored in 26 games. Don't count on it changing tonight.


Coelho absolutely smashes the ball low towards goal and once again Flegueiras does well to just block it clear to the side of goal.


A foul from Muresan as he pulls back Micael. Should be a yellow, but gets away with it. Good shooting opportunity from 25 yards here though...


Mossoro tries to turn on the edge of the area, but the danger is quickly snuffed out. It's set up for attack against defence now.


The wind seems to have left Braga's sails at the moment. Lots of possession, but no penetration.


Cluj substitution: Luis Alberto is off, Godemeche comes on.


Braga substitution: Hugo Viana goes off and Zre Luis is on. A throw of the doe from Jose Peseiro.


Leandro fools himself as he drives down the right and falls over trying to do a step over.


Ismaily can you please not shoot anymore? Barbosa now drives to the edge of the area and goes for goal. Straight at Felgueiras though and he holds with ease.


Shot from distance. No prizes for guessing which team that is. Blocked early, but Braga still have the ball and Ruben whips in a lovely cross that's cleared.


Bastos picks up a yellow for a late challenge and the freekick is pretty aimlessly swung in. To no avail.


Ismaily again with a stupid shot, but it breaks kindly for Ruben Micael. His effort is low and firm and once again excellently tipped aside by Felgueiras.


Cluj put together a rare string of passes. It's currently 68% of possession in favour of the homeside.


Ismaily goes for a shot from probably the most ridiculous distance so far tonight. Good trickery from Barbosa as he beats his man on the touchline, but his cross if out for a goal kick.


Heavy touch from Ismaily, but he gets another chance. Whipped in and it's dangerous. Once again scramb;ed clear though.


Bastos is caught offside, though he looks to be unlucky to have that decision go against him. Cluj are commiting foul after foul on the edge of their area, but the ref keep playing advantage. Eventually the coross comes in, but it's cleared.


Another poor decision from Leandro as he again elects to shoot from distance and once again it's nowhere near.


The ball breaks to Bastos on the edge of the area, and his effort is hilariously bad as it most probably clears the rockface behind the goal. Can forgive him that though as he's been pretty good tonght so far.


Bastos tries to beat his man out on the left, but Leandro does well to get the ball clear for a corner.


Mossoro with the shot from distance. Braga have tried that too much tonight, and that time they had very good options on.


Barbosa looking dangerous early on as he drills a lao ball into the box, but it's cleared well.


What a save from Felgueiras. A great ball into the box, Ruben gets the final touch and the keeper claws it out on the stretch with no time to react.


Brave brave header from Cadu as he gets a whack from Eder. No malice in it though and play is back underway.


Custodio absolutely hammers it from 30 yards. It's dangerous and Rada gets his body in the way to clear it for a corner.


Braga substitution: Alan is surprisingly off, Barbosa on. Seems like a tactical move as Alan seemed fine at the break.


Cluj substitution: The injured Sougou is replaced by the minute-by-minuter's worst nightmare Aguirregaray.


Felgueiras picks up a late yellow for time wasting and the referee calls for half time.


Viana floats it to Ismaily who is stood outside the area and he goes for the volley from 25 yards. Well over.


Freekick to be take by Viana and they try something similar...


Cluj are looking to defend deep on the verge of half time, but they break quickly....short of players rushing into the box though and Beto can cut it out.


Alan tries to take it round his marker on the touchline, but he merely hits it out for a goal kick.


He's off the pitch for treatment as Braga get the play back underway. Sougou is back on somewhat suprisingly and there will be four minutes of stoppage time.


Sougou didn't break his fall as he went down, a sign of concussion, and he could well be off here.


Ismaily cuts the ball back to Mossoro, but his pass into the area is poor and it's cut out. Sougou and Ismaily go up for the ball and it's a nasty clash of heads...


This game is by no means over as Braga are still looking dangerous whenever they go forward. And again here...Eder is through, but Felgueiras is out well and blocks the shot near source.


Another long range drive and it's easily closed down. Ismaily picks the ball up on the left and massively over hits the cross and straight out for a goal kick.


Rada geos in on Eder with no chance of winning the ball and it's a freekick in a dangerous position...


Alan goes down in the box, but it's not a penalty, adn to be fair to him he doesn't appeal.


Never can a side have defended this poorly in the Champions League. Braga are laughable at times. That chance before the goal, all 10 outfield men were beyond the halfway line with Kapetanos merely hanging around beyond all of them, but onside.


Cluj should be winning by three. This game has been absolutely crazy so far.


Goal! Braga 0-2 Cluj -This is incredible. Bastos nicks the ball off Coelho, beats about three more men, though he needs some luck with deflections, and on the half volley steers the ball past Beto and into the far corner.


Unbelievable! Kapetanos is behind the half way line as he's played one on one. Ismaily gets back, but Kapetanos makes a fool of him as he cuts inside, but he inexplicably misses the target!


Ismaily is strong and clever as he cuts the ball inside and wins the freekick. Alan is stood over the ball and it's swept in towards Eder. Cleared, but Braga are keeping them pinned in...


Camora goes for the strike from distance and that's why he's a full back. No where near.


Again Alan tees Viana up for a shot from distance, but this time it's charged down. All Braga now.


Viana goes for the volley as Alan plays it perfectly onto his foot from the freekick. It's powerfull and bouncing everywhere and again Felgueiras does well to palm to the side.


Eder waits before he scoops a left footed cross to the back post. It's past everyone, but Alan wins a freekick near the opposite corner flag.


Eder picks the ball up on the corner of the area. He cuts inside and arcs a low shot towards the bottom right corner. Felgueiras does well to palm it away.


Alan delivers another fantastic low ball from the right. Eder has gone slightly past the ball at the near post and tries a little flick that rolls into the keepers arms. Good chance that.


This time it's Braga's turn as a low ball flies across the six yard line and Mossoro is caught on his heels rather than attacking the back post.


Sougou puts a fantastic ball in the box and Beto half comes and is caught in no man's land. Once again no one attacking it though.


Bastos with a brilliant turn, but a wasted pass and the chance has gone. What an end-to-end game this is.


Cluj defenders bank on Mossoro pulling the ball back and fail to make a challenge. Instead he goes for goal from a tight angle and whips it just past the far post.


Kapetanos is trying to hold his run and all Bastos has to do is play the simplest of passes when through in another two on one, but he waits way too long!


An early conclusion from this match: Sougou is a very good player.


Goal! Felgueiras comes out to slide the ball away and clears it for a corner....from the corner Cluj break and it's devastating! Long ball into the path of Sougou. He's one on one with the last defender, simply plays square to Bastos who's bursting through and he cooly slots it past the keeper.


Ismaily to Mossoro down the left. He does brilliantly up against Muresan to beat him to the touchline. He pulls it back towards Eder, but he's just about challenged at the near post.


Eder puts Felgueiras under pressure and he punts the ball straight through to the opposing goalkeeper.


Kapetanos goes for goal from 30 yards with nothing else on. It looks weak, but goes only just past the near post, though Beto looked to have it covered.


Ruben Micael with a huge sliding challenge to win the ball gets the ball back for the home side. Viana is dictating play at the minute.


Ismaily fouls Kapetanos and Cluj can relax. It's soon straight back into their own third though as Braga start to turn the screw.


Ruben pops the ball off and it's worked to Alan. His cross is too deep, but picked up by Ismaily who hooks it back in. Finally cleared by Cluj.


Brave defending from Custodio and he wins the freekick. Viana and Ruben work the freekick into the box, but the header from Vinicius has too much on it as he tries to flick on.


Absolutely no one attacking the box for that throw and it's cleared with ease. Ridiculously it's tried agani with no one attacking the ball and Braga clear with ease.


Pinto gets squeezed out by Ismaily down the left and Pinto will go for the 'Delap' throw...


Bastos swings the corner in and Rada heads well over the bar. Interestingly, or recklessly depending on your view, Braga are putting no one on either post.


Muresan sweeps the resulting freekick into the box and Ruben heads clear for a corner...


Sougou absolutely tears through Braga's left hand side and Vinicius cynically body checks him. How has he not got a yellow card for that?


Cadu with a really careless pass on the half way line, but he gets away with it as Braga decide not to break.


Custodio goes in quite heavily on Kapetanos and leads with the arm as they challenge for the high ball. Quite lucky not to get a card for that.


More good work from Sougou, this time defensively as he gets back well on the cover.


Such a strange stadium here, with no stands behind either goal, just rock. Takes teams quite a while to get used to the whole set up, which gets Braga a distinct advantage.


Sougou with a strong drive, but his pass is easily cut out. Decent enough start from Cluj, but Braga now have it back through former Newcastle United man Hugo Viana.


Cluj get us underway and immediately hit it long, to no effect. The onus will really be on Braga here.


Braga are odds on here, whereas Cluj are out at around 6/1. For those hardcore Braga/Cluj fans watching this rather than some of the more, lets say 'glamorous' ties, tweet your thoughts @TomEmburyD.


Strangely, Braga goalkeeper Beto spent 2011/12 on loan at Cluj from FC Porto, making 27 league appearances and winning the Romanian title. His successor at Cluj, Mario Felgueiras, was at Braga in 2008/09.


With Manchester United set to dominate this group and an intimidating trip to Turkey on the cards, this match is already vital to these two teams. A win is a must for Braga, while Cluj would be very happy taking a point here.


Cluj are making their third appearance in the Champions League, only Steaua Bucarest have done better among Romanian sides. They’ve won only two of their 12 Champions League games, losing eight and drawing the other two, and have kept only one clean sheet in that time. Oh dear.


Braga are playing in the Champions League for the second time in their history, after their appearance in 2010/11. They failed to get out of the group that time, but it was close and they never failed to entertain. None of their six games have ended in a draw (three wins, three defeats).


Carlao is Braga's only absentee for their Group H opener. The Brazilian forward has a thigh injury and has not played since before the international break. Cluj have defender Vasile Maftei suspended for the trip to the Estadio Municipal after he was sent off in his last European appearance.


The teams are in - Braga: Beto, Nuno André Coelho, Ismaily, Paulo Vinícius, Mossoró, Rúben Micael, Leandro Salino, Custódio, Alan, Hugo Viana, Éder Subs: Quim, Douglão, Ruben Amorim, Djamal, Paulo César, Hélder Barbosa, Zé Luis///Cluj: Mário Felgueiras, Ivo Pinto, Sepsi, Cadú, Rada, Camora, Mureşan, Rafael Bastos, Luís Alberto, Kapetanos, Sougou Subs: Stăncioiu, Piccolo, Godemèche, Rui Pedro, Aguirregaray, Nicoară, Bjelanović.


The other two in Group H playing tonight are Man United and Galatasaray from Old Trafford. You can find that more alluring minute-by-minute coverage right


Hello, good evening, and welcome to Eurosport UK’s live minute-by-minute coverage of the opening Champions League Group H match between Braga and Cluj from the Estadio Municipal de Braga.