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Africa Cup of Nations • Semifinal
  • E.T 2nd Half
  • Burkina Faso
  • Egypt
  • Al-MuhamadiGaber
  • E.T 1st Half
  • Burkina Faso
  • Egypt
  • BancéTraoré
  • Yago
  • 2nd Half
  • Burkina Faso
  • Egypt
  • Traoré
  • TrezeguetSobhi
  • TraoréDiawara
  • KahrabaWarda
  • Bancé
  • Salah
  • Kahraba
  • 1st Half
  • Burkina Faso
  • Egypt
  • Fathy

Burkina Faso - Egypt
Africa Cup of Nations - 2 February 2017

Africa Cup of Nations – Follow the Football match between Burkina Faso and Egypt live with Eurosport. The match starts at 03:00 on 2 February 2017. Our live coverage lets you follow all the key moments as they happen.
Who will come out on top in the battle of the managers Paulo Duarte or Héctor Cúper? Find out by following our live matchcast.

Have your say by voting on who will win between Burkina Faso and Egypt? Enjoy some pre-match reading with related articles about these two Enjoy some pre-match reading with related articles about these two Football teams.
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PENALTIES: Burkina Faso 3-4 Egypt: Bertrand Traore misses! Egypt have done it again!


PENALTIES: Burkina Faso 3-4 Egypt: Warda scores with Egypt’s last penalty.


PENALTIES: Burkina Faso 3-3 Egypt: Koffi, the keeper takes! And it’s a fine save from El Hadary. Level again. Good save from the veteran.


PENALTIES: Burkina Faso 3-3 Egypt: Mohamed Salah squeezes it into the corner. Perfect penalty.


PENALTIES: Burkina Faso 3-2 Egypt: Yago steps up for Burkina Faso and again sends El Hadary the wrong way. Pressure back on.


PENALTIES: Burkina Faso 2-2 Egypt: A fine penalty from Hegazy into the top corner levels it up.


PENALTIES: Burkina Faso 2-1 Egypt: A good penalty from Diawara sends the keeper the wrong way.


PENALTIES: Burkina Faso 1-1 Egypt: Sobi with a cheeky one down the middle and Koffi almost saves again.


PENALTIES: Burkina Faso 1-0 Egypt: Traore steps up and scores off the inside of the post!


PENALTIES: Burkina Faso 0-0 Egypt: SAVE! El Said first up for Egypt and Koffi saves it onto the post!


That's it. The whistle blows. Penalties it is! Burkina Faso 1-1 Egypt


Just the one additional minute here.


Time almost up here. Few stoppages means we’ll go straight to penalties in a minute or so.


Traore does strike it but straight into the wall. Not one of his finest but the wall did jump very well in unison to block.


Hegazy concedes a free kick in an extremely dangerous area. Now then, this is a good chance to win it… Traore?


With five minutes remaining, surely any goal wins it now.


Burkina Faso force yet another corner. In it comes from Traore but out for a goal kick.


Practically no clear cut chances since the Burkina Faso equaliser. Egypt still struggling to get the ball, though.


Ten minutes remaining in this one and it would be an injustice for Burkina Faso to head out on penalties having dominated this game. Looks to be headed that way…


Ambitious effort from Nakoulma and for the third time, he doesn’t get over it and whacks it over the bar.

  • Omar Gaber
    OffAhmed Al-MuhamadiEgyptGaber on for Elmohamady.
  • Omar Gaber
    OnOmar GaberEgypt

Gaber on for Elmohamady.


The players grab some water as they’re not really allowed to do. Should be a straight turn around. But we're back underway.

  • End of E.T 1st Half

ET HT: Burkina Faso 1 Egypt 1


Not much time to be added on in this first period of extra time.


Egypt win a late corner. Sobi digs out a cross and Warda thinks he’s been pulled down in the box but nothing in that. Went down very easily.

  • Alain Traoré
    OffAristide BancéBurkina FasoTraore comes on for Bance.
  • Alain Traoré
    OnAlain TraoréBurkina Faso

Traore comes on for Bance.


Nakoulma makes space for the shot onto his left foot but skews it well wide.


Salah gives it away cheaply but Nakoulma’s ball is also poor and Egypt win it back again. Some tired passing now.


Still all Burkina Faso, as it has been for the majority of this match. Egypt looking leggy and would definitely take pens now.

  • Steeve Yago
    Yellow cardSteeve YagoBurkina FasoAnother Burkina Faso corner. Again it goes short before being flicked in towards Bance but Egypt clear. Yago gets a yellow card for a foul on Sobi.

Another Burkina Faso corner. Again it goes short before being flicked in towards Bance but Egypt clear. Yago gets a yellow card for a foul on Sobi.


Traore takes a tumble in the box and for a moment it looks like it could be a penalty but it’s a good challenge from El Said.


Salah almost in at the other end but Koffi is out very quickly to clear. Well played the keeper.


Traore plays in Bance but the angle is tight and he fails to work the keeper. Poor effort, in the end.


Aristide Bance in action.

Aristide Bancé

Bance almost wriggles free in the box as Burkina Faso dominate the ball at the start of this extra time period.


Back underway here. Which side wants to win it now and who wants penalties? I think I know the answer…

  • End of 2nd Half

FULL TIME: Burkina Faso 1 Egypt 1


SAVE! Tipped over the bar by El Hadary!


Just the three added minutes as El Hadary falls on a Traore free kick.


Moments away from extra time. Looks like going an extra 30 minutes now.

  • Bertrand Traoré
    Yellow cardBertrand TraoréBurkina FasoTraore booked for a foul.

Traore booked for a foul.

  • Ramadan Sobhi
    OffTrezeguetEgyptTrezeguet comes off. Sobhi on.
  • Ramadan Sobhi
    OnRamadan SobhiEgypt

Trezeguet comes off. Sobhi on.


Shot from Warda from distance goes well over the bar. Not much else on.


Dangerous cross from Nakoulma, shepherded behind by El Hadary. In comes the corner, eventually cleared. Looks to be headed towards extra time.


Mohamed Salah scores.

Egypt's Mohamed Salah celebrates scoring their first goal with team mates
  • Banou Diawara
    OffAbdou Razack TraoréBurkina FasoRazack comes off
  • Banou Diawara
    OnBanou DiawaraBurkina Faso

Razack comes off


Delicately played in by Toure for Bance but it’s out for a goal kick.


Fathi leaves the field to receive treatment. Should be okay, though.


Fathi takes an elbow from his own teammate Gabr and is receiving treatment.


The pace of the game has suddenly slowed. Burkina Faso must keep up this intensity and go for the victory in normal time.

  • Amr Warda
    OffMahmoud KahrabaEgyptEgypt sub.
  • Amr Warda
    OnAmr WardaEgypt

Egypt sub.


That’s the first goal Egypt have conceded in this tournament and Burkina Faso are now favourites to go on and win this.

  • Aristide Bancé
    GoalAristide BancéBurkina FasoGOAL BURKINA FASO! And it’s really well worked as Bance takes it on his chest and volleys home from Kone’s cross.

GOAL BURKINA FASO! And it’s really well worked as Bance takes it on his chest and volleys home from Kone’s cross.


The game very stretched now, Egypt looking leggy. Burkina Faso not out of this by a long chalk.


Burkina Faso win another corner. In it comes from Traore but again Egypt clear and : El Hadary eventually gathers.


Burkina Faso still quicker to the ball, dominating possession. They win a corner. Short it goes but a poor one and easily cleared. Should have tested El Hadary.


Now it will be almost impossible for Burkina Faso to break down this obdurate defence. The devil’s own job.

  • Mohamed Salah
    GoalMohamed SalahEgyptGOAL EGYPT! That’s totally against the run of play and possibly the only way Egypt were going to score. Mohamed Salah with an outrageous finish into the top corner from the edge of the box from Elmohamady's set. Typical.

GOAL EGYPT! That’s totally against the run of play and possibly the only way Egypt were going to score. Mohamed Salah with an outrageous finish into the top corner from the edge of the box from Elmohamady's set. Typical.


Spot on.


Only one team in the game at the moment and only one team that look like they want to win the game. Egypt haven’t really threatened on the break either.


Burkina Faso have enjoyed an extra 24 hours to recover from their quarter final. Into the period of the game where fitness becomes a factor.


Razack is down now and receiving treatment. His leg went into the turf on crossing the ball and jarred the knee a little.


Good play from Traore, galloping forward and he sets Bonce for the shot, his effort deflected behind for another corner. In it comes and gathered by El Hadary.


Only one team that look like scoring in this match and that’s Burkina Faso. Almost as if Egypt would take a penalty shootout right now.


Nakoulma fires it across goal and more unorthodox keeping from El Hadary, flapping the ball back into a dangerous area before it’s cleared.


No need for that and yellow cards now don’t get eradicated before the final. Still no clear chances on goal. Some iffy keeping notwithstanding.

  • Mahmoud Kahraba
    Yellow cardMahmoud KahrabaEgyptYellow card for Kahraba and he will be suspended for the final, should Egypt get there. The elbow does make contact.

Yellow card for Kahraba and he will be suspended for the final, should Egypt get there. The elbow does make contact.


Burkina Faso, as with the first half, have started the half the better. Egypt break and win a corner of their own through Trezeguet. A speculative effort from Ibrahim Salah is well wide.


Nice work from Nakoulma and he wins a corner off Elmohamady. Now a decent cross needed but it goes short before Nakoulma’s effort again deflects behind.


Egypt do possess a threat on the break but Burkina Faso must fancy their chances. They’re there for the taking tonight.


It’s set for Traore and hit with venom and El Hadary somehow punches unconvincingly behind. Odd technique and the 44-year-old keeper looks shaky.


Bance appeals for a hand ball from Gabr and he wants a penalty but it’s a long way outside the box. Free kick only.


After a longer than usual half time break, we are finally underway again. Yet again, an Egyptian head clears away a Burkina Faso free kick.

  • 2nd Half

Back underway here at Stade de l’Amitee. It’s been very disappointing and extremely frustrating so far. If you’re a gambler, plump for a penalty shoot out right now!

  • End of 1st Half

HALF TIME: Burkina Faso 0 Egypt 0


Just the two additional added minutes here.


Won’t be much added time here in a half of few stoppages and few chances.


Coulibaly goes down after a clash with a teammate and gingerly gets to his feet after some magic spray.


A frustrating first half with Egypt doing what they do best. This could go half an hour longer than the 90 minutes, for sure.


Traore goes for goal but always going well over the bar. A problem with their shots from distance so far. Poor effort in the end.

  • Ahmed Fathy
    Yellow cardAhmed FathyEgyptTraore wins a free kick and it’s also a yellow card for Fathi. A little unlucky perhaps.

Traore wins a free kick and it’s also a yellow card for Fathi. A little unlucky perhaps.


Both sides restricted to speculative long shots at the moment. Few clear chances on goal so far. Razack shoots on goal but easy again for El Hadary.


Now Karabah turns and shoots on goal and it’s clawed away by Koffi as it takes a higher bounce off the turf than he expected.


Decent cross from Trezeguet towards Kahraba but well defended by Burkina Faso. At least there were three players in the box for Egypt.


Kone plays the ball into Bonce and it’s not a bad effort but always rising over the bar.


It’s easy to see what Egypt are trying to do. Keep it tight until the latter stages of the match. Will Burkina Faso become frustrated? They need to remain patient.


No pressure on the ball from Egypt and Burkina Faso having much more of the ball. Shot from Traore easily fielded by El Hadary.


Traore bends it in towards Bonce and touched off an Egyptian head for a corner. Played short and crossed in but cleared again.


Burkina Faso win a free kick after a foul from Gabr. Dangerous position for Egypt to defend…


Any ball of quality from Traore of Nakoulma has El Hadary struggling. That should be a deliberate ploy now. As many crosses into the box as possible.


Now Toure tries to thread it through to Nakoulma and Burkina Faso win a corner. In it comes and punched away by El Hadary. Back it comes again but Traore heads wide for a goal kick.


If I was a betting man, this has 0-0 and penalties written all over it. Seems that both teams are terrified of losing this at the moment.


Dangerous cross from Coulibaly but his cross doesn’t quite fall for Traore. Another dangerous ball comes into the box and Bonce’s spectacular overhead flies over the bar. Decent effort.


Egypt coming back into this well and when they win the ball back in their half, they try to counter attack quickly. Burkina Faso the opposite, with the patient build-up.


Positive from Trezeguet, looking to make things happen coming in from the left. Has been very lively in this opening 20 minutes.


Nakoulma beats Elmohamady and goes for goal but it flies a few yards wide. This match warming up a little, though.


Egypt break through Hamed and Kahraba goes down in the box but it’s a dive and he’s lucky not to be booked.


Nothing else on for Bonce so he shoots on goal again but drags it wide of the post. Worth a go.


Whoever scores the opening goal will change the shape of the game. Egypt would have to totally change their style if they went a goal down.


A cautious opening but El Hadary already with two saves to make. Egypt, as always, will be tough to break down.


Burkina Faso totally dominant in the opening ten minutes of this one. Most of the pre-match experts had Egypt as overwhelming favourites.


Toure goes for the near post and again El Hadary called into action to palm it away for a corner. All Burkina Faso so far.


Egypt a little sloppy with possession and distribution so far. Looks like they’re still recovering from their exertions.


A first touch for El Hadary as Razack has a shot on target.


Quiet start here, Burkina Faso totally dominant in possession as Koffi gets an early touch from a poor long ball. The pattern of the game already seems to be set.


Roars from the Burkina Faso supporters as Bancee picks the ball up. Lots of players back in the box for Egypt, who look like they will play on the counter.


Egypt yet to concede in this tournament, following three 1-0 victories but with less time to recover. They’ll need more from their wide players tonight.

  • 1st Half

KICK-OFF! Referee Malang Diedhiou blows the whistle to get us underway here in this opening semi-final. Egypt with an astonishing record when they qualify, 23 matches unbeaten.


FIVE MINUTES TO KICK-OFF: Not long to go now. The teams are in the tunnel and making their way out onto the pitch. Extra time and penalties, if need be.


A quick reminder of tonight's teams.


Good omens for Egypt? The Pharaohs defeated Morocco (1986), Burkina Faso (1998), Senegal (2006), Ivory Coast (2008) and Algeria (2010) before winning the tournament.

FOOTBALL - 2008 African Cup of Nations - Egypt's Mohamed Aboutrika celebrates his goal against Ivory Coast - semi-final

Essam El Hadary, who turned 44 this month, is the oldest footballer to play at a Nations Cup. He starts again tonight.

Essam El-Hadary


Burkina Faso coach Paulo Duarte (via BBC): "We dream of doing better than in 2013. My team is capable of producing fantastic football. This is a team that I started building seven years ago and I know all their abilities. They are a team capable of giving a fantastic show. The quality and the confidence is there."

Burkina Faso's Portuguese coach Paulo Duarte (R) shakes hands with Burkina Faso's forward Bertrand Traore next to Burkina Faso's midfielder Abdou Razack Traore (L) during the 2017 Africa Cup of Nations group A football match between Guinea-Bissau and Burk

Arsenal midfielder Mohamed Elneny will not feature tonight due to a calf injury and striker Marwan Mohsen is on the bench because of a knee niggle.

Arsenal's Mohamed Elneny

Egypt coach Hector Cuper: "It is not an ideal situation, but we have no choice but to adapt. The players will be given time to rehabilitate and hopefully they will be ready come Wednesday night."

2017, Hector Cuper, Egitto, AFP

Burkina Faso: Koffi, Tago, Dayo, Kone, Coulibaly, Traore, Kabore, Traore, Blati Toure, Nakoulma, Bance.

Egypt: El Hadary, Elmohamady, Hegazy, Gabr Mossad, Ahmed Ibrahim, El Said Hamed, Salah, El Said, Hassan, Abdel-Moneim.


Both teams come into tonight’s clash boasting unbeaten records in the tournament with Egypt yet to concede. But Egypt have had less time to recover from overcoming Morocco.


Hello and welcome to our LIVE text and social media commentary of this first AFCON semi-final as Burkina Faso take on Egypt at Stade de l’Amitee. Team news to follow shortly.