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Mbombela Stadium
Africa Cup of Nations • Quarter-final
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  • Burkina Faso
  • Togo
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  • AmewouSalifou
  • Adebayor
  • PitroipaRouamba
  • AkakpoWome
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  • Togo
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  • SanouTraoré
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Burkina Faso - Togo
Africa Cup of Nations - 4 February 2013

Africa Cup of Nations – Follow the Football match between Burkina Faso and Togo live with Eurosport. The match starts at 02:30 on 4 February 2013. Our live coverage lets you follow all the key moments as they happen.
Who will come out on top in the battle of the managers Paulo Duarte or Claude Le Roy? Find out by following our live matchcast.

Have your say by voting on who will win between Burkina Faso and Togo? Enjoy some pre-match reading with related articles about these two Enjoy some pre-match reading with related articles about these two Football teams.
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THAT'S IT! Burkina Faso are in the semis, where they will face Ghana! Togo weep, the Burkinabes cross their chests or drop to their knees in prayer, and they make their first semi-final since 1998.


Bossou is booked for dissent as time runs out for Togo. Beyond the three minutes now...


... Kabore feeds Nakoulma on the left, he's in again and Traore is spare but he goes it alone and slips. Last chance for Togo as Wome comes forward but Kabore - who has been everywhere - is back to clear.


Nakoulma and Dagano almost combine again but Togo clear. But it's still with Burkina Faso...


The first of three added minutes in extra time.


The Burkina Faso is taken short in the corner but Wome robs them and brings it clear. Segbefia with a cross but too high for Adebayor and Diakite claims. He pretends he's injured and chucks it out of play.


Kabore heads the goalkick forwards, Togo all over the place as Nakoulma races in down the left but his low cross is put well wide by Dagano. Actually Djene blocked it, so a corner.


Dagano with a speculative effort well over from the right wing when he could have run it into the corner. Silly.


Segbefia and Kone collide in the Burkina Faso box, the ref blows... but it's a free-kick to Burkina Faso. Segbefia made a back for the big Lyon defender.


Nakoulma commits a foul after bombing in down the left. Bit of nonsense afterwards but the ref clears it up.


TOGO SUB: Former Aston Villa winger Salifou replaces Amewou.


Amewou gives away a free-kick. He's coming off soon so that should be his last act.


Togo are pumping it into the Burkina Faso box now but to little avail. Their style is quite one-dimensional.


Segbefia with a cross cleared from Adebayor. Now to the Togo right as Gakpe flicks it on for Adebayor, but the keeper gets there first - and Adebayor takes him out. A booking.


Finally Togo are having a genuine go as Adebayor needs three defenders to hold him up.


Adebayor traps a high ball expertly but he was offside.


Dagano is penalised for a handball as he and Nibombe rose for a high ball.


A succession of corners for Togo, the second of which should be a corner as it clearly comes off Kone. Goal kick says the ref.


Segbefia goes down in the box but the ref decides he was looking for that and I have to agree.


TOGO SUB: Defender Akakpo comes off for Wome. Adebayor stays on.


The second period of ET is underway.


Half-time in extra time, and Burkina Faso lead. Good time to score, eh.


GOAL BURKINA FASO! Kabore's near-post corner is met by a flying header from Pitroipa, in off the bar!!


Agassa flaps at the corner and he is bailed out by Nibombe heading behind for another one.


Pitroipa on the run down the left, he and Nakoulma have been the best players on the park. He wins a corner off Akakpa after rounding Bossou.


Burkina Faso break as Kabore overhits a through-ball for Pitroipa.


Adebayor looks spent and he may well be on his way off as Togo are preparing to bring Wome on...


Togo clear long after a Burkinabe attack, Adebayor on the ball and he is taken down by Koulibaly, but he took the ball! Great tackle but very risky!


Mamah with a good cross but Kone beats Adebayor to it and heads clear.


Traore with a one-two with Dagano, and he fires in a low drive from the left wing but Agassa claims well at his near post.


Nakoulma with anothe run down the left but this time the ball bobbles away from him.


Traore comes on, Sanou off for Burkina Faso.


Adebayor makes a run up the right, but Kone shpeherds him off he ball - foul or not? Referee says no.


Lovely build-up from Burkina Faso as Kabore makes a great run through the middle, but the final ball is lacking despite good support from Dagano.


The ball is lofted in by Amewou himself, but it's straight into the arms of Diakite.


Free kick for Togo as Amewou is shoved over.


The match gets back under way, and Ramao goes in the book for an arm in the face on Kabore.


The final whistle goes - and we have extra-time for a second match in these quarter-finals.


Kabore to send it in but a shockingly bad ball, overhit and out for a throw on the left. Very poor.


Late free-kick as Nibombe fouls Pitroipa... on the Burkinabe right wing...


Long ball from Agassa, knocked out for a Togo throw on the right. Mamah in for Gakpe but it bounces beyond him and to the keeper.


Three minutes added time being played.


Poor corner in the end that Adebayor heads clear. Gakpe on the run, inside to Segbefia but Panandetiguiri has got back and clears from the sub.


Panandetiguiri on a run from left back and Djene on the Togo right puts it behind for a corner.


Dagano heads it down to Pitroipa but Togo clear. They look to break but a loose flick by Adebayor is too heavy for Romao.


Kabore lives, with Pitroipa also needing some treatment.


Kabore is caught very late by Nibombe but, in keeping with his night, the ref doesn't give anything.


Kabore lofts one in for Nakoulma but he delayed the pass a touch catching the lively forward offside.


NAKOULMA JUST WIDE! Another brilliant run from him as he exchanges a one-two with Pitroipa, he then skins Bossou again but puts it wide!


Adebayor on the ball, now Segbefia spreads it wide to Djene getting forward, he finds Amewou who flicks it to Gakpe - good cross from him but no-one has continued their run and Burkina Faso clear.


The match has properly opened up now - neither side really wants extra-time.


Nakoulma is causing all kinds of problems as he exchanges passes with Pitroipa, but Togo clear. And they break as Adebayor holds off a pair of challenges but is denied by a flying Diakite from an angle!


The replay shows Bossou clearly fouled Nakoulma and that Burkina Faso should have had a penalty.


Nakoulma is released by Pitropia again, and he drills in a fantastic low cross that ricochets off Pitroipa and Bossou and could go anywhere but ends up over the bar!


A long Dagano ball finds Nakoulma on the left, he looks inside for Pitroipa, who returns it to Nakoulma who is surely brought down but no penalty!!


Segbefia has got in some good positions since coming on but his touch has been poor - in on the right again, he overplays it and loses control when Adebayor waited for a cross.


Togo loft it into the box, it comes off Kone's head and drops for SEGBEFIA but he wildly thrashes the finish miles over. That was a chance.


Burkina Faso have a free-kick on the left. Sanou plays it square to Kabore, who shoots miles over from 35 yards. Waste.


Panandetiguiri with a clumsy foul on Segbefia, giving Togo a free-kick on the right. Amewou puts it in, Nibombe misses his header but Bossou wins a corner off Koulibaly. No, says the ref, who spotted an offside.


Adebayor chases Koulibaly and wins a throw on the right wing.


A long diagonal ball lands over Segbefia and out for a throw.


TOGO SUB: Segbefia replaces Ayite.


BURKINA FASO SUB: Nakoulma on for Ouattara. He's a striker as opposed to a wide man and plays in Poland for Gornik Zabrze.


The corner comes in and Bossou heads over! He was unmarked and should have done better!


Ayite on the left, he cuts in past the right-back but Bakary Kone hacks his cross behind for a corner.


Corner to Burkina Faso which Kabore will take... Cleared and Togo will look for the counter...


Dagano exchanges passes with Outtara on the left but Mamah and Bossou get back to scramble it clear.


Kabore finds Outtara, but he mis-hits his shot and Togo clear.


Pitroipa with a mazy run but he's outnumbered and Burkina Faso clear.


Dagano gives it away, Gakpe on it now, wide to Adebayor, he finds Amewou but his desperate attempt to shoot is blocked. Now Ayite but his cross flies over Adebayor. Better now from Togo.


Terrible attempt at a cross from Mamah on the right. After that promising opening to the half, it's back to square one.


Sanou with a poor touch as Koffi found him outside the box but Burkina Faso retrive it, Koffi crossing this time but too close to Agassa.


Adebayor is fouled by Koulibaly, Kabore helping the Spurs striker to his feet.


Burkina Faso appeal for a handball as it bobbles around in the box - Bossou the alleged culprit - but Sanou is penalised for a shove.


Burkina Faso send everyone forward now as Kabore gets up, now Dagano on the left but his cross swerves behind.


Gakpe on the run now but he's held up by Kone. Pitroipa brings it away but he is fouled by Amewou.


Good defending by Koffi as Adebayor turned well and raced away from the halfway line.


Ouattara is fouled by Mama in the middle, he went down easily. Mamah already booked remember.


Togo have started the second half well as Agassa gets a touch before launching it to Adebayor - who fouls Kone.


Adebayor now tries to turn but Burkina Faso clear.


Amewou with an effort from range after a corner is cleared but it's well over.


Fantastic solo run by Ayite, now Gakpe is in on the left, the cross is flung into the middle AND ADEBAYOR BEATS THE KEEPER TO IT AND IT'S IN BUT NO! OFF THE LINE BY PANANDETIGURI!


The second half is underway.


Romao shoots from 35 yards and he sends it to Zimbabwe. Half-time and a cagey first half ends goalless.


Sanou on the right but his cross is powered away by Bossou. Now Gakpe brings it clear, to Adebayor who holds it up nicely before slowing it down.


Amewou tries a shot from 30 yards out but it's high and wide.


Nibombe swings the free-kick towards Adebayor, who is penalised for shoving his marker.


Kabore is trying to talk himself out of a booking after a very late tackle on a Togo player who I cannot identify as he's curled up in a ball, weeping. It's Amewou.


Adebayor with a surging run from halfway, racing away from two defenders but forced wide and out by Bakary Kone.


Gakpe is fouled by Outtara, who is booked, as is Mamah for something he said or did after the foul.


That extended spell of Togo pressure ends as Gakpe shoot weakly at Diakite.


Burkina Faso clear the corner but Togo have a throw on the right. Best spell of the match for Togo.


Lovely play by Togo as Ayite backheels it first time through for Gakpe but a defender gets a touch and it's a corner.


Great touch by Outtara to control a pinging ball first time, but his cross is too close to Agassa.


Kabore tackles Ayite as the Togo man tried to run it into the box. Pitroipa is the main man for Burkina Faso as he leads their next attack...


Kabore swings it in but cleared by Togo. Still with Burkina Faso though, who have certainly shaded it in terms of possession.


Kone is fouled by Gakpe, a minor offence but the ref books him. A shove, yet there have been far worse.


Gakpe with a run down the right but Koulibaly flies in to clear. He had just made a superb challenge on Adebayor.


Agassa comes to the edge of the box to gather a long ball that almost sent Pitroipa in.


Djene is lucky not to be booked for another late tackle.


... Pitroipa on the run now, fantastic movement down the middle, he slips it wide to Sanou in on the right, he drills a dangerous ball across the face of goal but off the heel of Pitroipa and Kone mis-hits the shot, Togo scrambling clear!


Amewou appears to handle as he tries to launch a counter but play-on as Burkina Faso break...


Burkina Faso attack now as Sanou swings over a nice back-post cross, with Outtara rising to play the header back across goal but just wide of the right-hand post!


Koulibaly with a good intervention as Adebayor raced through. No-nonsense as he concedes a corner. Gakpe swings the corner in but cleared by Burkina Faso, who counter attack as Pitroipa wins a throw on the left. He and Outtara are switching flanks.


... But Mamah makes a mess of his cross from the right wing, having led an impressive charge that saw four team-mates enter the box.


Odd decision for the ref to blow when it seemed Nibombe had committed the foul. Togo break....


Sanou in space on the right, Outtara has come inside in support, Burkina Faso playing it about nicely now but a terrible ball from Kabore sails over for a goal kick.


Pitroipa goes down in the Togo box but the ref turns away and play continues. High boot from Bossou, and he handles it too.


Dagano flicks on the free-kick but Outtara can't get there.


Booking for Ayite after a late high challenge on Kabore. Poor tackle.


Djene with a rough challenge into Pitropia, late and from behind... No card though.


Togo should have scored but the pitch makes a mess of their attempts to shoot after what had been a sweeping move, first Romao then Ayite hampered by the bounce, with the latter ultimately shooting weakly at Diakite!


Pitroipa on another mazy run, cutting inside from the right but seeing his shot blocked by Bossou.


Burkina Faso counter as Outtara gets in space down the left but he overhits his cross, which swings out for a goal kick. Denied by the pitch there.


Adebayor tries a long shot but Koulibaly blocks his effort.


Nibombe leans into a defensive header and gets a Pitroipa boot in the head for his troubles. No injury but a free-kick.


Abebayor beats Koffi but runs into Kabore and Burkina Faso clear. Now Akakpo has a dig from a long way out but he sends it well wide.


Djene with a good challenge on Pitroipa as the Rennes man was in full flight down the right.


Panandetiguiri clears the free-kick from the Togo right. But Amewou wins another free-kick as Akakpo returns with a fetching bandage.


With Togo a man light at the back while Akakpo receives treatment, they are doing well to keep the ball upfield. Ayite wins a free-kick off Panandetiguiri.


Akakpo is bleeding from a cut above his eye. Play continues while he gets patched up.


Akakpo wins a free-kick after Pitroipa went down claiming a foul when he tripped on the ball.


Burkina Faso are very much on the front foot, with Togo struggling to get any time on the ball.


Pitroipa's first proper run of the match but he can't get the cross in. Koffi picks it up but Agassa claims his cross.


Burkina Faso with the early possession, if you can call it that on this surface. Koffi shoots from range but easy for Agassa, straight at him.


Romao with a good challenge in midfield. The ball is bouncing around horribly as Nibombe clears from Dagano.


Adebayor is miles offside after Ayite's flick on, so he just strolls on.


Amewou and D.Kone with an early collision while rising for a high ball. Kone comes off worst.


The first half is underway for a place in the semi-finals against Ghana for these relative underdogs.


A few more predos: @RedaAllali - "togo on penalties"; Audrey - "My money is on TOGO.All the best guyz"; @SamOlusegun: "calling Burkina Faso for the win 2-1"


This match is in Nelspruit which, if you remember, has a rotten pitch. Not sure how that will pan out, Togo are pretty direct so it could suit them. Anthem time now...


If you want to get in touch on Twitter, you can find me on @Reda_Eurosport. Predictions are always a good shout - the bookies got it wrong in the last quarter (while I got it right, mwahaha). What do you think will happen tonight? Interestingly William Hill have Burkina Faso as favourites, 8/11 with Togo at evens to go through.


Togo make no changes from the 1-1 draw with Tunisia. Dare Nibombe would have been suspended had he not been booked for Serge Akakpo's foul in that game, but bizarrely Akakpo - who was on a booking - also starts with CAF apparently deciding that neither should be awarded with the yellow card. Jonathan Ayite is, however, suspended.


Three changes for Burkina Faso from the goalless draw with ousted champions Zambia. Alain Traore was injured and misses the rest of the tournament, while fellow forward Balima also misses out as Sanou and Dagano - who did not feature at all against Zambia - return to the XI. Rouamba is also dropped, with Ouattara taking his place in midfield.


Referee: Badara Diatta (Senegal)


TEAMS - Burkina Faso: 1-Daouda Diakite; 5-Mohamed Koffi, 4-Bakary Kone, 8-Paul Koulibaly, 12-Mady Panandetiguiri; 6-Djakaridja Kone, 13-Issoef Ouattara, 18-Charles Kabore, 9-Moumouni Dagano, 20-Wilfried Sanou; 11-Jonathan Pitroipa /// Togo: 16-Kossi Agassa; 6-Mamah Gaffar, 2-Dare Nibombe, 9-Vincent Bossou, 21-Dakonam Djene; 5-Serge Akakpo, 8-Komlan Amewou, 15-Alaixys Romao, 17-Serge Gakpe; 10-Floyd Ayite, 4-Emmanuel Adebayor


Hello and welcome to our LIVE coverage of the last 1/4 final at the 2013 African Cup of Nations, as surprise packages Burkina Faso face Emmanuel Adebayor's Togo for a place in the semis. Kick-off at 6.30pm.