Rio 2016 Olympics: Explosion at cycling road race finish line; 'live bullet' drops in on media

Explosion at cycling road race finish line; 'live bullet' drops into equestrian media centre
By Reuters

07/08/2016 at 00:57Updated 07/08/2016 at 02:09

An explosion took place at the finishing line of the men's cycling road race at the Rio Olympics on Saturday but there were no signs of panic or injuries.

Bomb squad agents in protective clothing were operating near the press tribune at the site, and several reports said that the blast was a controlled explosion to destroy a bag of clothes left unattended.

In recent days, bomb squad members have detonated a number of unattended bags in controlled explosions in Rio.

In other reports, a live bullet apparently dropped in through the roof of the equestrian sports media centre.

It is said to have landed just a few feet from journalists, but not harmed anybody.

A military facility is located close by, leading to speculation that it might have been a stray shot from a firing range.

Security officials are now investigating what happened, with a statement expected later.