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Czechs clinch fifth title in six years against France
14/11 at 05:50
Fed-Cup Doubles
'Wow! How did she do that?' Pliskova pulls off stunning volley to win game
14/11 at 04:31
Fed-Cup Doubles
Strycova misses sitter at net as Czechs lose incredible point
14/11 at 04:20
Fed-Cup Doubles
Strycova ends nerve-racking match to send final into decider
14/11 at 01:49
Fed-Cup Doubles
Garcia beats Pliskova to put France in control
13/11 at 23:22
Fed-Cup Doubles
Garcia: One of my greatest weekends
13/11 at 23:12
Fed Cup
'There's no sign of it ending' - Mladenovic smashes backhand to make it 14-14
13/11 at 02:13
Fed-Cup Doubles
'One of the greatest battles in Fed Cup history comes to an end'
13/11 at 01:58
Fed-Cup Doubles