Duru starts strong in San Miguel Pro Zarautz

The second round of competition was completed at the San Miguel Pro Zarautz with clean 3-4 ft waves and bigger sets on offer.

Duru starts strong - SurfingEurosport

Young Frenchman Joan Duru launched his campaign with an incredible combined heat total of 18 out of 20 and in-form Brazilian Filipe Toledo netted the second highest combined heat total of the event.

Sebastien Zietz later equalled Duru's highest score of 9.17 on a nice looking right-hander. Lethal on his forehand, the Hawaiian destroyed the wave with an old school touch sticking to the face of the wave and preferring an extremely radical turn to finish it off instead of taking it to the air.

Sitting in 26th position on the ASP World Rankings, Zietz finds himself in the perfect spot to potentially qualify for next year's World Championship Tour.

World Championship Tour regular Matt Wilkinson flew from Tahiti to Zarautz and managed to acclimate to the Basque conditions quickly, winning his first heat and advancing through to the round of 48.

The talented goofy-footer from the central coast of Australia will be one to watch when the event re-starts on Friday and the schedule should see two rounds completed.


Heat 1: Glenn Hall (IRL), Ricardo Ferreira (BRA), Alexandre Chacon (BRA), Jano Belo (BRA)

Heat 2: Thomas Woods (AUS), Ramzi Boukhiam (MAR), Joan Duru (FRA), Caio Ibelli (BRA)

Heat 3: Matt Wilkinson (AUS), Matt Pagan (USA), Nathan Hedge (AUS), Luke Davis (USA)

Heat 4: Cory Arrambide (USA), Evan Geiselman (USA), Hizunome Bettero (BRA), Ruda Carvalho (BRA)

Heat 5: Shaun Joubert (ZAF), Marc Lacomare (FRA), Leandro Usuna (ARG), Maxime Huscenot (FRA)

Heat 6: Messias Felix (BRA), Jack Freestone (AUS), Guillermo Satt (CHL), Sebastien Zietz (HAW)

Heat 7: Marlon Lipke (DEU), Jonathan Gonzalez (CNY), Tomas Hermes (BRA), Marcelo Rodriguez (ARG)

Heat 8: Ty Watson (AUS), Matt Banting (AUS), Haley Batista (BRA), Marco Fernandez (BRA)

Heat 9: Vincent Duvignac (FRA), Dion Atkinson (AUS), Manuel Selman (CHL), William Cardoso (BRA)

Heat 10: Nathan Yeomans (USA), Perth Standlick (AUS), Ricardo Christie (NZL), Luel Felipe (BRA)

Heat 11: Carlos Munoz (CRI), Frederico Morais (PRT), Simao Romao (BRA), Norman Landa (EUK)

Heat 12: Beyrick De Vries (ZAF), Keanu Asing (HAW), Jay Thompson (AUS), Filipe Toledo (BRA)


Heat 1: Glenn Hall (IRL) 12.40, Thomas Woods (AUS) 9.93, Daniel Karren (AUS) 7.74, Ander Ugarte (EUK) 5.67

Heat 2: Ricardo Ferreira (BRA) 14.33, Ramzi Boukhiam (MAR) 13.53, Billy Stairmand (NZL) 8.60, Lincoln Taylor (AUS) 8.53

Heat 3: Joan Duru (FRA) 18.00, Alexandre Chacon (BRA) 10.40, Gony Zubizarreta (ESP) 10.33, Hugo Dubosc (REU) 8.66

Heat 4: Caio Ibelli (BRA) 14.60, Jano Belo (BRA) 13.90, Soli Bailey (AUS) 11.50, Kiron Jabour (HAW) 9.93

Heat 5: Matt Wilkinson (AUS) 12.43, Cory Arrambide (USA) 12.30, Davey Cathels (AUS) 11.90, Bernardo Miranda (BRA) 9.83

Heat 6: Matt Pagan (USA) 11.97, Evan Geiselman (USA) 11.40, Aritz Aranburu (EUK) 10.04, Jerome Forrest (AUS) 5.80

Heat 7: Hizunome Bettero (BRA) 13.20, Nathan Hedge (AUS) 12.80, Teale Vanner (AUS) 11.50, Andre Silva (BRA) 7.34

Heat 8: Ruda Carvalho (BRA) 14.43, Luke Davis (USA) 14.30, Garrett Parkes (AUS) 13.10, Granger Larsen (HAW) 9.00

Heat 9: Shaun Joubert ZAF) 12.60, Messias Felix (BRA) 10.53, Brian Toth (PRI) 10.50, Txaber Trojaola (EUK) 7.03

Heat 10: Marc Lacomare (FRA) 13.24, Jack Freestone (AUS) 10.90, Jeffrey Lukasik (USA) 10.54, Vicente Romero (ESP) 8.64

Heat 11: Guillermo Satt (CHL) 11.76, Leandro Usuna (ARG) 11.04, Thiago Camarao (BRA) 10.63, Mitch Crews (AUS) 6.00

Heat 12: Sebastien Zietz (HAW) 15.67, Maxime Huscenot (FRA) 14.93, Leonardo Neves (BRA) 9.96, Teppei Tajima (JPN) 9.24

Heat 13: Marlon Lipke (DEU) 11.83, Ty Watson (AUS) 11.27, Medi Veminardi (REU) 8.43, Nat Young (USA) 8.23

Heat 14: Jonathan Gonzalez (CNY) 14.53, Matt Banting (AUS) 13.60, Alan Jhones (BRA) 11.30, Magnum Martinez (USA) 8.20

Heat 15: Haley Batista (BRA) 13.16, Tomas Hermes (BRA) 12.60, Dale Staples (ZAF) 8.33, Adrien Valero (FRA) 5.23

Heat 16: Marco Fernandez (BRA) 14.84, Marcelo Rodriguez (ARG) 11.23, Jean Da Silva (BRA) 10.60, Yuri Sodre (BRA) 9.33

Heat 17: Vincent Duvignac (FRA) 13.77, Nathan Yeomans (USA) 11.87, Santiago Muniz (ARG) 9.76, Rafael Pereira (VEN) 7.53

Heat 18: Dion Atkinson (AUS) 12.80, Perth Standlick (AUS) 11.83, Vasco Ribeiro (PRT) 10.53, Alan Donato (BRA) 7.42

Heat 19: Ricardo Christie (NZL) 14.66, Manuel Selman (CHL) 11.36, Romain Cloitre (FRA) 11.10, Peterson Crisanto (BRA) 8.57

Heat 20: Luel Felipe (BRA) 14.40, William Cardoso (BRA) 13.47, Lucas Santamaria (ARG) 9.17, Adrien Toyon (FRA) 5.00

Heat 21: Carlos Munoz (CRI) 14.13, Beyrick De Vries (ZAF) 11.67, Flavio Nakagima (BRA) 10.57, Alex Ribeiro (BRA) 9.80

Heat 22: Keanu Asing (HAW), Hodei Collazo (EUK), Frederico Morais (PRT), Jordin Watson (AUS)

Heat 23: Jay Thompson (AUS) 13.83, Simao Romao (BRA) 10.67, Stu Kennedy (AUS) 9.94, Sidney Guimaraes (BRA) 5.77

Heat 24: Filipe Toledo (BRA) 16.66, Norman Landa (EUK) 10.30, Imanol Yeregi (EUK) 9.00, Cahill Bell-Warren (AUS) 8.27

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