Calendar Houston Rockets

31/10/2013RegularHouston Rockets96 - 83Charlotte Bobcats
02/11/2013RegularHouston Rockets113 - 105Dallas Mavericks
03/11/2013RegularUtah Jazz93 - 104Houston Rockets
05/11/2013RegularL.A. Clippers137 - 118Houston Rockets
06/11/2013RegularPortland Trail Blazers101 - 116Houston Rockets
08/11/2013RegularHouston Rockets98 - 99L.A. Lakers
10/11/2013RegularHouston Rockets94 - 107L.A. Clippers
12/11/2013RegularHouston Rockets110 - 104Toronto Raptors
14/11/2013RegularPhiladelphia 76ers123 - 117Houston Rockets
15/11/2013RegularNew York Knicks106 - 109Houston Rockets
17/11/2013RegularHouston Rockets122 - 111Denver Nuggets
20/11/2013RegularHouston Rockets109 - 85Boston Celtics
21/11/2013RegularDallas Mavericks123 - 120Houston Rockets
24/11/2013RegularHouston Rockets112 - 101Minnesota Timberwolves
26/11/2013RegularMemphis Grizzlies86 - 93Houston Rockets
28/11/2013RegularHouston Rockets113 - 84Atlanta Hawks
30/11/2013RegularHouston Rockets114 - 95Brooklyn Nets
01/12/2013RegularSan Antonio Spurs106 - 112Houston Rockets
03/12/2013RegularUtah Jazz109 - 103Houston Rockets
05/12/2013RegularHouston Rockets88 - 97Phoenix Suns
07/12/2013RegularHouston Rockets105 - 83Golden State Warriors
09/12/2013RegularHouston Rockets98 - 88Orlando Magic
13/12/2013RegularPortland Trail Blazers111 - 104Houston Rockets
14/12/2013RegularGolden State Warriors112 - 116Houston Rockets
16/12/2013RegularSacramento Kings106 - 91Houston Rockets
19/12/2013RegularHouston Rockets109 - 94Chicago Bulls
21/12/2013RegularIndiana Pacers114 - 81Houston Rockets
22/12/2013RegularDetroit Pistons97 - 114Houston Rockets
24/12/2013RegularHouston Rockets104 - 111Dallas Mavericks
26/12/2013RegularSan Antonio Spurs98 - 111Houston Rockets
27/12/2013RegularHouston Rockets100 - 92Memphis Grizzlies
29/12/2013RegularHouston Rockets107 - 98New Orleans Pelicans
30/12/2013RegularOklahoma City Thunder117 - 86Houston Rockets
01/01/2014RegularHouston Rockets106 - 110Sacramento Kings
04/01/2014RegularHouston Rockets102 - 100New York Knicks
09/01/2014RegularHouston Rockets113 - 99L.A. Lakers
11/01/2014RegularAtlanta Hawks83 - 80Houston Rockets
12/01/2014RegularWashington Wizards107 - 114Houston Rockets
14/01/2014RegularBoston Celtics92 - 104Houston Rockets
16/01/2014RegularNew Orleans Pelicans100 - 103Houston Rockets
17/01/2014RegularHouston Rockets92 - 104Oklahoma City Thunder
19/01/2014RegularHouston Rockets114 - 104Milwaukee Bucks
21/01/2014RegularHouston Rockets126 - 113Portland Trail Blazers
23/01/2014RegularHouston Rockets119 - 98Sacramento Kings
25/01/2014RegularHouston Rockets87 - 88Memphis Grizzlies
26/01/2014RegularMemphis Grizzlies99 - 81Houston Rockets
29/01/2014RegularHouston Rockets97 - 90San Antonio Spurs
30/01/2014RegularDallas Mavericks115 - 117Houston Rockets
02/02/2014RegularHouston Rockets106 - 92Cleveland Cavaliers
06/02/2014RegularHouston Rockets122 - 108Phoenix Suns
09/02/2014RegularMilwaukee Bucks95 - 101Houston Rockets
11/02/2014RegularMinnesota Timberwolves89 - 107Houston Rockets
13/02/2014RegularHouston Rockets113 - 112Washington Wizards
20/02/2014RegularL.A. Lakers108 - 134Houston Rockets
21/02/2014RegularGolden State Warriors102 - 99Houston Rockets
24/02/2014RegularPhoenix Suns112 - 115Houston Rockets
26/02/2014RegularSacramento Kings103 - 129Houston Rockets
27/02/2014RegularL.A. Clippers101 - 93Houston Rockets
02/03/2014RegularHouston Rockets118 - 110Detroit Pistons
05/03/2014RegularHouston Rockets106 - 103Miami Heat
06/03/2014RegularOrlando Magic89 - 101Houston Rockets
08/03/2014RegularHouston Rockets112 - 86Indiana Pacers
10/03/2014RegularHouston Rockets118 - 113Portland Trail Blazers
12/03/2014RegularOklahoma City Thunder106 - 98Houston Rockets
14/03/2014RegularChicago Bulls111 - 87Houston Rockets
17/03/2014RegularMiami Heat113 - 104Houston Rockets
18/03/2014RegularHouston Rockets124 - 86Utah Jazz
21/03/2014RegularHouston Rockets129 - 106Minnesota Timberwolves
23/03/2014RegularCleveland Cavaliers111 - 118Houston Rockets
25/03/2014RegularCharlotte Bobcats89 - 100Houston Rockets
28/03/2014RegularHouston Rockets120 - 98Philadelphia 76ers
30/03/2014RegularHouston Rockets107 - 118L.A. Clippers
02/04/2014RegularBrooklyn Nets105 - 96Houston Rockets
03/04/2014RegularToronto Raptors107 - 103Houston Rockets
05/04/2014RegularHouston Rockets111 - 107Oklahoma City Thunder
07/04/2014RegularHouston Rockets130 - 125Denver Nuggets
09/04/2014RegularL.A. Lakers130 - 145Houston Rockets
10/04/2014RegularDenver Nuggets123 - 116Houston Rockets
12/04/2014RegularMinnesota Timberwolves112 - 110Houston Rockets
13/04/2014RegularHouston Rockets111 - 104New Orleans Pelicans
15/04/2014RegularHouston Rockets104 - 98San Antonio Spurs
17/04/2014RegularNew Orleans Pelicans105 - 100Houston Rockets
21/04/20141st RoundHouston Rockets03:30Portland Trail Blazers
24/04/20141st RoundHouston Rockets03:30Portland Trail Blazers
26/04/20141st RoundPortland Trail Blazers04:30Houston Rockets
28/04/20141st RoundPortland Trail Blazers03:30Houston Rockets
30/04/20141st RoundHouston Rockets07:00Portland Trail Blazers
02/05/20141st RoundPortland Trail Blazers09:00Houston Rockets
04/05/20141st RoundHouston Rockets07:00Portland Trail Blazers
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