NBA - Standings


Teams - NBA - Atlantic Division

1Toronto Raptors82483458.53
2Brooklyn Nets82443853.65
3New York Knicks82374545.12
4Boston Celtics82255730.48
5Philadelphia 76ers82196323.17

Teams - NBA - Central Division

1Indiana Pacers82562668.29
2Chicago Bulls82483458.53
3Cleveland Cavaliers82334940.24
4Detroit Pistons82295335.36
5Milwaukee Bucks82156718.29

Teams - NBA - Eastern Conference

1Indiana Pacers82562668.29
2Miami Heat82542865.85
3Toronto Raptors82483458.53
4Chicago Bulls82483458.53
5Washington Wizards82443853.65
6Brooklyn Nets82443853.65
7Charlotte Bobcats82433952.43
8Atlanta Hawks82384446.34
9New York Knicks82374545.12
10Cleveland Cavaliers82334940.24
11Detroit Pistons82295335.36
12Boston Celtics82255730.48
13Orlando Magic82235928.04
14Philadelphia 76ers82196323.17
15Milwaukee Bucks82156718.29

Teams - NBA - Northwest Division

1Oklahoma City Thunder82592371.95
2Portland Trail Blazers82542865.85
3Minnesota Timberwolves82404248.78
4Denver Nuggets82364643.90
5Utah Jazz82255730.48

Teams - NBA - Pacific Division

1L.A. Clippers82572569.51
2Golden State Warriors82513162.19
3Phoenix Suns82483458.53
4Sacramento Kings82285434.14
5L.A. Lakers82275532.92

Teams - NBA - Southeast Division

1Miami Heat82542865.85
2Washington Wizards82443853.65
3Charlotte Bobcats82433952.43
4Atlanta Hawks82384446.34
5Orlando Magic82235928.04

Teams - NBA - Southwest Division

1San Antonio Spurs82622075.60
2Houston Rockets82542865.85
3Memphis Grizzlies82503260.97
4Dallas Mavericks82493359.75
5New Orleans Pelicans82344841.46

Teams - NBA - Western Conference

1San Antonio Spurs82622075.60
2Oklahoma City Thunder82592371.95
3L.A. Clippers82572569.51
4Houston Rockets82542865.85
5Portland Trail Blazers82542865.85
6Golden State Warriors82513162.19
7Memphis Grizzlies82503260.97
8Dallas Mavericks82493359.75
9Phoenix Suns82483458.53
10Minnesota Timberwolves82404248.78
11Denver Nuggets82364643.90
12New Orleans Pelicans82344841.46
13Sacramento Kings82285434.14
14L.A. Lakers82275532.92
15Utah Jazz82255730.48
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